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  1. The inflatable airlocks are one meme away from being their own TOS violation.
  2. Windows did not have Python listed as a pathway, had to go into system variables to change it back. I then had to delete my old client libraries and re-install from scratch.
  3. I reloaded everything and now I get this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\KSP_win64\KSRPC\kRPC FIles\", line 9, in <module> conn = krpc.connect(name='Launch into orbit') File "D:\Python\lib\site-packages\krpc\", line 36, in connect assert ok_message == Decoder.OK_MESSAGE AssertionError in Python after attempting to execute a script
  4. After a careful look, I have no such folder, nor such file, anywhere on my PC
  5. I had this installed in 1.2.2, just now getting back to it with 1.4. Installed the kRPC folder by copying contents into main director (Schema/GameData/etc, so it all got placed where specified), and re-installed the library with Command Prompt. Now I click on "Start Server" button but nothing happens, run a script, but of course Python throws an error that the machine refused the connection. Of course, I AM the Machine. But that's another story. What am I doing wrong?
  6. What would I need to change in the files of this mod to make it so that the models did not re-scale? Keep all the statistical changes, but just leave the rendered models the right size so they are compatible with parts that are not included in the re-scale. Also - I'd like to keep the pods scaled to Kerbals, it looks funny. Sue me.
  7. Well, I've managed to get the Shuttle into orbit in RSS. There is, however, not much I am able to manage so far in balancing it's flight, (weight and drag) to get it to re-enter using the correct profiles. The craft is balanced with the end heavy so that upon re-entry even with mild payload, the COG is mid, tending aft. This leads to impossible re-entry. Still tweaking the mass on the nose, though, to make it enough, it starts to mess up launching. ::sigh:: Getting there, but it was never designed (the mod) to fit with the RSS forces. It's like trying to fly a Balsa-wood plane at real plane speeds.
  8. Mass, yes. Atmo Keys are ISP in this code, found'em. Change those. I downloaded Real Scale Boosters, and took the stats from the Shuttle SRB in that mod, and started porting the numbers over to DECQs. I like that DECQ's shuttle feels more visually to scale with the Kerbals, as well as to the Earth. Real Scale Boosters parts a lot of times seem 'too big' visually, but might just be me. I'm close. Really close to to nailing a good set of parameters for it. It's slightly different than RSB, but it's close
  9. Just to give an idea, KSP, In loading up the Shuttle stock, as DECQ programmed it for stock, without changing anything, you should be able to have it lift off, it just will not make it to orbit. When I changed configs, I added a 1 in front of the max thrust, and a 1 in front of max resources. After that didn't work, I doubled both of those. When that didn't, I made it '2', etc I simply kept 'scaling' up the specs until it did. However, I still don't have it efficient enough to carry payload, as the increased weight of the fuel takes away the gains I've made. I can orbit it. I cannot take payload yet. But give me some time. I'm still tinkering with it.
  10. You also have to change the ISP values, rate and Engine Configs for power, max thrust. If you increase fuel, you increase weight. Without increasing power, you won't take off. Speaking of - I can get to orbit unloaded wth serious mod to the configs.... DECQ - Despite changing 'rate' in the Config files, I cannot seem to change the ISP to get efficient enough to get a satellite in orbit. How/Where in your configs for Engine OSM/SSME do I change the ISP? Is it not labeled ISP? Once I get a working config file, maybe I'l share it with you all.
  11. The way to really do this well is to get kSPRC going, and actually do the math in flight. Working backwards, assuming a certain AoA, and calculating the rate of descent, loss of speed and drag, and determine where your PE would need to be post-burn in order to successfully place you on a trajectory for landing at KSC. That's what they have to do in real life, and the only way that it works. The computer holds the AoA the whole time during descent, as well, to prevent problems. I suppose a cheap work around to this through trial and error would be to start at a set orbital velocity and altitude, and using the same amount of burn to place the same PE, use a static AoA to measure how long around the globe it takes you to reach an approach vector for landing, and then over several tries, hone in your own visual accuracy on when to burn based on that familiarity and hold those parameters in de-orbiting rigidly to get reliable results. To get this to work with RSS - if you don't have enough dV to get to orbit or maneuver, you can go into the part configs and change their values, increasing the amount of fuel the ET and fuselage can hold, how powerful the engines are, and even affecting the mass, should that need to be (but it shouldn't.) I've managed to get it to work by just altering how much Monoprob the OMS engines have access too, as well as increasing the internal volume of the External Tank.
  12. Bosun

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    Hey! I think I got it. I also had, I believe, some tainted copy of install. After a fresh install of 1.2.2 (which it was to begin with, but whatever), it seems that I'm now getting the proper definition seen in the video, and it appears to be working. Whew. Cool. NOW I need to get DECQ's shuttle working and I'm good to go. THanks boatman, this is really cool stuff.
  13. Bosun

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    Thanks, I think I've got it working now, but I'll do more checking later as well. I had to download ScaledRSS textures from Pap, as 1.2.2 Kopernicus and RSS wasn't loading properly with the CKAN indexed RSS Textures. Weird. Also - the clouds look great really far away, but from low orbit ~145km, they're kind of just lighter patches of sky. Just wanted to confirm that sounds like it should, I totally get that 8k isn't all that high a resolution, so I wanted to make sure they shouldn't look more crisp from that altitude. Next thing we need are E.T Land textures! Edit - Watching the launch to orbit video several pages back, I am definitely not getting the definition of the land or cloud textures at similar altitudes that the video had in it. Hmm. Tomorrow....
  14. Bosun

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    I appreciate it... Just curious, can you tell me, what version of Module Manager you have, EVE, and Scatterer while running on 1.2.2? I've got 16 gigs of RAM, and even when the game loaded with E.T.O (even though blue sphere error), I never topped more than 4-5 gigs, so I don't think I'm running out of room that I would need vm. I just cannot find a functioning compilation of mods. Also - does this work on 64b or perhaps I need to only use 32? Cheers,
  15. Also having this same problem...hmm. I'm still tinkering