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  1. 2 hours ago, Loren Pechtel said:

    In my experience the MechJeb oscillation problem is a derivative of the underlying game oscillation problem.  You need more control authority.  What happens is that it does not correctly figure out when to start countering a turn and overshoots the target--so now it goes in the other direction.  If the control authority is low enough it overshoots by more each time.

    I have seen this is stock with an EVA kerbal.  Turn the jetpack way down and tell the Kerbal to stabilize.

    it doesn't work, PID create oscillation by overshooting of horizontal force and when I add some more control autority it creates bigger oscillation. And it rotate rocket during ascending.

  2. On 11/29/2018 at 3:19 AM, Eugene Moreau said:

    So I'm having this problem with MechJeb.  It's over steering like crazy on ascent.  Using the Classic Ascent Mode, but shortly after launch it start to push me over and then back and then the other way inducing an oscillation.  Eventually it starts doing the same thing on the roll axis, but this seems to dampen the other oscillation and correct it.  I've tried turning various options off and on with no luck.  I tried doing the ascent manually and the rocket flies pretty straight if left to it's own devices.  

    Are there any obvious things I should be checking for?  Is there compatibility with FAR?  

    This oscillation and rotation started at 1.3 as I remember. It happened with big rockets everytime. I suppose that the problem is PID regulator, maybe it use FPS in calculation and when you has significant drop of frame rate SAS module work wrong. There is one possible and stupid way to repair ascending - you can start fast clicking Q and E buttons during ascending. It helps mechjeb by some way. Maybe there is another way - fixing of mechjeb PID regulator, but Sarbian still ignoring this issue.

  3. Well, i haven't found any smarter way to remove any " AtmosphereFromGround " modules from every atmosphere planet files. Now RSS can be loaded and I can start the game at least. :rolleyes:




    By the way, RSSVE mod looks like don't exist any more - no download links on the page, thread is closed... :(

  4. 30 minutes ago, raidernick said:

    I don't care what the majority of people are using, the mod says it supports KSP 1.3.1, it supports ONLY ksp 1.3.1. If it works in another version it's purely coincidence. Regardless, you shouldn't be posting bug reports about anything other than the version of the game the mod supports.

    I don't need any RSS support, I updated a lot of mods just for me and I have my personal RSS graphics and planet expansion. I tried to fix RSS for 1.4.3 but found there are some new kopernicus syntax for atmospheres.


    Looks like new kopernicus don't like "AtmosphereFromGround" part.

  5. 1 minute ago, raidernick said:

    If you know that, you shouldn't post it as a bug report about the mod. It doesn't matter if in the past it may have worked in a different version of ksp than designed, but no mod should ever be expected to and making a report about it will only mislead other people into thinking that there is something wrong with it when it is functioning as intended.

    I posted it doesn't work with 1.4.3, it's current version of the game, majority of players has it already. If they try RSS they can break their saves or just spend time. Why people above posted it worked fine with 1.4.2? They should take silence that mod worked fine with undesigned version of the game?

  6. 17 minutes ago, raidernick said:


    I know that it's only for 1.3.1, I can read. RSS for 1.2 worked with 1.3.1, a lot of mods worked with new version. But this planetpack doesn't. So everybody can play footbal, no fresh KSP-RSS. Keep calm

    By the way, there is no planetpacks working with 1.4.3? Looks like syntax changing in kopernikus...

  7. There are two ways of arguing with KSP

    1 - there is no development in KSP, only bugcreating with bugfixing, no planets, no places of interest, no goals for players, maybe once in a year Squad install some simplified old good mod into stock game. And after every big patch game lost saves, cant load old crafts or old crafts now just exploded or doesn't reach orbit... and so one.

    2 - KSP is a best game in the world, shut up!

    But guys, how many early KSP developers  now work in Squad? There are some differences between KSP creators and Squad owners.

  8. 26 minutes ago, Galileo said:

    Too many people cant handle the responsibility, and show up here complaining that things are broken. To avoid that, the kopernicus devs version lock the mod. If people could learn to be adults, and respect the devs wishes to not have continuous bugs reported on unsupported versions of ksp, we wouldnt have the version lock. It's not politics, it's more about respect for the dev.

    Well, if people will use 1.3.1 with kopernicus they will show up here that this mod is totally broken, it doesn't work at all. I don't think it's better. I dont know any other mod with automatic disabling for any new small patch, like 1.3.1.