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  1. In my experience, 8 GB simply isn't enough. Should you decide to try making lower resolution textures, I wish you luck. But if it's at all possible, I would strongly recommend upgrading to 16 GB.
  2. I personally don't mind if the visuals change, and download bandwidth isn't a consideration. As far as I'm concerned, go for it!
  3. Yes, quite recognizable. That's clearly the T-65B X-Wing from the original trilogy. But if, by chance, you were referring to the planets, did you mean you've updated the textures and we should download them now, or did you mean that you're considering replacing the textures in the next release? Would the texture replacements have any effect on save games? EDIT: On second thought, I take that back. It looks more like the the T-65B than the T-85, but the laser cannons don't look right. Maybe it's not so recognizable after all.
  4. What I do, and what I suspect many people do, is keep the Steam installation not only stock, but also never played. It's just where Steam delivers the game. I then copy KSP from the steam folder to someplace else, and modify it and play it there. I usually have three or 4 copies of KSP with different sets of mods, but I never play in the real Steam directory.
  5. Very nice, however, there's already a website that will do this. It comes preloaded with the stock planets, but it does allow you to add your own planets. It's actually designed for RemoteTech, but it works perfectly well for any satellites. It also includes orbital eclipse periods and calculates battery requirements as well as EC production requirements. In addition to giving you the orbital parameters for launching a satellite constellation from a single carrier spacecraft (useful for everywhere *except* Gael), it also gives you the timing for launching satellites individually, which is how one would usually do it around Gael. EDIT: I suggest that when you select "dive orbit", you show the resonant orbit's periapsis rather than its apoapsis. Also, showing the atmosphere height and the SOI may be useful, especially if the resonant orbit goes near either one.
  6. Upgrading to GPP 1.5.88 did, indeed, solve the problem for me. Thank you!
  7. I'm still running the previous version of GPP (1.5.3) and I'm seeing the same problem -- everything is in shadow. Spacecraft in orbit never show any lighting from Ciro -- there's uniform lighting all around the spacecraft. Solar panels ARE working correctly, however. I'm not 100% sure when this started. Various mods get updated, and one of those updates (no idea which, unfortunately), caused this problem. (Several weeks passed when I wasn't playing but was updating the mods, which is why I'm not sure where the cause lies.)
  8. Making money besides contracts

    There's three mods I use that can help with funding, Extraplanetary Launchpads, Strategia and Stage Recovery. Yes, you can use Extraplanetary Launchpads as a business to build off world and then recover, but it's just as useful simply for building spaceships without having to pay anything for them. (Although see below; if you're making a profit on launches this isn't an advantage.) Stage Recovery lets you recover most of the cost of your boosters, or more stages if you're creative enough. It can significantly reduce costs. Strategia is a very interesting replacement for the administration building and gives you a whole new set of strategies to choose from. If this is your priority, you can choose strategies that are very profitable. One strategy will reduce launch costs by up to 75% -- and another rewards you for getting large payloads to orbit. It's possible to make a profit on each launch, especially when combined with Stage Recovery.
  9. Unless something has changed and my spreadsheet is out of date (always a possibility of course), the scanners and planets where you'll have trouble are: Lilli: SOI is too low for the DMOS multi-spectral scanner or the soil moisture scanner (50 km). Otho and Nero: With a 600 km and 560 km atmospheres, the only instruments that work are the stock resource scanner (max: 1000 km) and SAR (max 800 km). Everything else in stock or DMOS has a maximum height of 500 km or less. Gauss: The atmosphere is higher than then 300 km maximum height of the DMOS multi-spectral scanner. I vaguely remember that a while ago (several years) the stock scanners were modified to work on particularly large or small planets by adjusting their range limits, but I may be remembering that incorrectly. If the stock biome scanner works at Otho, that would be why. I haven't tried scanning the stars, but based on their wiki entries everything except the DMOS soil moisture scanner should work at Grannus and nothing should work with Ciro.
  10. Does GPP 1.5.88 break save games?
  11. You'll need radiators there too. Off the top of my head, I don't remember whether Icarus or Thalia was hotter. Icarus is very close to the star, while Thalia's heat source is internal (it's radioactive). Both require attention to cooling systems, and on both Kerbals can only survive on the surface for a limited time. Also, unless it's changed in the latest GPP release, there's almost no ore on Thalia. You can mine Karbonite, but ore is very rare there. Eta is a perfectly fine place to set up a base, however.
  12. Not for Eta -- at least not for the environment. If you're running equipment that produces heat, you'll need radiators for that, same as anywhere. Otherwise you'll have no problem with heat. Thalia is deadly hot. You'll definitely need radiators on the surface, and even in low orbit.
  13. That pusher canard design is actually very popular kit planes, most of which are derived from Burt Rutan's VariEze. There was also the twin turboprop Beech Starship. If your KSP version is built correctly, it can't stall in a normal fashion because the canard will stall before the main wing, which will lower the angle of attack and prevents the main wing from stalling. Here's a four place design I'm fond of: Many of my KSP aircraft are also canards, although I never build an inverted gull wing. It looks great.
  14. Assuming you still want the awesome goodness of RealChute, head over to their forum thread. There's an MM patch config file that will restore the parachutes to the the VAB (but in the Utility tab since the parachute tab is missing.)
  15. Are you using RealChute? And what do you mean by "the parachutes don't load"? If you're using RealChute and your problem is that chutes no longer show up in the VAB, that's a known problem with the current version of RealChute. There's several work-arounds for this problem and you can find more information in the RealChute forum thread. If that's not your problem, I'd go the opposite route: start with an unmodded KSP and add mods one at a time, starting with any mods that might affect parachutes (such as RealChute).