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  1. My experiment to create a rotating interplanetary ship fell victim to the Dzhanibekov effect.
  2. I'm not sure this works on console, but on PC you can go over to the staging column and click the plus sign "+" next to the icons to add an empty new stage to the column. You can then drag this new empty stage to the top of the column and it will usually trick the game into recalculating the stages and show the delta-v numbers again. In very few instances multiple new empty stages need to be added. This is very much a problem when the engine thrust plates and nuclear engines are used, at least for me.
  3. Beautiful work! The view from Spock's station there is quite impressive. Now we just need to make a giant green hand.
  4. I still think it was a perfectly valid question.
  5. The Flying Dutchman Argo The Heart of Gold Into the Black Space Oddity Sally Ride
  6. I see two icons in the toolbar for mods which seem to control communications. I don't recognize these icons, and they are not from the stock game. Do you have mods installed that add requirements for communication networks?
  7. I don't think that 60km is high enough, but it varies based on the size of the body you are orbiting. When you right click on the survey scanner and attempt to perform the orbital survey but you aren't high enough it should have a message come up with the height range of the orbit that is required to complete the scan. For Duna, try going for a polar orbit that is at least 100 km.
  8. I think that @The Doodling Astronaut made that arm to imitate the arm which holds the antenna receiver on a large radio telescope style dish. The open fairing half resembles the reflecting parabola half of such a telescope or antenna. He can correct me if I'm wrong. In a newer update to KSP they added the ability to leave fairings open ended during construction. I believe that when you have partially created a fairing in the VAB holding down "left-alt" while left-clicking will leave the fairing open and it will remain that way for launch until staged away. There should be a text message d
  9. This seems like a good jumping off point as an introduction to this topic, but of course the devil is in the details when it comes to 'copters. I feel like there is room for a whole series of tutorials on this topic. For example, I find the transition to and from horizontal to vertical flight to cause all sorts of stability issues with my helicopter designs. For me, they either fly well going forward, or fly well going up and down, but never both. I like your matter-of-fact presentation style, and look forward to browsing your channel.
  10. This seems like a fair assessment to me. The whole point of Starship, of course, is to be able to recover and reuse engines for multiple flights. For this experiment to work the Raptors don't just have to not fail for one flight, they have to perform for multiple flights and not cause a mission failure in those future flights. The Merlin engines have shown that they can be refurbished easily enough to fly reliably and economically. Will they get there with the Raptor?
  11. Sometimes the contract also specifies a range of speed that you must be going at the same time you are at the requested altitude. If the engine has already been staged earlier then it won't work the second time unless you trick the game into thinking this is the first time it has been staged. It's kind of tricky to do this. It's easier to make sure this engine will only be staged for the first time when your ship is at the right speed and altitude for the test. If you absolutely need to have the engine running before the test, then you can try this. When you are in flight and coastin
  12. Pay close attention to text in the contract that states how those parts must be tested. Sometimes it says that they should be testing by staging them. That means that you'll have to activate them with the space bar at the right time when all of the other contract requirements are met. Make sure there is a green check mark next to all of the requirements in the contracts window when you do it. If you need the engine to be already activated then you can just go into the action groups editor in flight to reassign the same engine to the staging group to activate it again later when the t
  13. That's my kryptonite too. Oh, I can get a spaceplane into LKO but I either have to strip out anything really useful first, or there's not enough delta-v left to get anywhere.
  14. Hi @Popestar The reason you are having difficulty is because the SEQ containers are parts from the stock inventory system and the IMiC containers are parts from the Kerbal Inventory System "KIS" mod. I don't believe that the IMiC containers from KIS are capable of accepting the stock ground experiments since they rely on the stock container system only. Also, if I remember correctly, the KIS containers require you to click-and-drag parts into their inventory slots.
  15. I use docking mode as an alternate control set for rovers. I often use a PS3 controller, especially when driving rovers. The analog stick makes steering much more responsive and holding forward on the stick is much more comfortable for long journeys than holding down a button. But since I don't want to engage the reaction wheels (which could flip the rover), I switch to docking mode for driving. I have the translation/rotation toggle bound to R3 on the controller so that if I jump a crater in low gravity I can quickly switch to rotation control which activates the reaction wheel and
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