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  1. Anyone have an issue with the text going wonky? It was working fine under 1.7.3 and then all of a sudden the window in the editor cannot be resized/moved and it is about half the size it needs to be so it becomes unreadable. At the same time, the in-flight HUDs are about half the right width and are four times taller. Makes it super hard to read. Homer
  2. My question is... how did 1.7 get released like this??? It makes one of the fancy new features unplayable. Did no one notice this in QC/beta? or did they say to themselves: "I'm on a mission halfway to Minmus, have over 6000 messages and the game has slowed to a crawl. Yeah, players will *love* this feature!!!" Homer
  3. No worries! Believe me, I appreciate keeping this thing going. Many thanks from me! Other than inventory and engineer, my parts are stock. Most of my mods are visual and control oriented. My only issue with the Stayputnik is unless it is available as the first probe core, why would anyone ever use it? Homer
  4. Hmm, It worked for me. You have to use spin guidance. It let me launch the first rocket and gather enough science to make a rover worth harvesting KSC. Then you can buy the first Octo and you are on the way. Comes from watching Scott Manley I guess... Homer
  5. Thanks that helped! This makes more sense to me, as it make each part a gain in tech or smaller than a previous similar part. NODE YOURS MINE START OCTO STAYPUT ENG101 ROVER ROVER BASSCI OCTO2 OCTO MINI HECS HECS STAYPUT UNMND OCTO2 Homer
  6. I know CKAN is not a priority, but version is missing the "v" in front on mod version so it sorts last and throws the update availability off. It shows 1.9.1 as an update while is installed. Homer
  7. Silly q here. I"m trying to get this to work for me and it does not appear to be. What should be in the starting node? I would expect the Stayputnik... Homer
  8. People re-implement even patented things. If an independent person said "What if I wanted to move the KSP components around to more closely implement rocket development on Earth?" couldn't they create new code/scripts to do that? As long as they don't dig into the code of this mod... Surely this mod's license would not prevent Squad from rearranging the content of their own game. Also... what is the time limit on this type of license? Here's hoping it is shorter than copyright... Homer
  9. Love the extra sounds! Can we get a compile for 1.4.x? Bad form... sorry... Homer
  10. Hey, I figured out how to do what the OP wants with stock parts. 1) Place your capsule with an open magnet (the green ball) on top. 2) Take a small size separator (TR-2C or TR-2V) and flip it upside down, dock that on top to be the tower separator. 3) Take an escape tower and dock that to the escape separator. 4) Place the capsule separator and the escape motor in your abort group. 5) Place the escape motor and tower separator in the staging with the first stage jettison, or other staging. During an abort: hit the abort button. This fires the motor and separates your capsule. You can then open your parachutes immediately if you are low or once you clear the debris if not. During a normal launch: hit the stage that activates the escape motor and the escape motor separator. This neatly discards the escape tower. Fly Safe! Homer