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  1. Well, terrain flickering is still in the game...
  2. Imagine that in two weeks 1.10 will be released and the module manager will stop working. And its creator for six months will go into the unknown. Will we all play vanilla without mods?
  3. Or maybe the author has his own factory for the production of toilet paper or protective masks and now he has become fabulously rich and he is not up to the KSP. If you look at the history of the mod, you can see how many different people did it and they all left without a pandemic. And this was not only with this mod.
  4. It seems to me that the creator of the mod could express himself, I'm not sure that he needs lawyers. The fact is that the game updates faster than kopernicus that is blocked for new versions. And the game often spoils the save when updating. In two weeks, the next version of the game will be released, and then what? Will we ask each other to be patient before the release of KSP 2?
  5. I think if someone does not intend to update the mod, then he should openly report this to the community. Surely there is someone else who is ready to update the mod, but who does not want to interfere with the process.
  6. If they couldn’t do the work, then why did the publisher hire the same developers? And in this case, when do we wait for the game, if they really could not cope with the task? Two years more?
  7. I think we all buy KSP 2 no matter when it comes out. Regardless of the number of bugs. Regardless of whether it will be brought to the form that it was in the trailer for another five years. Squad taught us to enjoy the little things, not to pay attention to the sea of bugs and quickly forget unplayable patches
  8. And now I hope that KSP 2 will be released in fall 2021, notin fall 2022...
  9. Yeah, I know that now we have only base game. And this means that now there is nothing to do on the planets, only to earn science points that have nowhere to spend
  10. Well, some planet activity will be good, now we can only land on planet, crash on planet, collect some data as sci-points and plant a flag.
  11. I hope KSP 2 will not be full of bugs. I hope that the patches for KSP 2 will contain new details, planets and improvements and not bug fixes. I hope that the development of the game continues, although after the first episode about new types of fuel there is no news from the developers.
  12. So I have a lot of variation of Stratzenblitz Laythe ascending craft like this [4:48] But after some nerfing spark engine (and maybe changing physics) after several patches this craft is not so effective. So no way?
  13. I'm trying to make small craft for Laythe. So i decided to make it with external command seat. But when I tried to ascend my kerbal ate plenty of dV by a huge drag. In fact my kerbanaut is covered up with another part from the airflow and should not be the most draggy thing on the craft. So, I know that if I put seat to small service bay it's some kind of solution, but cargobay is quite heavy and has some drag too. Is there any other ways to reduce kerbal drag by some covering?
  14. You welcome! You use 1.9.1 and the last version of MJ with advanced transfer? I also use MJ for ascending, landing and I also used SAS module, so what about advanced transfer to another planet?
  15. Your advices are so useful everytime! Did you know that everything in KSP we can do manual without MJ? I put tiny sattelite close to the Sun with cheats, MJ cannot create maneuver node. As I understand it cannot create maneuver node to anything except celestian bodies.
  16. Well, can anyone do a maneuver to capture any asteroid? I tried to build maneuver but MJ showed errors everytime for every asteroid
  17. I prefer to use TWP as you can see, I did report about annoying bug and nothing else
  18. Well, several days ago we saw some prealpha game footage. But for spring release it should be beta-testing right now. And KSP 1.0 was overbugged. I hope KSP 2.0 will not be releazed in 2021 with over 9000 bugs and without colony parts.
  19. It will be digital collectible card game for mobile phones
  20. it doesn't work, PID create oscillation by overshooting of horizontal force and when I add some more control autority it creates bigger oscillation. And it rotate rocket during ascending.
  21. This oscillation and rotation started at 1.3 as I remember. It happened with big rockets everytime. I suppose that the problem is PID regulator, maybe it use FPS in calculation and when you has significant drop of frame rate SAS module work wrong. There is one possible and stupid way to repair ascending - you can start fast clicking Q and E buttons during ascending. It helps mechjeb by some way. Maybe there is another way - fixing of mechjeb PID regulator, but Sarbian still ignoring this issue.