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  1. Guys, please. It will always, ALWAYS be 255 shades of gray. and that's the only joke you'll get from me about that horrible series.
  2. I got the feeling over these two last posts someone was saying something to the effect of: "what if Microsoft's approach to version updates was applied to a space program?" "my computer randomly restarted on me and took 1 hour to update. This wouldn't be an issue, except its the NavCom, and we were in the middle of a Duna insertion burn... sooo. "
  3. Responses: First half: so many unfinished sandwiches! second half: Poor poor Jeb. I'm glad he snapped out of it, it looks like he's got a hard line ahead of him. third half: Man, talk about critical failure! I think somebody has it in for them. does Katrina know he's being used to circumvent her? Really awesome writing!
  4. were behind ya. keep on keeping on, and i hope your situation improves.
  5. Awesome. these constructs are a bit heartless, and i love the choice of inflection.
  6. Works for me! you certainly have put out an epic worthy of greatness, but you gotta keep priorities straight. I look forward to the conclusion(maybe)
  7. wow, that's a fantastically terrible painting. I get the feeling that the person who painted it had that burned into his memory forever.
  8. Definately Quissiac was awesome. that landing was amazing. and the fact that you pulled that off makes it even cooler. If i ever meet you in person, I have to buy you a pair of shades (within reason). this kind of storytelling is my favorite. the idea of molding a story around events can make for some really cool moments. it can be hard, though, reconciling script with the pure randomness of a KSP mission. you do it very well.
  9. Guys, don't look behind you!! also, yea, that's ok. I hope your still having fun!