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  1. I'm rather convinced I've seen some sort of colony parts dedicated to it, or it was said in an interview about what colonies do, and xenon was definitely brought up. Going to do a quick look at older promo material. Edit: That was probably the fastest I've ever googled something.
  2. Thank you. I don't follow...external sources mostly. I do watch Shadowzone. Scott Manley. I wish there were some sort of resource collating interviews and info from outside sources. I am info hungry. My install of KSP with 100 mods running mostly just inspires me to watch for info on KSP2 and wait for the launch. I won't pre-order (Total War: Empire burned me forever. Always wait for review. I can wait).
  3. Wait what? Source? I haven't heard/read this before. Love the idea.
  4. You owe me a new brain for the one just sploded out my skull. I've been building boats. The currentest one looks like someone smashed a wingless plane into a big platform, nailed pontoons underneath,. The massive rudders at the back give great handling. I have no pics, haven't played in a couple days (currently yelling at war thunder). I deeply want decals so I can paint up the platform as a landing pad, which is what the goal of this thing is.
  5. Your style really lands squarely in the middle of the kind of futurism I enjoy. I build almost purely functional designs, though some of my aircraft can get a little more imaginative.
  6. Obligatory but also heartfelt "Daaaaayaaaaaammmn..."
  7. I never said he yelled. I said he fell. No mention of noises of excitement, fear, or exclamation was made. So how dare YOU?! (Also I took it as excitement, Jeb's a special breed.)
  8. A part of the charm of KSP1 is the goofy fun trailers, absolutely. I watch them and have a laugh. I was super glad to see Jeb? falling down the ladder in the KSP2 announce trailer. Seconding this desire.
  9. I used to build model kits. Gave it up when I left home, not enough free time, and eventually my bitz box I gave away in a move to a friend. I consider it now and then, but likewise, KSP has become much more of an outlet. Doesn't cost as much, no mask to deal with fumes, and no paint on the fingers.
  10. I know what every part I see is. It's just arranging them into something like this that gets me. That is excellent work. Do you also build models and/or kitbash? You have such an eye.
  11. I love the work that's being put in, every part I've seen looks great. The new airplane 'pit looks great, complete with functional LCD display? I've fallen in love with mods in KSP1 that give the MFDs a purpose. I've seen dev info that joystick support is native, and I WILL be buying a decent throttle and stick for this (if that remains true) because I love to build planes and fly them. The native procedural wings gives me goosebumps just from the very small amount shown of them so far. Now I want devblogs about things such as the save system - how it will improve on KSP. I want to know more about the 'team colors' and multiplayer. I want a devblog about if 'soot' and general wear and tear will be a thing because to have some battle-scarred SSTO orbiter that accumulates wear... I want to know if we'll be able to place decals, as mods let us do. I want more info on the science system! I always run two concurrent campaigns - one full funding + science + rep game, and a 'virtual design labs' game. Do test flights and design in virtual, flip to the campaign to run the mission. Anything that happens in campaign, stays. Gives it more challenge. Anyways there are so many aspects of the game to do deeper dev blogs on (ala the 'resource system' blog, or the 'parts' blog by Nertea/Chris Adderley). I don't mind having the whole game 'spoiled' frankly, as I didn't get into KSP1 until it had the full kerboller system and I'd watched a bunch of vids and finally bought in and have had...over a thousand hours of enjoyment. As I now run with mods by default, I want to know how much stuff from mods got incorporated or inspired KSP2 development. Edit: Mis-spelled 'Adderley'. Apologies to one of my favorite mod-devs who became an actual game dev and I expect great things.
  12. So, these systems do exist, sometimes as plug and play code modules that can be added to existing games to fulfill that functionality. Graphics wise, what is shown in Vl3d's original post is just that. Adjusting variables for different planets, and atmo pressures is basically just tuning and dial turning, which is not NOTHING, but it's a far cry from having to code up an entire atmospheric/flight model system from scratch. Especially as KSP2 team said, I believe early on, that the flight modeling would be more or less like what's in KSP1 (hopefully moddable, as I won't play without FAR). If Intercept had to create weather systems from scratch, and have not been working on them from the start, in order to fully integrate that into part interactions and everything else it implies, I would not want them to start now. However, they already have systems for atmospheres, to enable flying craft and friction/resistance during explosive vehicle flinging events. Creating storms (high velocity wind), ice (some textures, friction changes, changes to engine performance), rain and lightning, can be done alongside existing systems. Now, if they haven't already worked them into KSP2's core code? THAT would be a lot of additional working person-hours, and this late in the game, I'd rather the game get out the door than add a new feature. So IF they already have it coded, and haven't revealed it yet, bliss. If they HAVEN'T yet added it, then the focus should be on polishing up what's there. (I'm all for delays to polish and tweak and make gooder anything already in place, if it's needed.) I DO hope some sort of weather system beyond clouds and "graphical effects only wind" is in place. I understand that KSP2 might support native joystick controls, and you can believe I'll spend on a quality HOTAS for this game, to have fun with flyers and rotors and VTOL jet lifts. I'm already researching and planning my purchase list for the machine to play it on. The current abacas is past its prime, kept limping on by swaps and replacements, but the processor and mobo are 11+ years old, and it's time.
  13. I'll chip in. One, I think weather having an effect on craft in atmosphere would be nice. Winds, visibility, rain/snow/hail. I'd LOVE to see this...AS A TOGGLE. On/off, or a slider for maximum severity. Weather is not a bell and whistle if it has an effect on gameplay. I design a lot of rovers and flyers in KSP1. I don't post pictures or videos, albeit here, have a fun rotorcraft: The Mk 1 and 2 Dragonflyer. Now imagine if the OPTION is there to try or have to fly these in inclement weather. Some people like that sort of challenge, and it's not a 'waste of resources' to consider adding elements that people might want. Especially since resources are already available. A lot of these weather packages are plug-in, and can be tweaked and worked on by artists. Yes, it requires some programmer time to integrate. Please stop calling weather and effects that affect in-atmo flying or driving a 'waste of resources'. Thanks.
  14. That is so good. I wish KSP1 supported more aircraft building and customization, but considering what you achieve, I just realize that I seem to have not been imaginative enough with the parts already available. Anyways, thanks again for sharing another beaut.
  15. Thanks, I'll try that. And as far as building the rig, I can wait a bit.
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