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  1. Are you far enough out that the gravity well has no impact? If so, can you try and replicate the situation in a new save with hyperedit to confirm that the problem persists?
  2. To the CKAN issue, turn around time from mod up to on CKAN has always been terrible. To the Karborundum issue, according to the forum post: "Karborundum. Valuable and incredibly fuel efficient, but also very hard to get. It can be harvested on the surfaces of Eeloo and Eve, or by a solar collector within approximately 2000 meters of the sun's surface..." Note, the post I got that from was a year old, so that may have changed recently. It appears that you may have luck at Dres as well. Mostly just keep searching.
  3. Hang on, boots, should this be (!activated) {which I read as not activated}, or (activated)? I might just be mistaking state checks for what it will be when that action goes off. // Startup sequence for beacon. [KSPEvent(name="BeaconInitialize", active = true, guiActive = true, guiName = "Initialize Beacon")] public void BeaconInitialize() { if (!activated) { [KSPEvent(name = "BeaconShutdown", active = false, guiActive = true, guiName = "Shutdown")] public void BeaconShutdown() { if (activated) { I think I found the log spammer though: [KSPAction("Initialize Beacon")] public void BeaconInitializeAction(KSPActionParam param) { if (!activated) BeaconInitialize(); else log.warning("Can only initialize when shut down!"); } [KSPAction("Shutdown Beacon")] public void BeaconShutdownAction(KSPActionParam param) { if (activated) BeaconShutdown(); else log.warning("Can only shut down when activated!"); }
  4. I'll have a look at the cfgs, see if those might be causing it. Which beacon is on the vessel in question?
  5. Yes, maintenance thread. The good stuff. In other news, I'll be working on a model/cfg for an extra-solar beacon, for those who use mods that enable multiple star systems and don't want to spend obscene amounts of fuel and electricity just to get to your base in the next system over. If you have any ideas for the design/costs, post away.
  6. Yea, go make a maintenance thread, and leave a post here about it. Sorry for disappearing, been finishing out high school and things piled up on me. I'm really glad you guys got the models working, I could load them into Unity, but PartsTools just would not work for me. I'll try and muck around with creating a star to star beacon model/cfg. If anyone has any input for stylistic choices/warp costs, drop it in the new thread and I'll keep you guys posted.
  7. I am happy to announce that I've been able to get the old models/textures running in blender, now to see about fixing our collider issue.
  8. Well, that's the sign for me to take a kick in the ass and get those models out. I'll do my best for this next weekend, but it is the end of the college semester, so I may not quite have enough time.
  9. We have a couple of options for the models, I can go with basically replicating the old ones, or trying to go a completely new direction. I'd prefer to go with the old models, because I'm pretty sure the problem lies in the collision mesh (haven't had a chance to look at the old models/collisions yet). Opinions? If we go a new route, someone is going to need to texture these guys.
  10. I've looked at Galaxy and Kop's cfgs, and they (and presumably the planetary system in general) calls bodies, and then gives them a referend body for their orbit. It's not something that explicitly calls a sun a sun, but it should let us make a patch for compatibility, using the new system's sun's reference body. The call Kopernicus makes goes something like so: Body { name = BodyName Orbit { referenceBody = ReferenceBodyName } } Should be easy enough to use. I hope.
  11. It is under GPL2, so as long as we give TMarkos credit, we should be good maintaining it. I'll try and get some time this weekend to go make at the very least preliminary models so that we can try and get people up and warping again.
  12. You'd have to pull out the models and drastically reduce ther face count, the issue was that the old models had basically too many faces, and so for whatever reason, 1.0.5 hated them. I might actually look into making a new set of models for this if someone chooses to maintain this.
  13. Bless you JPL. Bless. That soundfix is a fantastic benefit to my RemoteTech nodes' engineering crews. The beeping was forcing them to only allow one frozen crew member a ship. Bad news when that one kerbal goes floating off into oblivion on accident.
  14. Well, it seems I may have found part of the problem: KSP is tossing a Too many Polygons error on the beacon parts. Perhaps a slightly poly cheaper collision mesh would work.