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  1. Judging by the news on the game, or rather their absence, development is being delayed a lot. So far, no blogger has been invited to play the alpha version, there is no real gameplay with sending a small rocket even beyond the atmosphere. And they promised us a lot! Therefore, I am sure that the game will be delayed until the last deadline. Also see here:
  2. No, I'm right, because April 2023 is the corporate deadline for KSP 2. The publisher can promise the players anything, but it's better not to deceive the shareholders.
  3. I based my prediction on my long experience of missing deadlines and promising to get things done by the estimated time
  4. In the February financial report, the release of KSP 2 is indicated as standard - in fiscal year 2023, that is, until the spring of 2023. There is no new report yet. If the game is postponed for another one and a half to two years, then this means that there has been some kind of terrible disaster in development. I would bet a hundred bucks that the game will be released in February-March 2023, yet T2 usually announces the approximate release date of the game not a week, but several months or even years before the release. Still, you need to understand that 90% of the players will not fly further than the Mun, 95% will not fly further than the Dune, and therefore it is not too difficult to satisfy the majority of the players. And fix bugs will continue until 2034, judging by the KSP 1 bug tracker...
  5. The decrease in the amount of news and attention of developers to their fans does not mean that the game suddenly began to become wonderful. And we have materials. In other topics, you simply wrote that I am a troll, because if someone does not like something, then he is a troll and should be ignored. I am such a cunning troll that I started posting videos about KSP 7 years ago! This is very bad that we have to think for the developers ourselves. We must think for ourselves that the lack of real gameplay and new features such as huge ships, independent bases and multiplayer does not mean at all that they are not doing this. We were told about the destruction of the old developer's studio by journalists, not by the studio itself. I don't think it came from a good job. Who knows what actually happened there and is happening now? It is very difficult to keep a positive attitude when the game was announced to us so cheerfully and actively, but over the past six months we have been shown only procedural radiators, texture for a nuclear engine, an analogue of a scatterer, a picture with the distribution of resources and a discussion of the planets.
  6. Posting short videos on the forum is an expensive PR campaign? Is answering fan questions on a forum an expensive PR campaign? How much money should go for a post on the forum? Maybe 1000 dollars? And now that money is running out? It seemed to me that an expensive PR campaign was advertising on TV or on banners on the streets of big cities, paid advertising from top bloggers or journalists or something like that. But reducing activity on your own forum is not the best strategy. And it's also a bad strategy to constantly tell the developers that we're happy to accept a game of any quality at any time. Studios are run by publishers who look primarily at revenue rather than product quality. By sending such messages, we risk getting a game of lower quality than we could. When Halo's first trailer showed terrible graphics, Microsoft delayed the game for a year for revision. Yes, the game's multiplayer almost died in a few months, but the quality of the game has grown significantly due to the fans who rightly swear at the quality of the game.
  7. Apparently you don't understand. A normal PR campaign is to not tell anything until the release, like in Apex Legends. A normal PR campaign is to keep up to date with all the events, constantly tell new details of the game. It’s a bad PR campaign to suddenly start talking about the game, talking to fans, trailers, promotional materials, then postponing the game for two years, rare interviews with the developers, then every two weeks something new but insignificant, then silence. It seems that PR managers are replaced every six months and at the same time radically change the PR strategy. Or do you have examples of the same ragged PR campaign?
  8. An unstable PR strategy is a very bad strategy. It was not necessary to start with QA and then publish less and less. Would have been silent from the very beginning - there would have been fewer questions. And there would be no need for free lawyers on the forum, telling that bits of information on the game every couple of months is a lot of progress.
  9. I think the game is still being developed, but I'm 95% sure that it will disappoint us. I doubt there will be a working multiplayer and automated database system. I'm sure there will be a lot of bugs and outdated graphics. The developers have a very bad PR strategy, they posted small fragments of the game, and now they just stopped communicating with the community. To say that everything is fine with the game, you need to have a very strong imagination.
  10. There is a problem with the NFT - developers and especially publishers want more money because they love money. And they are constantly developing something new in order to get more money. Remember how everyone was outraged because of the lootboxes? Instead, they came up with a season passes. Now they are implementing the NFT. Just imagine what a nightmare awaits us AFTER the NFT?!
  11. Where was it confirmed? Maybe they told you something else interesting?
  12. Another video about the fact that there will be different types of planets in the KSP? I would like to see something cool and new, such as megaships for interstellar flights, stations for extracting metallic hydrogen from gas giants, or multiplayer.
  13. I have no idea how to add NFT to the KSP. To do this, developers will have to first ban mods, and then apologize many times.
  14. Well, recently T2 announced GTA 6 in the form of a text message, you can just write here that, for example, work on the multiplayer is underway.
  15. It is not very clear what missions we are talking about. These are routine missions for the daily delivery of the flag to Moon or some special separate missions like in the DLC. In the first case, it is rather sad to read, first an employee will be found, then he will get up to speed, when will we see the game? This should have been done not in the year of release! But lua is good, I wrote a lot of scripts in this language for other games
  16. The game is very unstable presented to us. In the early days, there was a lot of hype and communication with fans, questions and answers, the most famous bloggers were invited to parties. The game was supposed to come out very soon! Then there were rare videos with stories about the game, then silence and a scandalous postponement, then they began to show us the details of the game of different quality every two weeks, and now silence again. Something is happening in the depths of the company, but we see only circles on the water.
  17. KSP on mobile phones confirmed!
  18. I think the game will be released when it is more or less ready, and not when the calendar has the right date. I believe that we will find out the release date about six months before the release, then the main video bloggers will be allowed to play the beta version. In general, you can place bets here on the release date of the game, winners will wear the medal of Nostradamus.
  19. It's very sad that fans have to revel in their hopes and dreams as believers. Developers should have had a community chat like they did in 2019 right after the game was announced. Since we can argue whether we believe or not in the game with very little information on hand.
  20. Developers: do not post anything about the game Players: It's because the game is about to be released and it's going to be great! Also players: well, at least the game hasn't been canceled yet
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