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  1. [LOG 13:18:18.922] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\Users\Joshua\Documents\Kerbal Space Program 1.1\GameData\TweakScale\plugins\Scale.dll [LOG 13:18:18.925] Load(Assembly): TweakScale/plugins/scale_redist [LOG 13:18:18.926] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\Users\Joshua\Documents\Kerbal Space Program 1.1\GameData\TweakScale\plugins\scale_redist.dll That is there, then this [ERR 13:18:19.101] AssemblyLoader: Exception loading 'Scale': System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded. at (wrapper managed-to-native) System
  2. This. I manually combined them but would LOVE to see a bundled version of my two favorite texture mods. I'll just leave these here @Berlin @blackrack @Proot Stock Visual Enhancements+KSPRC+scatterer
  3. That's the version I'm using. v2.2.7.2 is installed. Doesn't work though.
  4. I took the .zip and opened it up, went into the gamedata folder inside and put tweakscale folder into my KSP gamedata folder. I also installed module manager. Not the one from the Tweakscale .zip as it is identical to my existing version.
  5. I'm stupid, meant 1.1 not 1.0. I didn't change any folder structures, except for using the new version of fire spitter which has the same name and structure. I'll try to reinstall.
  6. I can't seem to get tweak scale to work. Are there dependencies that I'm missing? I'm in 1.1 because I don't feel like updating all my mods.
  7. So you seem to know how this works, I have firespitter.dll installed properly and I have the airstairs mod. However, when I right click it doesn't give me an open option. I'm using 1.0 as I don't feel like updating my mods. Any ideas?
  8. Is there any place to download the X-47? It looks really nice.
  9. I'll leave these here... My personal favorite Command pod is the Mark 1-2 with Alextus' Mark 1-2 IVA revamp
  10. What command pod is that? It looks amazing!
  11. @Nhawks17 issue #42 on the EVE GitHub seems to pertain to this https://github.com/rbray89/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/issues/42
  12. Orions are on their way out but Growlers are still there, you are thinking of the Prowlers, which are EA-6Bs, Growlers are the modified F/A-18F Superbugs rechristened as EA-18Gs, guess I see your opinion of them though :). @Nhawks17 Good to hear about the potential of a fix, though I won't be uninstalling Scatterer while I'm waiting That doesn't apply to me at least, I don't have RCS Build Aid
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