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  1. All the best games get delayed. We live in a different world of development than when I was a kid. Then, you had mega-studios with massive teams that would concept, design, code and release a game in 8 months. They'd release teasers 4-6 months in advance, sometimes. Other times you'd find out the game existed when it was released. From the time you were aware of it, to when it was in your hands, was a short period back then. Nowadays, however, without mega-studio backing or large amounts of cash and a deadline, studios need to release the teaser earlier, to generate revenue support and show backers there's a market. Create hype to drive the final sales. The game can be much earlier in the dev cycle of design when that teaser is released. The games today are larger, more complex pieces of work. They are usually compiled by smaller, independent studios of passion-driven individuals, so you'll get a better game, but you're gonna wait longer to get it. And you find out it exists much sooner in the timeline of dev and release, than we grew up accustomed too. So be patient. It's rude to ask the studio when they're going to launch the rocket.
  2. OOooooOOoooooOoo. Tha's cool. I can wait.
  3. Pingo- What mod do you have for those city lights? I've run several eve-style mods and haven't found a city-light config I like yet - but that looks amazing.
  4. I have not had any luck at finding any tutorial or guide to actually make the servos rotate, and I cannot seem to figure it out on my own. I have attached the rotational servos to the wings, and put an engine on it that I want to rotate 90 degrees. How do I make the servo actually move once I've launched? I've gone into action groups and added 'toggle engaged' to one action group, but pressing it does nothing. I've tried adding a controller, and mapped a rotation on the editor, but the same thing - once I've launched, the action group comtrolling the controller has no effect. I'm sure there's a blurb or article on how to do this, but typing the word robotics, servo, rotational or any combination there of only gets me tons of posts that don't actually answer the question of how to use them. Thanks for any help!
  5. I don't think the average person really thinks about how close we are to stranding ourselves on our planet with a cascading collision event.
  6. That's legit. If the space station's seams between the panels are sealed with pitch, than the sea-water, containing salt, will cause the wood to expand and hold that moisture, putting pressure on the seams, and thereby sealing them. For a wood-deck space station, that's vital to prevent leaks and decompression. Letting the decks dry out would cause so much dry rot on that there dry dock. Honestly that's a cool concept. Brackish water may be entirely useful for sanitation, or could be a very important part of a reclamation system for purifying or cleaning the water. The excess salt could be used in many ways if the water is boiled off from it. I could think of a a couple plausible reasons you would want salt water on a space station
  7. In Kerbiet Space Program - Rocket crashes you! (Kerbal Space Program has stopped working. Wait for program to respond Close Program)
  8. How about Colony Construction Container and Pad (CCCP).
  9. Merchant Mariner, tall-shipper, and all round boat guy here: It's not a dry dock. "Dry" implies the removal of the ship from it's operating environment. If it is designed to operate in a vacuum, with no gravity, a 'dry dock' would mean removing the ship into a pressure-controlled chamber with artificial gravity and atmosphere. Launching a ship into a body of water is similar to launching a rocket from a planet, into space. Where it belongs. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves in space games is the use of the term 'dry dock.' It is simply, a 'dock.' That's all. No 'dry.' Also, it wouldn't be a dry dock in space. It's already dry. Nothing was wet to begin with. It's an Air-dock, or Pressure-Dock. Not a 'dry' dock. Instead of "Yeah, I'm getting hauled out", the phrase in space-faring would be more aptly, "Yeah, I'm getting hauled in," or "My ship's in on the dock," etc. Or maybe "My ship's chambered at the moment, another 3 weeks til launch again." That's elegant, even. Chambered. Heh. Also - shipyard would work. Sometimes shipyards HAVE dry docks. But not all do. Finally - Ships have many things that happen to them in yards and docks, and dry docks, but the only reason you would EVER go through the trouble of hauling a ship out on the dry, is for hull testing, or for work that requires holes, or patching, that cannot be accomplished with the ship in it's operating environment. Minor welds above waterline, painting, even sometimes engine repair and removal/replacement, can allll be done while the ship's in the water. Dry dock is always a last resort. It's expensive, and time consuming and all around will add 3 weeks to whatever estimated time of repair you had in mind. Another pet peeve - I always see 'welding' happening in these 'space dry docks' everyone likes to mislabel. You know what I don't see? I don't often see connections for power, life-support, or water. In a dry dock situation, you shut your generators down. You shut ship-board power supplies down. Shut your water-makers or reclamation down. If you HAVE to get hauled out for any reason or even go to a yard and pay for slip space while you're there, you CAPITALIZE on that time, and do any and every project you think you can, even if it might not directly need it, because you're paying to be there, and don't want to come back soon. Most likely, you're in yard because one of those needs maintenance, which requires you be hooked to station support while it's off line for the ship to continue functioning. Which means cutting a hole in the side of the boat or the deck, to remove the unit and repair/replace it. In the mean time, you run systems support lines to the ship like an IV at a hospital, so that those living aboard during the yard period have running water, heat, power, food. You have multiple connections to the ship where entry ramps for crew, ports for stowage and dunnage, and things like trash and waste can be transferred back to the yard for disposal, and access to normally-sealed ports where maintenance and equipment can attend to business. If any one of you folks ever designs a game that has space ports - please, please consult a real sailor about what goes on in yards and dry docks. We'd be HAPPY to help you create a plausible, immersive ship yard in your game. And for the love of all that is holy - if you're making a ship for Elite Dangerous - consult someone who knows something about physics. You will never have a ship that has no space for plumbing, coolant lines, or any other machinery space that actually runs the ship, and you would never, EVER put a guest quarters right up against a bulkhead that has a massive engine behind it, which is literally just a magic nozzle, because where is the actual engine attached to it going to go? ::Sigh:: To reply to the original idea: Call the object the Orbital Assembly Module, Space Assembly Module, or Colonial Assembly Module or something similar. I feel like 'Module' would work well with some combination of acronymmable adjectives.
  10. If I had gotten a ticket in time, I'd totally stop by, but, welcome to the w/b/est coast! I hope you get to visit the free-range, organic donut shop! We have many, but may I suggest Top Pot!
  11. I've been trying to use these engines on space planes, and it seems like one of two things will always happen. 1. I'll get mostly to space, and the engine will explode (it isn't overheated, or at least, doesn't indicate that it is) 2. It'll suddenly throttle most of the way down, despite having adequate resources. And then it will explode. Is this by design? So far I have not been able to run an engine longer than a few minute or so, at low throttle.
  12. Ah. Of course. It's one word, and when I typed that in, it only pulled up references to spacedock the download site.
  13. Does anyone know the name of the mod that had 3 sizes of pre-made, orbital construction docks? One quite massive? I used to use it in conjunction with this mod (I honestly thought this mod came with them), but now I cannot find those parts, and I cannot find the separate mod for them. They were huge, Star-Trek like bays, with lights. I've tried searching terms like Space Dock, Orbital Dock, Bay, Construction Bay, etc. No avail. Anyone find this mention familiar, and know what it is?