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  1. Hey Scart91.. There were suit textures made by you with the lttle class insignias back of helmets. There are many class oriented suit textures but i liked yours very much. It was posted under TextureReplacer 2.4.9 thread. But i think download link is dead.. Can you make it work or new suits with class insignias..
  2. Hi! the title is already explaining.. I can't click and pick squad landing struts. I mean at all. I've read some posts about attaching problems or picking problems once the struts attaached other parts but its different. I cant pick the struts from the parts section in the first place. There is no problem with the mod parts tough. Any idea why and how to solve? Thanks..
  3. Hi; I'm running KSP 1.0.2 (and im using 64 with forceopengl). I'm using about 50 mods. I have i7 processor, 8BG RAM and GeForce GTX 765M. It was working just fine. Then i changed Ship manifest and KAS mods to latest versions, now my KSP freezing on loading screen in very early stages on the loading bar. It doesnt make sense to updating some mods causes this issue. Ive tried to add active texture manger but it didnt solve my problem. What do you think, is my problem occurs because i update those mods? And how can i solve this without deleting any mods.
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