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  1. Huh. Ok then, is there a setting somewhere to turn them back on, or is this a "code's not there anymore, you're SOL" type deal? Welp, found the setting, got the countdown back. Still liked the pips though. Maybe a future version of the mod can override the stock countdown text with them.
  2. I seem to have run into an issue where the Countdown Text (the pips, i also tried editing the config to text according to the instructions) bits do not show when approaching a maneuver node. I'm not sure if its a bug with the mod itself or it having an issue with other mods/squad's code instead. The mod itself IS working, I've seen the Geosync, time to entry interface and SRB burn time indicators, but not the one that's arguably the most useful, the pips themselves. Looking at the log doesn't show any errors (so far as I can see) of the mod spazzing out or otherwise glitching, so I dunno
  3. Built and launched this thing a couple days ago. Figured I'd make a bit of a shift in how I handle things getting crew to and from craft within the Kerbin system. Normally, what I would do is send an expendable rocket with the crew pod/craft on top to the destination station/ship, let them do their thing, then fly them back. Obviously this has the flaws of using more resources and materials, not to mention having to design and launch a new rocket each time I want to send a Kerbal somewhere. This is my solution to it. Instead of launching a crewed craft directly to the destination, I inste
  4. I'm back! Got distracted with other games but now I'm back to playing KSP. First thing I did: go into the sandbox save I have setup and build a system-wide comm network, well, the primary elements of it at least. I went a little bit overboard on the redundancy, main save will be even more so. Here's how I got it set up. System is split into 2 halves, Inner (Moho, Eve, and Duna) and Outer (Jool, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon, and Plock). Every planet within their own half is linked to the next planet further out, and the one further in (ex. Eve has links to Moho and Duna). Every planet h
  5. Yep. It does however help to check staging BEFORE you press the big red LAUNCH button Meanwhile, I'm busy doing yet more ore runs to the station. The tedium mixed with showing up at each endpoint of the journey and seeing the respective base/station is on fire again is... interesting. Then again, the base/station constantly being in a state of overheat is why I went absolutely overboard with the cooling in the first place.
  6. Most likely. At least he didn't use the Whirlijigs to do it, or go on EVA and slap them directly onto the reactor casing.
  7. I blame Harman. He keeps using the ISRUs to cook his burritos.
  8. This is apparently what happens when I have something still hot core-heat wise (I think) on the station then run off to go do an Ore run. The off-line resource management dumps it all into the station without taking into account the massive amount of radiator area I have, and when It loads up again, the entire station is a good 200-300K hotter than what it should be at this distance from Kerbol. Its why I did a major upgrade of the cooling system to the 8 monster radiators, so that every time I came back from a run while I had left something on the station hot, it would far more rapidly dump t
  9. This is what happens when I have a major thermal event on my station. Note the 600MW of heat rejection in progress. Edit, it actually gets bad enough to the point where the heat shield on the crew capsule starts consuming ablator.
  10. Just making another cargo flight to the station. I went and burned all 20k units of ore already up on the station to fill up the fuel, monoprop, and lithium tanks. Now I get to spend what I send up on converting into nuclear fuel, both for the reactor (as I launched it empty), and for sale on kerbin.
  11. Yes I did. There's 6 modules there: The Core module, which contains crew quarters (for the ever critical engineer and a pilot), the fuel storage module (worst one to get up in terms of awkwardness), the Ore storage module (not much better as it was the heaviest), the processing module (by far the most expensive due to the uranium reprocessors), the docking bar (which has room for up to 7 cargo craft, 2 of which are currently docked), and the power/cooling module. I spent something like 3 and a half million funds getting it up into space and another 1.5 million getting the Mun-base feeding the
  12. I upgraded the Fuel station's Power and Cooling module. 2 reason for this 1. I had no major method of power production during the night cycle and thus had to stop production while in the shade. 2. This: Thats my entire station running in excess of 500K, with the radiators saturated in their output. I got tired of coming back to the thing only to find the heat had freaked again and turned the whole smash into a sauna. Solution: Moar radiators. Like, an unholy crapton more, plus heat exchangers on top of that (I think the exchangers come from the Radiator pack
  13. Today in KSP I learned that the heat system can be quirky if I leave everything on while I'm away from the target vessel. 147.8 Megawatts of heat outflow, and they were saturated for a good couple of minutes before temperatures base-wide began to drop. So, no more leaving the drills, ISRUs, and reactor online while I'm away. Things tend to get toasty as a result. Oh, and if anyone knows what this Z-fighting bug is and how to fix it (only kicks in if I've been switching back and forth between vessels and generally moving about. If I start the game and go straight to the target, i
  14. First flight of the ore hauler! A 3.75m class Kontainer (10,800 ore), 4x Quad-Round Kontainer tanks for propellant, and an RE-I5 Skipper as the engine due to the enormous Munar launch mass of almost 200 tons. Empty of cargo this thing could probably make it to Jool and back, but fully loaded theres about 1100m/s Delta V to play with. Oddly enough, refueling is done on the ground, as once I've offloaded to the station, there's more than enough fuel to get back down on the ground without having to do on-orbit processing. Not my best design IMO, I miss my Novapunch engines.
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