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  1. Hey Nate! Are you and your team satisfied with the technical state of the game?
  2. Why did the plasma turn out to be a fairing at a noticeable distance? It seems that the plasma effect is just an enlarged transparent model of the part, enlarged by 10-20%, on which the fire effect was applied. In reality, the shock wave looks completely different.
  3. How to make fans happy? Promise the game of the millennium, release a bugged early access with a very bad maneuver node, and then fix node! Profit!
  4. As far as I remember, landing legs cause it. Don't ask me why, I don't have the imagination for a witty answer.
  5. Dear developers, take your time and make first patch properly, if necessary, delay it for as long as necessary! We'd rather take well finished and polished patch.
  6. You don’t need to build big ships, you need to make planes and fly around the space center (sarcasm)
  7. I think it's right to consider the beginning of the development of the game as the beginning of funding for its development in T2 accounting. I'm sure they have data we'd rather not know. For example, why development started from scratch, although there were bases in the 2019 gameplay trailer, and after 2020 we saw some separate buildings of an unclear purpose only a couple of times. We know almost nothing about bases at all in 2023. About the same probability as you claim about a complete restart of development in 2020, I dare say that in 2019 we were shown just base models, and not functioning units.
  8. There are too many negative reviews on steam, so the developers are frustrated and do not want to work.
  9. It seems that we have not the worst, but not the best alpha version of the game. Well, another three years and there will be beta! Why then 2020? Why not 2022? I have not heard official statements about restarting development in 2020, they did not say this in the T2 annual reports. For some reason, the stories about restarting the development of the game only appeared after this raw alpha version for 50 bucks. I have heard that one of the explanations for procrastination is to justify your bad work by saying that you started it late because of procrastination, and not because of bad skills. But if there was no procrastination, and the work started on time, then everything would be great. I wonder why? Maybe because someone said that the game needs polishing a couple of years ago? Don't you find that such an attitude towards the product, to put it mildly, is little accepted by the vast majority of people? Well, some people like trash movies, whatever, but they are unlikely to impose their opinion on someone about the poor quality of the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. Like - compared to what they usually watch, this is a real masterpiece! Was it a lie? If Nate Simpson led the development in 2017-2019, then he should have gained enough experience to repeat the game faster even with a restart of the project. Most of the developers remained in the project. They did little in three years.
  10. Considering what kind of game fans have received, this narrative is quite plausible
  11. I tried unsuccessfully to convince the community that if we do not notice the emerging problems of KSP2, the worse game we will get
  12. And what was taken from whom? Have there been any lawsuits? The stories from a couple of employees how they worked hard and the game was almost ready, and the evil corporation took it and destroyed everything look extremely unconvincing. In Alcatraz, too, almost all the innocently convicted were. I would like to see real data from several sources.
  13. What is a bad alpha build in a game? Three years? I've heard that development began in 2017, it's much more than 3 years. And what is the state? Good or bad? You have to decide somehow.
  14. I was worried about the game long before it came out. It is naive to believe that T2 will be able to shut up all those who disagree in this way It looks like the whole game is now a hotfix, would have kept it a couple more years until the release, so that there would not be so many negative reviews.
  15. No, I didn’t, T2 forbids me to buy the game, I only watched streams
  16. So I didn't see any problem with it. And no one checked KSP2 at such distances.
  17. Both are sold on Steam, what year is the release expected? Almost two weeks have passed, there is not a single hotfix for the game. Why not? There was also a roadmap and many promises.
  18. Yes, I know that when it comes to KSP2, everything turns out to be an exception. Well, I heard a lot of interesting things from you about KSP2 long before the release, has your opinion changed?
  19. Strange, how did I fly to Pluto in 2016? I don't remember any problems with the game at all. On the scale of the stock system, Pluto is almost another galaxy.
  20. What difference does it make, you are not going to change your mind, since many people tend to rationalize their actions committed on emotions
  21. Why? I have the latest version of KSP1 in my games folder, why do I have to do such a deep downgrade to appreciate KSP2? Are you familiar with this gaming meme? There is such a game, Anthem, there was a road map. But where is it now?
  22. How about adding new bugs? Usually, traditionally in KSP 1, the first patch fixed some of the old bugs and added about the same number of new ones, after which the second patch came out with the correction of new bugs.
  23. Interestingly, the positive and negative reviews in the incentive are about the same. Almost everyone writes about bugs and poor performance, but half of the players give a thumbs up in advance. Hardly any other game has so many players willing to endure anything
  24. Everything worked fine for me, you must be using early versions of KSP2. By the way, how is the problem of interstellar flights solved in KSP2? Is it definitely resolved? Someone checked, flew very far? Or is this another advance for developers?
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