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    Kerbin Rings

    IN ENGLISH It would be interesting if there were space debris in these rings. Thus, the task of the kerbnavtas became more complicated. Come up with a program to clean up space. Add details for the construction of "garbage trucks-processors of raw materials". But, due diligence, thank you! I like! P.S. I had this idea long after watching the movie, "Space Junk 3D" ПО РУССКИ Было бы интересно, если в этих кольцах находился космический мусор. Таким образом усложнялась бы задача кербонавтов. Придумать программу по очистке космоса. Добавить детали для постройки "Мусоровозов-переработчиков сырья". За усердие спасибо! Мне нравится! P.S. Эта идея была у меня давно после просмотра фильма, "Space Junk 3D" Sorry for my English. From English to Russian I translate fluently, but from the back it's hard for me.
  2. Hello, could you please make language support for resources and for GUI. I would do it myself, but I can not compile dll
  3. please add the ability to navigate to the desired modification Sorry for my English