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  1. I read something that the developer gave up or doesn't have the time. It was personally my favorite mod but there are so many bugs now. I actually haven't even used it in the newest update so I don't know if it works. Also the petal adapter doesn't work which is a key part when making apollo style rockets. And the engines don't make sounds for me, or at least they are really, really quite compared to the vanilla engines. Anyone know anything on whether it will ever update?
  2. That seemed to work, kind of. The life support system worked for a short time then suddenly stopped and the resources weren't being consumed any more.
  3. I installed TAC Life Support exactly like it said and I'm experienced with installing mods for a lot of games so I'm for sure it is up to date and installed correctly. However, my kerbals aren't using any resources and I don't have that little green button on the top to look at the resource usage. I have all the parts like the canisters and everything but It just wont work. I have looked all over for a solution but I cant find one. The mod says you need module manager but I thought that was just for people who are creating the mods. Plus I don't know what to do with the ModuleManager.dll, I just put it into my main KSP directory but TAC still didn't work after that.
  4. Fixed it, I thought I was certain that I had one of the tools equipped but apparently not.
  5. Basically I can't get the KAS struts to work on my space station. I got them to work on Kerbin while testing them out but when I got to space I have a flimsy part docked to the space station and no matter where I try to attach a strut it says "Target object not allowed". I know for sure that the ships are docked which means I'm not trying to attach two separate ships and I'm also using the correct struts, not the stock ones, I'm using the orange ones from the kerbal attachment system mod. I wouldn't bother the forums if I could find my answer somewhere else but I cant seem to find my problem anywhere.
  6. Could you possibly give a link to that thread? Im not sure which kw rocketry thread your refering to.
  7. Yep, that's exactly what happens to me. I tried removing all other mods too and it didn't help so I guess KW just needs an update ): let's hope it comes soon
  8. It wont work in the menu for me. One thing I haven't tried is removing the interstellar visual enhancement mod. The reason I haven't done it is because its just a visual mod idk why it would have an affect on the parts. And apologies if I posted the same question somewhere else. There was one other place I put it but I didnt think it went through because I couldnt find it so I made this post.
  9. Yes it connects just fine for me too and it will also open fine but when i actually try to decouple the main rocket from the adapter, it wont come apart.
  10. I looked at ModuleManager and it looks as though you need to know how to script to get it to work. I've done quit a bit of scripting on arma 2 and 3 but I dont know where to start with all this defining node locations and such to get the petal adapter to work.
  11. I guess my only hope is that they will come out with another update for KW because the adapter wont add a shroud over the engine. For some reason the adapter links up with the node of a decoupler but it wont turn green. So no Saturn V simulation for now sadly.
  12. I found a dropbox file on that link that said it fixed some bugs. I placed it in the KW rocketry folder like they said but it didn't fix the petal adapter. Did I put the .cfg file in there wrong or does this fix just not cover the adapter?
  13. I cant get the 3.75m-2.5m petal adapter to work, its all connect correct but when i go to decouple the main rocket (the section above the adapter) it just sticks to the adapter. The lander inside decouples fine though. Is anyone else having these problems?
  14. When I place my lander inside the 3.75m-2.5m petal adapter then connect the adapter to the point where my engine and fuel tank meet then try to decouple my main rocket so I can turn around and take the probe out, the main rocket just sticks to the adapter. The probe properly decouples but the main rocket (the part above the adapter) wont come loose. When I click decouple, the screen wobbles for a few seconds then the main rocket sticks. I made sure the probe isn't too long and its not attached to the engine. Is it just not compatible with the new KSP update?