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  1. HvP

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    I just right-click on the full image itself, choose "Copy Image Location" and paste the file link directly into the forum post. It should embed automatically.
  2. HvP

    Science Basics

    Hello @Elroy Jetson and welcome to KSP! Science is sometimes a fiddly process in KSP and it's not always easy to tell what science you can do and in what environment. The wiki articles linked to by @Espatie and @5thHorseman are essential for figuring out what you can do and where. For your question about what you can do in orbit; only EVA reports and the Negative Gravioli Detector will give you biome specific results while in orbit outside of the atmosphere. The Gravioli Detecor, however, is only available much later in the game, when you've already unlocked most of the science tree. Any other experiments will only give you one reading for the whole planet/moon while in the region considered "low in space." You can get another reading for "high in space" which starts at different altitudes for different worlds. My recommendation is to make sure to have an Experiment Storage Unit on your craft and bind it to an action group. Every time you trigger that action it will automatically collect the science results from all over the craft and store it in the container. You can bind your gravity experiment, and any of your other science experiments, to another action group. If you have access to the External Command Seat then your Kerbal can conduct EVA reports without having to hang onto a ladder outside the ship and your Kerbal is still in control of the ship. This also makes it much easier to time warp around the planet without your Kerbal floating away. You can't assign the EVA report to an action group so you should probably right click on the Kerbal in the command seat and pin their action window open so you'll have easy access to it. Now you can much more quickly scoop up science in orbit. Having said all of this, it's likely that you are in an early stage of your career before you have access to either the command seat or the gravity detector. If that's the case then you'll have to content yourself with getting out on EVA every time you want a biome report. The experiment container still comes early enough in career that you should plan on unlocking it for science gathering missions. Many people opt for a strategy of building a lightweight "hopper" than can land on the low gravity moon Minmus and hop around to its different biomes on the surface to gather a boat load of science fairly quickly. If you aren't opposed to using mods, there are a few different ones that help you run science experiments and notify you of new biomes you are entering. Such as: Science Alert ReAlerted or Experiment Tracker Retracked.
  3. HvP

    Rover wheel oddities?

    @Victor3 If you are controlling from the cockpit at the front of your fuel truck then all of the wheels should be pulling in the correct direction. Be sure to right-click in the cockpit and choose "Control From Here" to be sure. For longer vehicles the game can sometimes make poor decisions regarding which wheels steer and in what direction. You may have to right-click and disable steering for some wheels or even invert their steering direction from their right-click-menu to get the best results. As for the steering direction changing when you undock - are you docking to your station using that small docking port on the top of the truck? The game will often revert to the last active docking port as the new control point for navigation after you undock, and in your case that docking port is aiming up at the sky. Unfortunately, I don't know of any method to prevent this. You'll just have to remember to keep right-clicking your cockpit afterwards to control from there every time. For your third question, there may be a good solution for you. There is now a stock method for setting a priority to the names that each craft retains after docking and undocking. See the linked article below. Changing the name priority is normally only available in the VAB/SPH editors, but you can make a small change to the "settings.cfg" file in your main Kerbal Space Program folder which will allow you to change the name priorities in flight. Find the line called "SHOW_VESSEL_NAMING_IN_FLIGHT" and set it to "True" There are details on how the naming priority works in this article:
  4. HvP

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    I'm not experienced with Eve ascent, but I can give some feedback on the design in general. The aerospike engines don't have any thrust vectoring, so you're only relying on your reaction wheels and tail fins to point you in the right direction. The problem is that because your thrust-to-weight ratio is so low (you're barely hovering on takeoff) not enough wind is passing over your fins to give you any control authority there. You could save weight by taking most of the reaction wheels off and replacing at least the middle aerospike with a vector engine to give you more control. Edit: (ninja'd by @Foxster heh)
  5. Is the docking port you are controlling from in line with the axis of the ship, or is it radially attached? There is a bug in KSP where SAS hold target doesn't aim in the right direction when using an off-axis docking port. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/20513
  6. HvP

