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  1. I upgrade (v0.0540) scatterer with ckan, and now all my sky & ocean is black on ksp 1.6.1 Someone has a solution?
  2. Hello world ! I need help with AmpYear mod ! From what I see, my ship manages its energy quite well for the dark transit phase around Kerbin @ 2867km. However, when I launch this same ship, once I pass the dark side of Kerbin, all my energy disappears and I have to wait to find the sun to recharge the batteries. While according to AmpYear, I have a surplus of '604' during my passage in the shadow of Kerbin ... KSP 1.6.1 AmpYear Thanks
  3. I can keep scatterer, EVE, Planetshine,... or GEA replaces all of this ? thanks
  4. Hello and sorry for my bad english I play KSP 1.3.0 x64 modded. I have a problem when i use engin parts from SETI-ProbeParts. I have no engine sound. Other parts engine mod work very well, exept from SETI ProbeParts Someone could help ? Thanks
  5. Sorry for my bad english ! My KSP is 1.2.2 (1622) x64. Someone could explain me why my biome overlay looks good on Kerbin & Mun but it's look ugly on Minmus ? Thanks
  6. Hello and sorry for my bad english ! My KSP is 1.2.2 (1622) x64. Scatterer, E.V.E, S.V.E and S.V.E HighResTexture is installed. Someone could explain to me why my clouds are so ugly ? Thank you
  7. Sorry for my bad english... When this mod is installed i encounter the following problem. The movement of the camera and the kerbal are slow when i'm in eva. If i remove this mod everything works fine ! Thx
  8. Hello world ! Sorry for my bad english. I updated from ckan . Since then, when I run KSP , I have an error saying Kopernicus is incompatible with version 1.1.2 !
  9. Found 6 errors in sigma binary during loading screen (apply patchs) since the update 1.5.3 !
  10. Thank you ! So if i edit the patches files is that only change the model / texture or does it also change the config like position, dragModifier, scale, CoMOffset, ... ?
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