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  1. I mad a lander with a sub assembly, and it has to face upwards, with the docking port to the sky and a detacher below the rocket. I made it a sub assembly and when I load it in, it will only attach from the docking port, not the detacher at the bottom. How do I fix this?
  2. Thank you, I really appreciate the in-depth. I was kinda confused on what they are really supposed to do, and how to use them. It seems you have to use them if you want to get good orbits or deep space ^-^..Thanks again Cheers!
  3. Okie thank you, I will be sure to look into the wiki.
  4. I believe thats what they are called... I'm pretty good at making rockets, and complex structures but I cant fly them! I can barely get into LKO, but its terrible and uneven (I didnt use nodes). Trust me, I've watched alot of videos and I cant figure out how to make a node to tell help me get to the mun, or LKO. If anyone can help me it would be appreciated. Thank you very much Cheers!
  5. Been trying to undock my space shutte from my ISS Replica. So far, I turn the opposite way im flying around the earth and fire the two rockets on the top part of the rocket (near the tail fin)...That deorbits me, the only problem is that I come in way to fast and burn up. Do I need to fire the rockets out a different angle or something? Also, im at a 400km orbit around kerbin. Thank you alot
  6. THANK YOU! I tried a fairing before I made the post, still didnt work... But I "Control from here" and it worked !!!
  7. I tried removing the lander cans, and mechjeb flys the rocket to orbit, with the lander cans it goes straight sideways and crashes. I tried flying without MechJeb and it flys fine with the pods on... How can I fix this...? I kinda want to keep the cans on the rocket. Screenshot:
  8. I'm fairly new to ksp, but I decided to share one of my creations. Its called KerboX, heres some of its features. -Ejection Seat -Verticle Take Off -Max speed of 320-350 Meters Per Second -Landing Slow Down Chutes -Regular Take Off -Able to deorbit Currently, this plane can not survive re-entry. If anyone knows how to fix this tell me please Instructions: How to take of vertical: 1. Turn on SAS (T) 2. Turn throttle to 100% (Shift) 3. Press "1" and THEN once it starts to tip over press "2" 4. It will take off, while in the air turn off SAS and hold w to go forward. How to Eject: 1. Press "5" 2
  9. How can I merge two ships in the VAB? I looked around couldn't find an answer :/ Thanks!
  10. I wanna play around with the this ship, but its for an older version and not compatible. How can I change my version. Youtube/google is not helping Thanks!
  11. I tried to use HyperEdit...I messed up the sun and now its right beside earth. How can I undo this ._. (Hopefully not using the mod to undo this because I dont really understand it). Thanks for the help -----------------FIXED--------------
  12. Lol I sound like such an idiot, but I couldnt find it out! Thanks!
  13. Im trying to dock in space and I got REALLY close. But I just needed to move another foot foward but I couldnt figure out how? rcs [NOSE] [HULL] [ROCKET] Thats how my rocket is and I want to move it this way: < and > way. How do I do this? Thank you! rcs
  14. Im trying to pratice docking with one of my ships. Its huge, and takes about 5 minutes to get out of the atmosphere. I want to just start in space, so when I mess up I dont have to relaunch my rocket everytime. Can this be done, are there any mods?
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