    Stainless steel fuel tanks

    Short answer: Because the Space-X Starship has a much different flight profile than any craft ever before built. Current carbon fiber fabrication technology simply cannot build such a large cylinder of carbon fiber without introducing inconsistencies and flaws that could fail during the extreme temperature ranges from launch to deep space to atmospheric reentry. Stainless steel is far more resistant to the heat load that the reusable spacecraft will experience without needing as much insulation or ablator. Aluminum easily transfers heat to the cryo-fuel inside and stainless-steel would transfer less heat, requiring less insulation. Machining aluminum down to the structural mesh pattern used results in 90% waste generated, while stainless steel can have the structural mesh welded directly to a much thinner layer of steel.
  7. It's great to see work continuing on the part updates, and even more so for the much needed attention to consoles. I do hope there are plans to integrate the delta-v calculations for those users who can't use mods on consoles. I have no complaints about the touch-ups for the parts shown except I was hoping that there would be a variant of the Vernor without the long cowling. That cowling on it makes it difficult to place in clusters or at the fore/aft sections of ships. Otherwise, things are looking pretty awesome.
  8. I'm getting the same behavior, too. I like this mod, but it's unfortunate because I use subassemblies pretty extensively which means I have to be really careful not to use it for those or else I'm stuck reorganizing them.
  9. HvP

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    If you have an Olivaw series somewhere out there I'd keep an eye on it. It might just start running your space program for you without you even knowing it. - For my saved craft I usually append an abbreviation for the planetary body they are intended to go to and a prefix including a string of letters that stand for (O)rbiter, (F)lyby, (P)robe, (L)ander, (R)eentry, or (C)rewed followed by the number of crew members it can carry. After this is the series name. Crewed science craft are named after scientists, real or fictional. Crew transport ferries are named after explorers or pilots; fuel tankers after large animals; science probes are named after birds; and communication satellites for authors. So a craft saved as "Du.LRC4 - Fermi" would be a four crew science vessel capable of landing on Duna and reentering on Kerbin. But the "Mo.FP - Raven" would be an unmanned flyby probe to Moho that's never coming back. Launchers are saved as subassemblies with a prefix to indicate tonnage to 100km Kerbin orbit, the payload diameter, and a series name. The "L020T-2.5 - Enterprise" is a lifter that can carry 20 tons to LKO. Lifters are named after famous ships, real or fictional and may get A, B, C designations for minor variants such as extra solid rocket boosters or different fairing sizes. Space stations and surface bases get more fanciful names based on the titles from books, films or television. "The Restaurant and the End of the Universe" may be a space hotel, for example, or "The Devil in the Dark" an ore mining base.
  10. @kevbot5 I highly recommend the Speed Unit Annex mod by flart. It will show you apoapsis and periapsis in the window on the top of the navball once you reach about 30km up, or if you click the navball window to switch to orbital navigation mode. It also has options to display your time to Ap/Pe, target distance, and pitch, yaw and roll increments relative to a targeted docking port. It's very compact and unobtrusive; no extra windows cluttering up the screen, and is up to date with 1.6.1.
  11. Excellent idea! Having it interact with the part descriptions would be a great start, although I still want to see the engine properties in the part menu for quick reference. The engineer's report and certain contract windows could also link to relevant KSPedia entries. The KSPedia overall could be much more useful. It's far to compartmentalized in my opinion. There should be full tutorials in there that are more in depth for those who want to drill down into specifics. The quick overviews are fine, but they are just quick-start introductions at the moment. And now that there is a delta-V tool in the game there is no reason not to include a stock delta-V map and transfer window graph in there also.
  12. HvP

    So what is Serenity?

    Could be, although there also is a real "Sea of Serenity" so named on the Moon as well. (of course, the "Pacific Ocean" literally means the same thing too.) I myself would rather not speculate at this point.
  13. This has become one of my favorite mods, and one I now consider essential. Love this new functionality for docking, thank you!
  14. HvP

    Capsule Recovery Vehicles

    Having ships waiting in recovery zones is something I've been considering recently, but have never done before. My initial thought was to make a pontoon ship with a cargo bay ramp in the middle with a claw in it to scoop up the capsule. Your clawed sea plane though is so very Kerbal. Much faster than having to plod along at tens of meters a second on the water's surface.
  15. I'm usually listening to orchestral music while playing, and that usually means classical or film soundtracks. Mahler, Hovhaness, John Adams, Horner, Goldsmith, Williams, etc...