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  1. You sir! deserve a eFing medal!!!! Thank you!!!
  2. You rock sir! I did a quick test by hyperediting the spacecraft into lunar orbit in sandbox and did the rest of the mission(even gave the crew 18g reentry, they loved it)using your config. The temperature gauges didnt even appear + the chutes didnt got "red hot" so i think its as you said, its now ignoring em :> Thank you!!! Everything else seems to be also working fine, tried opening the chute in higher speeds and it tear up as it should, opening the second one worked like a charm :> Also yea RO/RP-1 is using real chutes.
  3. Im sorry for my ineptitude, please be sure it comes from my next to no knowledge about how KSP modding work(ive tried, its just not my department) and not from any malicious or entitled reasons. Yes i saw it on Nathans steam, thats what brought my attention to this excellent mod, but made this post after ive seen it on my own gameplay. anyway- -as i said its only on lunar reentry -periapsis doesnt seem to matter, even at perigee that makes you skip into space again -speeds around 11km/s -it happens at around 70km altitude, chutes closed -ablator doesnt seem to be the issue, id say its "descent mode" banking way too much but its still an issue even without descent mode -basically theres like 1-2 seconds when they reach, and surpass their max temperatore, so i "fixed" it by cheating. I can upload log if it helps. Again, i now realize how my original post might've looked, but i assure you i got nothing but pure amazement and gratitude for anyone working on any of these mods :>
  4. came here to say this. Only happens in lunar reentry speeds, reentry from LEO is no problem.
  5. This mod is just mindblowing! Awesome job! Works flawlessly with RP-1 @ 1.3.1
  6. Mercury from FASA, but i jsut time warped to Gemini and that still requires training, thats weird. What i did specifically is got 4 astronauts for Gemini at start and all those required training. Then i flew few missions and recruited 4 more for Gemini, and those new 4 can fly Mercury without proficiency or mission training. Hope im not confusing too much lol Guess its not a problem since im close to Gemini anyway. edit - RP-1 seems to get it fine, since i cant have the new guys do a mission training since they dont have the proficiency. But KCT allows me to board em for some reason.
  7. Hmm i seem to have an issue where my kerbals stopped requiring training at all, even tho its enabled in difficulty setting. I can use every kerbal anywhere without any proficiency or mission training, pretty sure it worked at start Oo. edit - https://www.dropbox.com/s/lkeco49qctqha70/output_log.txt?dl=0 log if anyone cares
  8. Oh, i did NOT know that :O Thanx! From the outsider POV it seems theyre releasing patch after patch with little to no changes(new suits, paraglider, some parts?!) and every one of em breaks all the mods.
  9. I support this decision, it really does feel like low quality version of parts that are already avaiable(for years!!) with MUCH better models. Only thing that would ever convince me to buy the dlc is if it was required by RO. If take2 realized the full potencial they would try to make modders job easier, not just copy them. edit - And ofcourse HUGE respect to you guys! I got 500+/- hours from vanilla ksp, the next 1500+ is spent in RO, and i still have so many things to do!
  10. For me, the game is what you make it. That being said i used near future electric propulsion for my Europa mission and i wouldnt do it again, it felt too much like a stock game and it diminishes the achievement in the long run. You should definetly try manned Mars mission! Its a whole other ball game, it really makes you realize how much more difficult would real life mission to mars be, compared to the moon.
  11. @Bornholio hahaha i love how everyone makes up their own "lore" for their space program :> edit - oh the "Hidden Figures" movie is about her!
  12. Holy excrements the release version is just beyond awesome! I was totally skeptical about the tooling mechanic and i almost turned off the astronaut training. I have to say BOTH of those mechanics achieved what was intended of em for me, i no longer build brand new launch vehicle for every single mission, youre actually encouridged/forced to reuse tanks Saturn I style. And the astronaut training is awesome as well as it actually requires some planning ahead and when something goes wrong you cant just send another mission right away! It just blows my mind how much support this AMAZING mod has! Huge respect to anyone capable and willing enought to contribute!! edit- @Slome815 I dont think you can :x Because even if you dont use mechjeb you can always use the ingame flight computer to do the exact same thing. Its more of the issue of the "weird" ksp perspective on the player, youre not really the astronauts, youre this invisible hand of god that can supplement even the flight computer input
  13. new merge updates the crew training in a significant way! Proficiency trainings no longer expire, removed refresher courses Flight trainings do not expire when flight duration was less than 30 seconds Allow only 1 mission training to be active at a time
  14. Does anyone please have the link for the golden spreadsheet for 1.4.x? I know it exists i just deleted my bookmarks