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  1. I'm not too familiar with naming convention for updates, but I would have thought that the next update after 1.9, would be 2.0? Or will this officially be 1.1.0, and every update now will be 1.1.x?
  2. I've never had a game I enjoyed and was worth playing, be released along it's original time line. I've never participated in a shipyard that launched on schedule, when I worked on boats. I never had a program that left the dock on time. I never had a job bid that executed on the originally scheduled date. And I've never been disappointed these things were delayed for the result. This bodes well, actually. Stay safe!
  3. Petition to rename "Scatterer" as "Milkier" It's a more Kerbal name, honestly. Also - mine isn't working with a stock install of 1.9.1, which is a known issue, I'm sure, but I am sad. I need my milk.
  4. Polaris - I see you edited you 'am dumb'. Haha. I am dumb as well. So dumb, I cannot figure out why you might be? What'd you do and did you fix it?
  5. Having the same trouble as others, with clouds not displaying. I have JNSQ installed. I installed Ad Adstra into Game Data. I extracted 43k textures and settings. I tried putting 43k textures and settings in the Ad Astra folder. Then I tried putting them on their own. Then I tried incorporating their contents into the folders of the same name in Ad Astra. Then I tried doing both of those things while Ad Astra was located inside JSNQ folder. Then I downloaded textures.cfg from AVP, and installed it in EVE in Ad Astra. Then I tried re-installing JSNQ from scratch and then Ad Astra again. Still no clouds on anything. I see the textures. I have texture replacer. I have the latest Scatterer and EVE installed. I have gone to the EVE panel in game and hit 'apply.' All the Texture files in EVE control panel for clouds are colored red for some reason. What am I missing? **Edit** It appears that the EVE config file is trying to pull from file locations that do not exist anywhere in Ad-Astra or JSNQ. It's listing KerbinClouds bump map as being Ad_Astra/Textures/particle/particle_nm, for example. No'Particle' folder, nor any file named 'particle_nm' exists in any of the Ad_Astra downloads. Same for all the file names in red under KerbinClouds and Aurora. I'm assuming there are more for other planets I've not seen. Under the 8k/4k texture instructions, you mentioned copying the "Textures" file in the EVE folder from AVP and list the location to place it (in Ad-Astra main). That 'Textures' folder also does not exist in the AVP download, anywhere. G'th, did you forget to include some files in the last compilation?
  6. Would this be compatible to use with Proot's old ground textures?
  7. All the best games get delayed. We live in a different world of development than when I was a kid. Then, you had mega-studios with massive teams that would concept, design, code and release a game in 8 months. They'd release teasers 4-6 months in advance, sometimes. Other times you'd find out the game existed when it was released. From the time you were aware of it, to when it was in your hands, was a short period back then. Nowadays, however, without mega-studio backing or large amounts of cash and a deadline, studios need to release the teaser earlier, to generate revenue support and show backers there's a market. Create hype to drive the final sales. The game can be much earlier in the dev cycle of design when that teaser is released. The games today are larger, more complex pieces of work. They are usually compiled by smaller, independent studios of passion-driven individuals, so you'll get a better game, but you're gonna wait longer to get it. And you find out it exists much sooner in the timeline of dev and release, than we grew up accustomed too. So be patient. It's rude to ask the studio when they're going to launch the rocket.
  8. OOooooOOoooooOoo. Tha's cool. I can wait.
  9. Pingo- What mod do you have for those city lights? I've run several eve-style mods and haven't found a city-light config I like yet - but that looks amazing.
  10. I have not had any luck at finding any tutorial or guide to actually make the servos rotate, and I cannot seem to figure it out on my own. I have attached the rotational servos to the wings, and put an engine on it that I want to rotate 90 degrees. How do I make the servo actually move once I've launched? I've gone into action groups and added 'toggle engaged' to one action group, but pressing it does nothing. I've tried adding a controller, and mapped a rotation on the editor, but the same thing - once I've launched, the action group comtrolling the controller has no effect. I'm sure there's a blurb or article on how to do this, but typing the word robotics, servo, rotational or any combination there of only gets me tons of posts that don't actually answer the question of how to use them. Thanks for any help!
  11. I don't think the average person really thinks about how close we are to stranding ourselves on our planet with a cascading collision event.
  12. That's legit. If the space station's seams between the panels are sealed with pitch, than the sea-water, containing salt, will cause the wood to expand and hold that moisture, putting pressure on the seams, and thereby sealing them. For a wood-deck space station, that's vital to prevent leaks and decompression. Letting the decks dry out would cause so much dry rot on that there dry dock. Honestly that's a cool concept. Brackish water may be entirely useful for sanitation, or could be a very important part of a reclamation system for purifying or cleaning the water. The excess salt could be used in many ways if the water is boiled off from it. I could think of a a couple plausible reasons you would want salt water on a space station
  13. In Kerbiet Space Program - Rocket crashes you! (Kerbal Space Program has stopped working. Wait for program to respond Close Program)