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  1. It's such a fine rocket, you'd hate to have it get up there, just to tear up, as it'd cause everyone else to, as well. Tear up, I mean.
  2. As in, StoopidBigLargeHuge! I mean, trust us, it is CHONK.
  3. "All hands, to the lines, haul away! Raise the sheets, from the jibs to the driver, courses to royals! Steady now, all together lads, pull like you're getting paid for it!"
  4. Wow, 6.5 liters per kilometer, highway. That's Petrol, not diesel as well...
  5. How about y'all listen to a planetary scientist on what a planet is?
  6. Remember, the main reason for hex tiles in the first place, is to prevent hypersonic plasma being channeled in a straight line... I'm not sure of a solution to the curvature problem, personally, but trapezoids and half hexes don't seem to be the answer, considering the reason for initial shape choice.
  7. This fact is the only thing keeping it from being more than a small voice, but it'd be cool to stack an FL-T100 full of LF (thanks to nert's config) and put three FL-T tanks with non-cryo "oxidizer" (a 400, 200, and 100) to get a perfect burn...
  8. I guess I could, and no, not unless the ReStock+ folks add one! It's more to do with the fact that I like a granularity somewhere between RealFuels and stock, using pretty much all of Nertea's mods to do so, and the supposition that the oxidizer in LF/O was oxygen, but the mix ratio being off, in addition to boiloff being handwaved, bugged me slightly. a while ago, I'd read on the Add-on discussion someone's suggestion that RP-1/HTP was the fuel being represented, and it shut the voice in the back of my head up for a good while, until I did some digging, and found the mix ratio in documentation. Now, the little beast won't let me build in peace, nagging that "It's still not quite right..." whenever I put an LF/O rocket together.
  9. A question, any chance of a brit style rebalance of existing LF/O rockets to a 1/7 fuel ox ratio, simulating RP-1 and HTP?
  10. It's folks like you that are keeping it that way, shut up about it. Gods, it's like Half-Life 3 all over again!
  11. As a final point, I'll let Dr. Kirby Runyon speak for himself, from the past...
  12. Well, I do. I'll admit, however, that I follow the Geophysical Planet Definition put forward by some planetary scientists, the folks who should define the category in the first place. So there.
  13. Those calculations are all based on sidereal periods, but for a monthly observance, like a new mün or new minmus, one should use the synodic period instead, if my reading is correct.
  14. Specifically, to use Minmus' orbital period (ie a "new Minmus") as the start of a new month (or minth in this case) and going by the calendar in that way, as some folks have come to mark time in the writings on the Fan Works board? Say, 56 kerbin days?
  15. Could this mod be recalculated to use Minmus' orbit?
  16. In your save options, you did have Kerbals Respawn? set to Off, right? Also, did you check your PMs? Sometimes it takes a while for folks to get back to you on weighty matters such as this!
  17. Kottabos was in Sandbox, which zeroes out any science you would earn. In Science or Career modes, you should earn science normally.
  18. Yes, all you gotta do is remove all the tires from the wheels, lock the brakes, throttle up, take off. Sure, there may be a few sparks, and to "land" you'd have to either ditch into a body of water or be packing a 'chute, but it's entirely possible.
  19. Honestly, that would work too, as then the only matte parts in the Soyuz-a-like line would be the OD green, which are the old-model ones.
  20. @damonvv, the SpaceDock download is still 1.1.0, is there perhaps a delay on their end?
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