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  1. Paul McCartney's "Standing Stone" orchestral album.
  2. https://hydrogen.wsu.edu/2021/08/04/the-hydrogen-fueled-farm-of-the-future/ https://www.jcb.com/en-gb/campaigns/hydrogen https://www.eesi.org/papers/view/fact-sheet-small-scale-wind-power-for-homes-farms-and-communities https://www.energy.gov/eere/solar/farmers-guide-going-solar https://www.caranddriver.com/rivian/r1t https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/26/business/ford-f150-lightning-production-launch/index.html
  3. Fine, they grow food and we not only pay them for the service but also subsidize their profit potential, dedicate entire branches of federal research to advance farming techniques, invasive species identification and control, satellite weather and climate study, soil hydrology, and a myriad other publicly financed areas of research to support each other because we understand that a civil society means mutually supporting each other. But when the tables are turned, when the cities need the cooperation of the rural population so as to not become a reservoir for disease, or to help protect minorities, or to stop gerrymandering, or to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels - we get told to jump off the nearest bridge. ... about something that they already cared about. But that doesn't work when they don't care. When they don't care about the consequences because it happens to someone else they dislike; when they don't care who they hurt because they don't see those other people as part of their community; when they don't care who they poison because they profit from it. I'm done trying to care about people who don't care about me.
  4. @JoeSchmuckatelli I didn't see any answers in that article on how to address this disparity in any actionable way. I also don't need to be reminded of the tautology of people only caring about what they care about and not caring about what they don't care about. Why is it always the ubanites, intellectuals, and progressives that are always told they have to understand and sympathize with the rural, anti-intellectual, conservatives? Why does the large majority of us that are capable and comfortable living among large diverse groups of our fellow humans have to always bow to the demands of those that can't? If rural America is so great why does practically no one live there? I'm tired of being told that cities aren't the "real America." I'm tired of being told that people who educate themselves and put in a lifetime of study on highly skilled, thoroughly documented, exhaustively researched disciplines don't have the "common sense understanding" of people who put more faith in the unexamined anecdotes of the few dozen people they know personally. Yes, I'm bitter. Yes, I'm angry. And YES I'm venting. And this comment will probably get deleted for politics, but it doesn't matter because I've entirely given up hope that any progress in our political discourse, ability to govern, or cooperate on improving this country can be achieved even in the slightest.
  5. Could possibly be a variant on the old "pigeon drop" scam. He says he doesn't have the money right now, but he can "prove" he can get it for you later. If you just put up some of your own money right now you'll get a lot more than you paid when he gets it to you. The proof is just a hook and won't compensate you for what you paid, and the money coming later either never comes or is counterfeit like a bad check or banking details that aren't his to give. Walk away and don't look back.
  6. You're certainly right that the potential and kinetic energy of particles would have to dissipate into heat over a finite time. I overlooked that. I'm a little fuzzy on how connected electromagnetism might be to mass and inertia (not very as I understand higgs-field research.) But I do know that photons of the right wavelength can impart its entire momentum as energy to an atom, and that the actual moment of absorption is instantaneous but also time reversible. Photons can pass all of their energy into an atom, but the re-emission of photons is a slower process than light speed. Which raises a fundamental question in my mind. What actually slows down this process, and is it dependent on the speed of light but at some fraction? Also, how does the atom actually get the energy out of a photon? E=mc2. Which means that the energy of the system in this scenario would be infinite since the speed of light (c) is now infinite. Which breaks the whole system because now that atom has an infinite amount of energy which it can radiate to every other atom in the universe instantly, which then...
  7. Relativity speaking, from the perspective of the photon light is always moving at infinite speed and its entire journey and all its interactions happen instantly. This is because the relativity equation for time dilation is bounded by the speed of light itself, causing time to slow down as speed approaches c. I guess what you mean to ask is what if the speed of light from our perspective was measured to be infinite. It seems to me that everything in the universe would instantly reach thermal equilibrium everywhere. Because even if there would have been giant explosions, massive heating, burning and death - all of that would instantaneously skip right to the end point of entropy anyway because every point in the universe could instantaneously transmit its energy to every other point in the universe. Leaving an expansively dilute, featureless, uniform energy distribution.
  8. Having a longer exposure time for dim objects is not a problem when using a fixed camera to image an object that is not moving relative to the frame. I have a feeling the JWST team are more than qualified to figure out how to do that considering that that's exactly how the James Webb telescope is meant to capture its images anyway. That's their expertise.
  9. For me it looks like embedded tweets take either take several seconds to load in or fail to load entirely leaving just the unformatted placeholder text.
  10. From the article "One of the spacecraft on the USSF-44 launch is a microsatellite named TETRA 1 built by Millennium Space Systems, a subsidiary of Boeing." So, you may just be right.
  11. Half of me anticipates Starship entry tests because I want to see history being made. The other half of me anticipates Starship entry tests because I want to see this comment thread finally move on...
  12. I imagine that this is the most likely reason. This is a private flight, and there is no expectation of public domain like there is for NASA flights. Netflix is sure to have a contract with the participants for a media embargo on most of the footage filmed and a licensing right to broadcast it first.
  13. I was aware that observations of gravitational lensing and light echoes had been used to map the distribution of matter surrounding interesting phenomena. But it had never occurred to me that they could be used to see a predicted "replay" of a supernova. This is exciting!
  14. I'm curious as to how accurately the booster can control roll on the way to the catching mechanism. It seems to me that even a very small rotation along the roll axis can move the catch points several degrees inward/outward around the barrel of the booster. If the catching arms are tangentially straight where they meet the side of the booster then they are likely to miss the catch points entirely unless roll control is perfect. A curved catching claw would solve this problem, but it doesn't allow for those tank treads which they want to move the booster in and out.
  15. @Yalcore Welcome to the forum and to KSP. One possibility is that you accidentally added a liquid-fuel only tank to your craft. The ones that say "Rocket Fuel Tank" have the liquid fuel and oxidizer mixed at the right proportion so that they should drain everything evenly. The tanks that just say "Liquid Fuel" don't have any oxidizer in them and are meant to be used with jet engines and the nuclear Nerv engine because they don't use oxidizer. With most rocket engines any extra liquid fuel on your craft won't get burned because there isn't enough oxidizer on board to mix it with.
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