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  1. Decided to build an exploration fighter and one particular part caught my eye; the Tricoupler! Thus The Peninsula was born! I was unsure whether to bring along Bill (Who could reset the parachutes) or Bob (Who could reset the experiments), so I added two cockpits underneath the main cockpit and both of them could come along for the ride! To my surprise, this thing actually flies pretty well! The only down side was that Bill and Bob, couldn't actually EVA... But that was solved with Mark 2! This upgraded added some science to the mix, plus electricity and parachutes! Now Jebediah, Bill and Bob are ready for their trip to Antarctica (It was easier to go in a straight line!)!
  2. I must confess that I have never realised till now the importance of calculating ÃŽâ€Vs. I've been playing the game from near the beginning and I've been winging it to get into orbit this entire time! (Although my lack of knowledge does explain how I've never been able to get anywhere, apart from the occasional accidental landing on the Mun!) Part of me, however, wish I really hadn't learnt about the ÃŽâ€Vs. My mind has been blown and I'm tumbling down the rabbit's hole. No longer may I just wing it.... #sadface. I must also confess to the sin of using Alt+F12 menu and for my careless uses of Hyper Edit. Some things are just not meant to happen...
  3. Sending a boat load of Kerbals out of the Kerbin Local Space for the first time; it seemed a good idea in theory! After sending them on their way, I realised I'd completely neglected in adding any RCS to my transport. Then, more worryingly, I realised that since I was running a Life Support mod, I hadn't packed enough lunches for the entire trip! Sure they would get to Eve / Gilly orbit eventually on this Magical Mystery Tour, but they wouldn't survive the wait for more food. Rapidly, I launched a Food Delivery (And RCS! PRAISE KAS/KIS!) Satellite to deliver Pizza to the Kerbals on board the transport [Was slightly waylaid as someone had ordered peperoni...]! Planning my probes interception path, it became increasingly apparent that it wouldn't ever catch up with its target in any reasonable amount of time and that I really didn't know anything about interplanetary transfers. To this day, I'm still trying to figure out how to solve the problem in this save. What seemed like an alright, if not a little bit on the crazy side, idea turned out to be one of the worse decisions of my KSP career. Should have started with a probe...
  4. You may say it's ugly, but I really like your Space Station design! It at least looks like a Space Station! (Unlike all of mine!) Congratulations!
  5. Thank you for making this mod! I'm really enjoying this mod, as I can now do mission, but still mess around a bit like on Sandbox or Science. As with Procyon above, I'm getting an issue of multiplying buttons on the toolbar.
  6. I may have over exaggerated a little. I mean't more along the lines that you should have enough RCS thrusters attached to the vessel and don't, like I did, have them on one half of the ship and not the other. Don't worry, you're not the only one. When I was altering the angle of the annex, I turned off two of the closest thrusters to the docking port. There are a few images that don't seem to show my craft tilting, but that's due to the fact it was going really slowly. Thanks for the advice. I'm not really that experienced with RCS placement (The above example for case and point!) but I usually judge by general coverage areas and distance between them. I didn't really know that they should be placed closer to Centre of Mass, but now I know. Thank you. I really do love KIS/KAS as it really adds a lot more to EVA in the game (It's really useful for covering up mistakes made prior or during launch!). I'd love for it to become an offical mod or for there to be an equivlent!
  7. Thank you. I don't I'd like to be the rest of the Kerbals that share the space station with him on that day. I bet there was a lot of complaining from him when he re-entered.
  8. Planning! Planning can be a wonderful thing, if done properly. This mission started out rather simple, but rapidly spiraled into a mess. Orbiting to meet up with the Station was a pain in itself, but then I released an error in my planning. The craft only had RCS thrusters mounted on the front of the unnaturally long vessel! I learned 2 things about RCS that day: 1. The more RCS thrusters you have attached, the easier maneuvering gets! [A little Captain Obvious, I know!] 2. IF you go without enough RCS thrusters, then you are doomed to Space Krakens Wrath! Do not make an attempt to maneuver or your crew will surely perish!
  9. Thank you for the advice. I attempted to do something similar, but I had an energy shortage (I had to get a few extra batteries flown in) and using reverse was too expensive. My next version will have a much large supply of electricity and I'll attempt to do something similar in my next run.
  10. Yeah, I'm noticed that. Gravity is not a Kerbal's friend apparently... Thanks to Bill's engineer skills, he managed to rebuild the exploration vehicle and got it going uphill. It was going well till the vehicle leapt into the air and exploded, Missing-In-Actioning the entire crew [i'm sure they'll make it back from the wilderness... either that or Jeb will eat them all. It is a possibility (We all know it!) and by Bill's beard, may someone help them all if that happens!] Attempt number 2, me thinks!
  11. Another attempt hasn't ended exactly well. I'm not very sure if I'm doing this properly as my vehicles keep disintegrating whenever they near a hill. It's just uncontrollable downhill! I want to carry as many Kerbals as possible on this adventure [Current Total = 10], but I've redesigned the vehicle so many times that I'm a little lost at what to do...
  12. My 2 Elcano ground based prototypes keep on falling apart the moment I say go! I know the general rule is "when in doubt, Strut about", but adding more struts seems to make no difference! They keep failing spectacularly... maybe it's time to finally go back to the drawing board? I always thought with KSP in general, I had to go big or go home, but now... maybe a smaller lighter vehicle might do a better job? But then I want to take everyone along on this world cruise and sightseeing tour!
  13. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with this endeavour! I've read through your entire report at least twice and this run really made me want to actually look more closely at ground vehicles in KSP. It also made me want to attempt the Circumnavigation challenge myself! Best of luck once again and thank you for posting this inspiring run!
  14. Went for a little late night test drive of the new explorer vehicle in preparation for my Kerbin Circumnavigation Challenge attempt. All the signs are pointing to me needing bigger engines for this to work... At least, it floats!
  15. Adamczuk


    Thank you everyone for the kind words. I think with orbits, the more practice you have with them, the easier they become (Well... hopefully!).