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  1. I want to see what (if any) new aeronautic parts and systems are coming ( still really hoping for a non-modded autopilot hold altitude/heading feature) and more info on ground vehicles. I love building rockets but it's a lot of fun building rovers and mach 2 puddle jumpers. Gameplay systems wise, I want to see this game's take on career funds and science experiments. I'm hoping for something more evolved than KSP1's functional barebones research.
  2. I'll wait for reviews and the youtube kermmunity to get their hands on. Then I'll buy it myself and admire the pretty before stuck into a new campaign. I seriously hope not just for new stuff but refinement of what KSP does so well. (that said I want new stuff too, am excited).
  3. Playing with life support mod. Jeb Bob and Bill were returning from Minmus in the 3 crew pod. I already knew I was low on life support, had underestimated the amount I needed (first time playing with life support). So I did a burn to accelerate the return leg, dropped periapsis well inside atmo but not enough, ditched the transit stage, managed to aerocapture but 'bounced' back out on a long loop. Ran out of 02 with ~21 minutes until the next atmo descent, which would have resulted in a landing. Came so far, got so close.
  4. I played Eve Online for 9 and a bit years. Logging in every day to do upkeep and maintenance, make sure to do security sweeps to look for other players intent on doing harm, running background checks on players wishing to join our corp to weed out potential spies and thieves. I am so done with 'always on' games. Like others have said, I have a life away from the computer, and worrying about whether something is happening in my KSP game while I'm away, or being unwilling to launch a mission because I wouldn't be at the computer when critical events need minding, would both be joy killers
  5. Except that he quite perfectly summarizes the article. The argument he makes, and that I agree with, is that making this decision based on the game only ignores the unethical way this publisher behaves, and the way that all publishers behave. With extremely rare exceptions, this is normative, and it shouldn't be.
  6. <snip> How about if, say, a big publisher negotiated in bad faith and then renegged on a deal in the making to buy Star Theory, poaching staff along the way? I'm sick with rage as I type this. I will not be buying KSP2. I urge any of you with a shred of empathy for game devs to boycott this product. Nothing changes if we go 'welp, that's just how it is'. Or buy it, and then wait for macrotransactions (micro, HAH!) and slicing off of content to be resold as DLC and season passes. It WILL happen. These publishers know no boundaries. They only know how much they can get awa
  7. Walter Jon William's 'Praxis' trilogy (plus two novellas and soon to include a new novel) details a method of creating and storing antiprotons - planetary scale orbital rings which contain the acceleration rings to create and then capture antiprotons, and a method of suspending the antiproton within a charged silica chip on the microscopic order. The chips are so small and 'slippery' that they flow more or less like a fluid, can be pumped to suitable engines, and also serve as the fuel/warhead for antimatter missiles. I thought it was an interesting and at least imaginative solution (within
  8. To be honest I expected this, and I (along with many other posters in this thread) applaud the decision to take the time you need, be safe, and put out the best product you can. If I can get in a request, can you please make a feature presentation about what, if anything, you're going to do with 'airplane' parts in the sequel, and supporting atmo flight? I think a lot of us would love to see if you're going to adopt a new model of drag and lift, maybe something akin to the FAR mod that is so popular. That's all. Keep calm and keep exploding. (...now I want a poster of that)
  9. I don't post often, but I do in support of airplane stuff. I love building rockets AND airplanes, and I'd love to see airplane parts fleshed out with more hull forms, engine types (propellers and ducted fans as STOCK was a huge yes), landing gear types (side drop, drop and rotate like some really old designs, etc.) and even 'here's a landing gear mount. Now, how many wheels come out?' sort of procedural. I want more procedural stuff in general. Also, functional 'hold altitude/heading' autopilot, so I can sip my coffee comfily while I do a science bombing mission transit, and other fun
  10. 839 hours according to steam. Still haven't done a grand tour or landed anywhere further than Duna and Eve. My greatest accomplishment to date was actually launching a multi-component mission vehicle, matching orbits, getting it smacked together, and then pointing in the direction of Jool. Alas then my hard drive died and since then I just haven't had the oomph to complete anything complicated. Mostly these days I doodle around a bit with planes, and then go watch some youtube vid from Danny2462 (landing legs...) or Matt Lowne, Shadowzone...there's quite a few inspiring creators.
  11. Go and read the statements of the Take Two CEO, who believes gamers are 'undermonetized' and that more content should be sectioned off behind paywalls to be accessed. So in his vision of gaming, buying the game gets you access to core mechanics and some basic assets, but more advanced mechanics and assets (vehicles, parts, planets, biomes, etc. in terms of KSP) would be expansion packs sold separately. He's a great believer in selling smaller chunks of content for more money. Sell it to you? The guy does my work for me. I'm raising my voice because I have been gaming on PC for going on tw
  12. To all those saying 'No Squad said mods will be fine! Stop spreading your kneejerk fear!' I say that I have seen this story play out with other devs, and other publishers. A Dev team or company can say 'this will never happen' all they want. The publisher will apply pressure, give bribes, offer stock options, blah blah blah. Eventually the dev comes around and says 'despite what we said before, that thing we said will never happen, is now going to happen, and here's all the great stuff you can look forward to!'. And then it turns to complete garbage. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT AGREEMENTS WERE
  13. Oh, Take Two Interactive doing the publishing? So....how long until they force microtransactions into the game then? $10 gets you new rocket skin colors, $19 for unique kerbals with enhanced skills, $3 for cosmetic space center buildings... I'm guessing KSP 1.4. You just lost respect, Squad. Bigtime bad juju publisher. CEO openly has stated that paying for a game is not enough. All that 'free content' (Read: game mechanics, art, models, maps) cannot just be given away for free.
  14. So okay. Its page 8 and this is not likely to be read by a lot of folks, but after putting in a few hundred hours, what I'd want out of KSP 2.0 is: A complete refactoring and reimagining of how rockets are built, using a list of parts from the build menus. It's late and I'm up on Insomnia and I don't have pictures to illustrate what I mean, but I'll do my best. So what we have now is a list of predefined shapes. Fuel tanks, structural elements, braces, pylons, wings, etc. Each comes from a different menu, and has predefined roles in building rockets and SSTOs and rovers and aaaaaall
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