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  1. I've been trying to use these engines on space planes, and it seems like one of two things will always happen. 1. I'll get mostly to space, and the engine will explode (it isn't overheated, or at least, doesn't indicate that it is) 2. It'll suddenly throttle most of the way down, despite having adequate resources. And then it will explode. Is this by design? So far I have not been able to run an engine longer than a few minute or so, at low throttle.
  2. Ah. Of course. It's one word, and when I typed that in, it only pulled up references to spacedock the download site.
  3. Does anyone know the name of the mod that had 3 sizes of pre-made, orbital construction docks? One quite massive? I used to use it in conjunction with this mod (I honestly thought this mod came with them), but now I cannot find those parts, and I cannot find the separate mod for them. They were huge, Star-Trek like bays, with lights. I've tried searching terms like Space Dock, Orbital Dock, Bay, Construction Bay, etc. No avail. Anyone find this mention familiar, and know what it is?
  4. Boeing is perfectly capable of grounding it's own planes, thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, Looking for some RSSVE support - @Phineasfreak ? Sorry, I know the thread's closed over there. DIdn't know where else to look. I've installed Scatterer and EVE and RSSVE, and have the volumetric clouds appearing entirely black, as well as having the 2d cloud layers show up in lovely neon colors? Also - it appears my draw-distance is smaller than the earth is..any way to extend the distance so that black edge on the earth goes away?
  6. It appears as though RSSVE is no longer. With E.T. for RSS also out - is there anyone currently developing a visual mod for RSS?
  7. Does anyone have any tips on how to Marie Kondo your GameData folder? I mean...I might use that mod one day. I don't always play RSS, but maybe I will....sometime. I've never used the Albucierre, but that's not to say I wouldn't! Ugh, this is hard.
  8. The inflatable airlocks are one meme away from being their own TOS violation.
  9. Windows did not have Python listed as a pathway, had to go into system variables to change it back. I then had to delete my old client libraries and re-install from scratch.
  10. I reloaded everything and now I get this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\KSP_win64\KSRPC\kRPC FIles\", line 9, in <module> conn = krpc.connect(name='Launch into orbit') File "D:\Python\lib\site-packages\krpc\", line 36, in connect assert ok_message == Decoder.OK_MESSAGE AssertionError in Python after attempting to execute a script
  11. I had this installed in 1.2.2, just now getting back to it with 1.4. Installed the kRPC folder by copying contents into main director (Schema/GameData/etc, so it all got placed where specified), and re-installed the library with Command Prompt. Now I click on "Start Server" button but nothing happens, run a script, but of course Python throws an error that the machine refused the connection. Of course, I AM the Machine. But that's another story. What am I doing wrong?
  12. What would I need to change in the files of this mod to make it so that the models did not re-scale? Keep all the statistical changes, but just leave the rendered models the right size so they are compatible with parts that are not included in the re-scale. Also - I'd like to keep the pods scaled to Kerbals, it looks funny. Sue me.
  13. Well, I've managed to get the Shuttle into orbit in RSS. There is, however, not much I am able to manage so far in balancing it's flight, (weight and drag) to get it to re-enter using the correct profiles. The craft is balanced with the end heavy so that upon re-entry even with mild payload, the COG is mid, tending aft. This leads to impossible re-entry. Still tweaking the mass on the nose, though, to make it enough, it starts to mess up launching. ::sigh:: Getting there, but it was never designed (the mod) to fit with the RSS forces. It's like trying to fly a Balsa-wood plane at real plane speeds.
  14. Mass, yes. Atmo Keys are ISP in this code, found'em. Change those. I downloaded Real Scale Boosters, and took the stats from the Shuttle SRB in that mod, and started porting the numbers over to DECQs. I like that DECQ's shuttle feels more visually to scale with the Kerbals, as well as to the Earth. Real Scale Boosters parts a lot of times seem 'too big' visually, but might just be me. I'm close. Really close to to nailing a good set of parameters for it. It's slightly different than RSB, but it's close