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  1. jacob make another planet pack again
  2. most case such recompile or "community fix" posted in the comment of the thread, which causes less user complaints to original modders(because by its nature it would be hard to find after a flood of replies so only a person who bother to read can find it later on) thus more acceptable along modders
  3. why ai won't fire missile themselves at guard mode? They only lock on it but won't fire after locked. I use radar data receiver on the missile vehicle. Do you need antenna on radar vehicle and missile vehicle to make it works?
  4. You need to set gamedata folder location in Preferences> expand mu importer addon info. However if you have a lot of mods the addon will freak out
  5. S SVE,restock, SVT btw is the file size limit really 8 mb(bit) rather than 8 MB(bytes)?
  6. in stock, it seems there is no way to make internal cutout for windows only. How to make the stock parts cutout only applies to windows like the modded cockpit on the left? (This was suggested twice on the ksp forum but I'm not sure if it added yet)
  7. how do near future electrical reactors work with interstellar MJ system? i.e how to convert NFE reactor's EC to MJ?
  8. btw ckan version is still at ____.13 rather than ___.14
  9. looks cool! looking forward to download these planet (I have solar system mod creep lol)
  10. wait, Is firespitter itself a fuel switcher? If true, b9 uses both firespitter and b9switcher tho. Dunno how it works
  11. wdym? you don't have galaxies unbound installed in the second pic? this mod add planet and stars and don't replace planet. If u look closely the main menu is not kerbin but planet from the mod
  12. it seems it's their mod side and it's fixed in latest update
  13. nothing bad happen. I also tried run with EVE only+RSSVE or scatterer only to see whether it's Eve problem, but it's scatterer and KSRSS doesn't use sigma rescale. It's custom so I don't think I can change it to 1/10th scale
  14. Interestingly, on kerbal size Real solar system (Visual Enhancements) if I force d3d11 the problem gets worse, I think this is special case or other mod messing with it
  15. Waypointmanager spam Couldn't find celestial body with name 'Kerbin' in the log with ksrss
  16. I applied stock engine patches and started a new save and I didn't have the problem reappear yet. Could you link the patches in first post? It kinda hard to find as more posts bury the post contains with patches
  17. Took a few tries to find it back then, since ksp forum search is not very good What should I look out for to find the dupe in ksp.log?
  18. I searched this thread and long ago it's said that tweakscale_disabled on craft file is no problem. Is it still true? Since I can still tweak scale parts aside restock retextured stock parts
  19. If I haven't used any b9 hx part yet, and install b9 hx + temporary tweakscale patch midway, would it screw up the save?