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  1. If you're meaning the SRBs, those're left out intentionally, since their opaque, smoky plumes are much, much harder to make work with Waterfall. There *have* been a few attempts to make hybrid RealPlume + Waterfall effects for them - however, I don't recall how those turned out ^^;
  2. Works with any engine, if you have a mod that adds effects to them! Here's one that adds Waterfall effects to the stock engines, including the jet engines:
  3. Those models are looking excellent @Daishi!! Great attention to detail, as always. Hope it stays mild and that your recovery is swift @linuxgurugamer!
  4. Sorry to bug ya about this, but I can't seem to find the "Micro-Dawn Electric Drive" mentioned in the release notes in the parts list. I poked around in the mod files to double-check, and there doesn't seem to be any engine part added by USII?
  5. The temperature stuff in the VAB is an intended feature afaik; it's running the temperature simulations so that you can see the results of adjustments to your cooling setup immediately.
  6. Huh, that's odd - when I last played with the mod (which, granted, was a version or two ago), I could attach fairings and cores in any order.
  7. I think the CoM's location might be intentional; the stock jet engines' CoMs are forward of their visual volume IIRC, to simulate the "buried" engine they are only a nozzle of, and I suspect Nertea is doing the same (for consistency's sake, if nothing else).
  8. Should be, yep. The small 1.25m version, and a larger 2.5m version with integrated docking port.
  9. I feel like you could make a copy of one of the existing tanks (the H2 tank comes to mind) and put some sort of nitrogen label on a copy of the texture - though, might not be possible to do things in "reverse" from the mod files like that, and it would also most likely require getting permission to redistribute modified assets from the mod.
  10. And hey, with KSP having a truly stable version and the constant battle against mod-breaking updates a thing of the past, that might encourage all sorts of people to come back to modding, so who knows?
  11. A 1.875m cylindrical fairing's been on the burner for a while now; however, a hard drive failure & a bunch of other stuff in the lives of the devs have kinda stalled development momentum. I wouldn't call it "dead" per se, but it's definitely on hiatus. IIRC, the description for the 1.25->1.875m tapered fairing says it should only have low-profile stuff in the "top" slots - though last I remember, the localization files are a bit borked, so it might not show up properly. It'd be nice to have a 4-segment variant, but that's also a lot of re-modeling work and stuff.
  12. I took a look at that, yeah, but it seems to be more for explaining the part modules than the actual parts themselves - at least, from what I understood. My question was more of "can the gravimetric generator parts be used in place of warp cores?"
  13. Is there a guide on how to use the warp cores, gravitic generators, and warp coils? The description of the gravitic generators implies they can be used without warp cores, but looking at the actual part info they lack the "engine" module that the warp cores have.
  14. Hmm, for some reason, using v3.4.3.5 on 1.12.2, whenever I first load into the editor after starting the game, none of the stock keyboard shortcuts (angle snap toggle, symmetry key, etc) work until I hit the "reset symmetry mode & angle snap keys" button. Feels like this is unintended behavior; is this a known issue?
  15. May I ask why? I know there's several possible good reasons (technical issues, wanting to make sure players learn how to deal with radiators as early as possible, etc), but I'm curious what your reasoning is!
  16. It's generally personal opinion, but here's my own list of must-have parts mods (with descriptions for those reading this who don't know about them): ReStock+: Adds a whole bunch of parts that fit right into the stock lineup, from more 0.625m fuel tanks and more sizes of truss to new lifter engines and extra form factors for science experiments Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux: Massive expansion to the parts catalogue for space stations, complete with inflatable habitats and deployable centrifuges; had a big update recently adding 1.875m & 5m parts as well as nice pretty domes The Near Future Tech catalogue, specifically: Near Future Solar: lots of new form factors for solar panels, both tiny and gargantuan Near Future Spacecraft: adds several neat command pods as well as several other very useful things, such as several inline monopropellant engines (one of which even has a spot for a rear docking port) There's several other part mods I highly recommend, but they're definitely less "filling gaps in stock" than these four, at least to me EDIT: Also, Universal Storage II would previously have made the list for me, but right now it's in a rough time after a major hard drive failure More likely 12 different answers from 10 different people
  17. Ah, gotcha. Well, good opportunity for me to possibly try my hand at making some MM patches to do that!
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