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  1. Sorry for nercobump, since someone used to boldly go and had some funky bug on /r/ksp discord, I think a newer, similar mod should be mentioned here to prevent such situation happens again
  2. Getting the log and upload it to somewhere (e.g dropdox, google drive) would be helpful How to find log: https://gist.github.com/JonnyOThan/04c2074b56f78e56d115621effee30f9
  3. RSS: people has been reported parallax 2 jan update's backward compatibility works with rss parallax 1 cfg KSRSS: please look through the ksrss thread, someone mentioned how to make it work
  4. Does/Will the volumetric edition has backward compatibility? So you can have both old cloud for non stock planet and good new volumetric for stock planet?
  5. Can you restore IlioABC_d folder and try again? A lot of planet and moon throw up the error about files inside it missing make the log kinda messy lol
  6. fyi if you don't want to install ballutes you can make detachable tail to stabilize yourself +inflatable heat shield to slow down. ------------------------------------ Uploading KSP.log and the logs folder itself might help troubleshooting if someone know how to read log come across this post
  7. my first orbit and return (InlineBallutes is very important to make my spacecraft doesn't flip): https://imgur.com/a/EsQ9b4I also rcsbuildaid has parachute speed indicator, very useful in this planet pack my spacecraft definitely not doable in career mode, it is 50k just to orbit!
  8. Nothing interesting. The planetinfoplus was calculating the max ground height. here's the log (I cannot load pass to space center so I closed the game after some mins): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GExFk78n-NajlVezY_FPSvRXGKTeSrqI?usp=share_link
  9. can someone help reproduce this since I'm not sure if this mod cause it? If you have Kcalbeloh System Planet Pack + planetinfoplus +eve + scatterer at the same time, the ram usage would spike to from 4 gb (without planetinfoplus) to 12 gb if you load save 2nd time or go into flight view then back into space center view, and also loading time would be significantly increased.
  10. Ok so in the meantime waiting for fix, delete cryotank patch "B9PS.cfg" at Kerbal spy program\Gamedata\WildBlueIndustries\Mk-33\Patches
  11. I also have that problem. Yes, it seems cryotanks conflict with it
  12. sorry mate I only get back home at 7 pm so here's the log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b8eOfiTAh_8cL8ABoLIOJhuyM1RgZHJ4/view?usp=sharing
  13. since the artifact expired, download the test version of ckan here: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/3709 (the amazonaws link)
  14. the latest update on ckan seems broke watchdog ksp recall detection (it seems somehow thinks ksprecall is installed inside ksprecall/plugin folder)
  15. Can you put a notice that you shouldn't use fft and kspie at the same time and remove recommendation for both mods. I got people on discord asking why the engine won't cool almost every few weeks cuz they install both mods at the same time as recommended by interstellar technologies on ckan .
  16. I use 3rd fuel switch (either configurable container or modular fuel tank) to fix it, kinda funny solution
  17. ok here's a news RTB made a launcher bypasser: It works for Tweakscale.
  18. wonder does it solve the tweakscale issue, gonna try it edit: the dotnet prompt doesn't redirect you to dl link edit2: yes it works
  19. Tweakscale will unable to load the dll if using launcher bypass on steam, the problem is reported to lista (although he didn’t get it since he opens ksp directly via exe for a long time)
  20. @NumberNegative figured it out but forgot to tell you it is Launcher bypassing causing the problem
  21. btw if you're trying to play old version and launch via steam, the steam would attempt to mac version somehow(ksp.app)
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