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  1. Hello I was wondering how, if at all, I can see what options/controls there are to use wing sweep angle instead of wing offset.
  2. Yeah. kurtjmac got me introduced to KSP and thus my aeronautical machine and history obsession. And yeah, obligatory myself because real life kinda took precedence.
  3. Oi, Its been quite some time... Maybe I should re-download all my mods, now that i have some free time. Nice to see BDB is still being developed.
  4. Perhaps the Prop-M could be a deploy-able experiment part. it could be an autonomous soil experiment or a unique 'mini rover experiment' part
  5. Never seen this before...TAKE ALL MY REP! XD p.s. this will make satellite managing 100 times easier, thanks!
  6. Hey @hraban CX-37b apparently doubles as a deep-sea sub....
  7. @k0spwn @GrzesiekB @ImmaStegosaurus! please read forum rule 2.3f EDIT: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/guidelines/
  8. @NathanKell am I installing KSC Switcher wrong for 1.2.X ? it isn't working in my 1.2.1 fresh install...
  9. @Jeb Jawkins ahg, this debate again... @Beale is not making a 3-kerbal Soyuz decent module, If you want a 3-kerbal Soyuz use @raidernick's soyuz
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