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  1. Agreed. The latest version of TWP is causing problems for a lot of people. Stick with TWP v1.6.3.0. Do not upgrade to
  2. It's fixed. Thank you! No worries with regards to the wait. Your hard work is very much appreciated.
  3. A standard hohmann transfer from low Kerbin orbit to low Munar orbit takes me about 3 days. Something's not right if it's taking you a month to get there and back. 3 days out, one day for the landing, and 3 days back. A A week is all it takes.
  4. It's from both, actually. [x] Science has one button, Science Alert has two buttons, and all three are purple.
  5. I'm not using Tac Fuel Balancer, so it's not that. LGG, I'm using: [x] Science Continued 5.22 Click through Blocker 0.1.72 Science Alert Revisited -- I believe that's one of yours, and it's purple too (unless it's not the mod I'm thinking of) Toolbar 1.7.22 (reverted from, which had the purple problem) Toolbar controller This is KSP 1.7.0 -- I can't upgrade without breaking my current save game. I'll give this a try on 1.7.3 and see if I have the same problem.
  6. I'm also getting the purple buttons for [x] Science again in It was working correctly in 1.7.22 (after having been purple in 1.7.21).
  7. Never mind. User error. I had enough stuff in the Kerbal's inventory to keep him solidly on the ground.
  8. That's possible. I've also noticed it's related to the saved game, not the installation.
  9. I have a bizarre problem. I'm running JNSQ on KSP 1.7.0. It's not the latest version of JNSQ because Minmus moved, and the planet numbers changed, and other save game breaking stuff. So, not quite the latest and greatest. I'm deep into a career game, flying a Mun lander up from the surface to the station in a 50 km orbit. It gets there, but I've got a lot less propellent less than expected. Next time I go down to the Mun's surface, the Kerbal's jetpack doesn't work. Or, rather, it's working, but it doesn't have enough thrust to get off the surface. And the Kerbal can't jump
  10. For LKO, I've been using about 30km, which tends to use about 50% to 75% of the heatshield's ablator. I start with 100% ablator. From Mun/Minas, 30km also works, but you use a lot less ablator, although you pull a lot more Gs. I now do Mun/Minas returns at 40km to 45km, which makes for a more gentle deceleration. I've never had trouble with re-entry provided there was a heatshield. Entries at orbital velocities without a heatshield are not advised. The above applies to the 1.5 and 2.5 meter heatshields (or whatever the exact dimensions are). I've also had success with the
  11. By "cheat-warped", do you mean HyperEdit? If so, what you're describing is behavior I've seen from using HyperEdit's orbit editor to jump to a different celestial body for many, many years. Use a sandbox and actually fly the ship to Eve and see if the problem still exists. Even if you're using something other than HyperEdit, I'd still suspect that this might be the problem.
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