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  1. I love the idea of this mod but I can't get around using it in Career mode. You end up with being able to get a rocket that is only meant to go 1000 m beyond the Karman line and it looks nothing like the original because you haven't unlocked the right parts yet. Is there an easy way to play these missions with all the right parts? I was thinking to convert this to Mission Builder format but it is not straightforward, or I haven't found the right set of instructions. Homer
  2. Bug replicated by Matt Lowne: Homer
  3. You could always publish this as a mod "shell" where people would have to locate & provide the old files needed from their legit copy of the last software version where this existed. I'm assuming GOG/Steam/SQUAD still let you download the old version... Homer
  4. KSP: 1.8.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Hinge leads to pinwheeling, see linked video. Mods installed: Both DLC and below. All the mods are current according to CKAN 1.26.6. Those marked are pre-1.8.0: AutomatedScienceSampler Chatterer ChattererExtended ClickThroughBlocker CommunityDeltaVMaps DistantObject DistantObject-default DockingPortAlignmentIndicator EasyVesselSwitch EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements KerbalAlarmClock KerbalEngineerRedux KerboKatzUtilities ModuleManager NavballDockAlignIndCE PlanetShine PlanetShine-Config-Default RealTimeClock2 Scatterer Scatterer-config Scienc
  5. Love this mod! Question: I see two tweaks with SVE: scatterer I'd like to make, how do I do them? I prefer the opaque water from the default scatterer config, how to change the SVE: scatterer to use it? The low sun clouds, especially from the ground/below, look like a dark and stormy morning/evening, how to reduce the horror movie look? Homer
  6. Hey, If you are still around, can you get the CKAN meta data changed to "any" for KSP version? That way, when Chatterer gets revved the excellent Chatterer Extended doesn't appear to be disabled in CKAN? I know I can manually download and install but... Homer
  7. I threw in a meta bug request. Note that on this page, the updated ones still state "For Kerbal: 1.4.3". CKAN closed that one so I reposted here. UPDATE: Someone kindly opened a Pull Request as well. Homer
  8. The checkerboard for the Toolbar disappears. Cytosine appears to have the issue as well. I can confirm the clicking a button on the Toolbar causes the Toolbar to disappear. I'll post a cleaner report shortly. Homer
  9. Thanks for the update... Wrinkle... If you try to use the KSP skin, the icon disappears. Homer
  10. Coolio, I thought at first the little black square was something I was doing, like video drivers or something. Then it dawned on me the little checkerboard was missing. Homer
  11. Anyone have an issue with the text going wonky? It was working fine under 1.7.3 and then all of a sudden the window in the editor cannot be resized/moved and it is about half the size it needs to be so it becomes unreadable. At the same time, the in-flight HUDs are about half the right width and are four times taller. Makes it super hard to read. Homer
  12. My question is... how did 1.7 get released like this??? It makes one of the fancy new features unplayable. Did no one notice this in QC/beta? or did they say to themselves: "I'm on a mission halfway to Minmus, have over 6000 messages and the game has slowed to a crawl. Yeah, players will *love* this feature!!!" Homer
  13. No worries! Believe me, I appreciate keeping this thing going. Many thanks from me! Other than inventory and engineer, my parts are stock. Most of my mods are visual and control oriented. My only issue with the Stayputnik is unless it is available as the first probe core, why would anyone ever use it? Homer
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