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  1. That pusher canard design is actually very popular kit planes, most of which are derived from Burt Rutan's VariEze. There was also the twin turboprop Beech Starship. If your KSP version is built correctly, it can't stall in a normal fashion because the canard will stall before the main wing, which will lower the angle of attack and prevents the main wing from stalling. Here's a four place design I'm fond of: Many of my KSP aircraft are also canards, although I never build an inverted gull wing. It looks great.
  2. Assuming you still want the awesome goodness of RealChute, head over to their forum thread. There's an MM patch config file that will restore the parachutes to the the VAB (but in the Utility tab since the parachute tab is missing.)
  3. Are you using RealChute? And what do you mean by "the parachutes don't load"? If you're using RealChute and your problem is that chutes no longer show up in the VAB, that's a known problem with the current version of RealChute. There's several work-arounds for this problem and you can find more information in the RealChute forum thread. If that's not your problem, I'd go the opposite route: start with an unmodded KSP and add mods one at a time, starting with any mods that might affect parachutes (such as RealChute).
  4. I forget the exact sequence of events that caused it, but even my stock sized GPP game ended up with the antenna range at 25% of what it should be. The cause seems to have been some odd interaction with Kerbal Konstructs, if I remember. In the VAB, all the antennas were showing 25% of the range that the KSPedia indicated they should have. I took the easy way out -- I set the comms range slider to 400% for that game. Check what the range is for your antennas, and compare the actual values in the VAB to the values in the KSPedia. They should be 10.625 times the KSPedia values. If not, adjust the comms range slider appropriately. Note that adjusting the slider doesn't change the values shown in the VAB, so you'll need to do the multiplication yourself.
  5. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    It's been on CKAN since version, for KSP 1.05. That's a few years. The most recent version of Kerbalism appears to be for KSP 1.3.0, so perhaps you're not seeing Kerbalism because you have CKAN set to only show explicitly 1.3.1 compatible mods. If you set CKAN to show 1.3 (not 1.3.0 or 1.3.1) mods, it will pick up mods for all the minor KSP releases. You should then see Kerbalism, as well as a lot of other mods that will work with 1.3.1 but haven't (yet) been marked as compatible with the .1 release.
  6. Join the club. I was looking for that biome for about a year. Then I stumbled upon it while launching into a polar orbit one day. Mother of all face-palms.
  7. On the plus side, my landing skills have been improving lately.
  8. I found this issue on MechJeb's Gitbhub: I think I'll wait until the it's definitely fixed (and possibly released) before seeing if it fixes the specific problem with GPP. The thread does talk about the reason for MecJeb's autoland trouble, specifically a change in KSP's API.
  9. How much memory does your computer have? Just a hunch: if you have 8 GB, you will see a dramatic improvement if you upgrade to 16 GB. 8 GB simply isn't enough, and the computer is spending all its time swapping memory between RAM and disk. That's also not great for the longevity of your disk or SSD. If you have 8 GB and upgrading is not an option, unfortunately your best option is probably to stay away from memory intensive mods such as big planet packs. Even smaller textures will only delay the problem. 8GB is barely enough. If you have more than 8 GB, you probably shouldn't be having problems like that and might want to investigate why.
  10. I found something odd... I'm playing my new 1.5.3 career game, and the MechJeb landing autopilot just isn't working. It's really messed up. So I build an install with just MechJeb. It turns out that landing from "high" orbit is totally borked. From "low" orbit, however, it's working just fine. I then tried the same tests with just MechJeb, GPP, Kopernicus, and whatever CKAN automatically installs ("depends on", not "recommends"), and tried landing on Iota from low orbit. And it landed... on exactly the opposite side of Iota. Well, almost exactly the opposite side. On my full install, I set a waypoint, then entered the coordinates of the waypoint into Mechjeb, changing the latitude from N to S and adding 180 degrees to the longitude. It landed 22 km from the waypoint. It's as if something is wrong with the coordinates. The problem with MechJeb not working from high orbit clearly has nothing to do with GPP, but landing on the other side of the planet could be either mod. Let me know if you want logs and I'll create some from a minimal installation. (Note that Hyperedit wasn't used at all, or even installed. In my experience it causes problems when teleporting.)
  11. In my experience, Thalia is just as difficult as Icarus, at least on or near the surface. In orbit, as long as the orbit's sufficiently high, it's not so bad. But the surface is brutal, and "night" doesn't help much. At least on Icarus it's cooler on the night side of the planet. I actually like Icarus. In my last career game I even had a base on the surface, a large station in orbit, and regular ion shuttles between Icarus and Gael. The DV's high, but travel time is short because Icarus's period is so short. I had a lander that could harvest lithium for the ion drives, and eventually the base started manufacturing more modules for the station. Cooling on the surface was a challenge, but it was fun. Thalia was more problematic. I ended up setting up a base on Eta instead. It's much more habitable. And there's normal ore there. Thalia's got almost no ore at all if I remember correctly. Note to self: Don't accept any more "Get ore from Thalia" contracts!
  12. It is definitely doable. Not easy, but possible. You know those "Asteroid Day" Sentinel contracts? Well, I got one for an Icarus Sentinel -- and since Icarus is closer to the star than is Moho, the Sentinel's orbit was REALLY close. And REALLY hot. Ap 445 Km, Pe 345 Km. Not easy to do at all. It needed a ridiculous amount of DV just to get there. Lots of cooling. And even so, any solar panels not shielded by the rest of the craft overheated and exploded. But it worked. I used Near Future Propulsion, but stock radiators.
  13. There's a TextureReplacer, and a TextureReplacerReplaced. Which one should we be using?
  14. Okay, tried that, no joy. EDIT: It did fix the missing ground stations. Did not fix the antenna range. I'll consider that a win since the antenna range is easily corrected.