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  1. Nah it was just KSC landed a little short and kinda rolled up to the lip of the runway and stopped.
  2. on Year 4, Day 35, Hour 4 the 14th Rh-308A-7 (Condor Mark VII) Condor took off from the KSC runway with a solar array for the new station and fuel depot placed into LKO. At around 2 minutes into flight, the spacecraft reached Mach 1.7, and pulled into a 15 degree climb into orbit. 5 minutes into flight, and the craft reached the edges of Kerbin's atmosphere and shut down it's engines to cycle to exo-atmospheric mode. It was at this point, shortly after orbital insertion, ground control lost contact with the craft and began to panic. It was in a stable orbit, but the craft was completely unresponsive, and did not appear on orbital tracking screens. The craft ran out of electricity. The cause was attributed to ground control's failure to extend the solar panels after exiting the atmosphere, and ground controller Derdos Kerman was temporarily suspended. An emergency launch of a Merlin Mark VII SSTO piloted by Jebediah Kerman was scheduled in 1 day, and was on the runway the next morning.Merlin Mark VII Short Range SSTO seen on the KSC Runway before flight. The flight proceeded normally and Jebediah caught up and inserted into orbit at the target altitude of 82km. He rendezvoused with the craft several hours later, not even having completed 1 orbit. It took Jebediah 12 minutes of careful maneuvering to dock with the Condor, but the operation went off without a hitch, and the Condor "Rhea" had power restored once docked with Jebediah's outdated Merlin. Jebediah returned to Kerbin within 3 hours after undocking with the Condor, and landed safely at the KSC. The Condor raised it's orbit in order to properly come within a range to rendezvous with the space station, and the mission proceeded normally from that point on. With power restored, and a more competent ground control team established at mission control, the Condor docked with the station, installed the solar array, and then returned to Kerbin safely. The following images were released 2 hours after mission completion.
  3. @boolybooly I think i'll try again. I've got the time, and I have improved on the design. Expect a report in the next hour or two. If that is allowed of course.. I don't see anything in the rules about repeats or Re-attempts
  4. Condor Mark V 143,000 kg wet mass (no payload) 177,000 kg wet mass (34,000 kg payload) I am back, and it has been around 7 months since my first, and only submission to this thread. I have returned with my very first, and very questionably functional, Large Scale SSTO, capable of lifting 34-40 tonnes into LKO: The Condor Mark V. I wasted a good amount of DV by burning way higher than I should have, but I ended up with enough to de-orbit and "land" on the Island Runway after overshooting the KSC runway. A few things to say about this, this was the first successful orbit, and payload delivery of this craft after 5 design changes. This craft is extremely unstable during descent and re-entry, having a tendency to flip backwards, and tumble. I have come to the conclusion that after depleting all liquid fuel, and delivering it's payload, it's Center of Lift is more forward than it's Center of Mass. I will do further re-entry testing, and see if this can be remedied by pumping leftover oxidizer into the forward tanks. I would have landed on the KSC runway if it weren't for the tumbling, and I would have had a better landing on the Island runway if it wasn't for it's poor gliding characteristics. Credit where credit is due, it did glide for about 5-10~ Km. I hit the very edge of the island runway pretty hard and lost some parts, but for the most part, the 10th flight of the Condor was a success. don't ask about the first 9 flights, this was a learning experience for me Images follow
  5. Alright update, after reinstalling all of my mods along with MAF, it does work. and it works relatively well at that. Sorry for the trouble or confusion. o7.
  6. I shouldve been more clear. Trying to dogfight a MiG-21 is next to impossible when you cant aim with the mouse. the mod doesnt seem to work. I'll clear my KSP gamedata and try again.
  7. nope. not really. a recompile for 1.4 and 1.5 would be really nice.. I'm trying to dogfight a MiG-21 with guns in an F-35, and I can't really do anything because his aim is too good.
  8. hey @Kartoffelkuchen I'm having trouble with texture switching, any idea what's going on? Version 1.4.2
  9. @Andetch I have the KerbalX uploads!
  10. Developing SSTOs!

  11. That sounds tricky but fuel flow seems simple enough. the higher the number the slower it drains and all. I'll see what I can do. SSTOs are a nice new thing to try out and I'm glad I may have a knack for them.
  12. That isnt a bad Idea! I put it there so it had electric charge for the mission, but I never thought to use it for actual control, lol, will definetily try it and see if I can get better fuel margins from it! Griffon Mark II/Q! I am doing that as we speak ;P
  13. It probably helps that I have alot of experience designing aircraft in KSP. Not only can I make them visually pleasing, but functional too! lol. I agree, which is why I would, rather instead of adding moar fuel, just try and design a new one that works with heavier and bigger payloads. As the saying goes, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'
  14. The Griffon Mark II, my second try at an SSTO, and my first successful ever. It is capable of lifting 1-2 Tonnes into LKO size permitting, it is capable of being re-fit depending on how much cargo space you need, granted it is riding the limits of its fuel, so lengthening it is more viable. I refueled it using KAS and KIS, and is alot of fun to handle.
  15. @Andetch K-Prize thread? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar lol.
  16. @Andetch corrected my score, the mathc was right, just forgot my -. It was -.87
  17. @Andetch Thanks! This is the first challenge for KSP I've ever participated in so Im really happy at how well this panned out! I didnt expect to do so well let alone land BACK ON THE PAD! A weight multiplier as in, the heavier the better the score if you break 70 Kilometers?
  18. @blackheart612 very much appreciated! Time to build a true AH-1S Replica!
  19. Thanks for the reply, apologies for the late reply. my replica was around 12.5 to 15 tonnes. I got by on the quad rotor and just decided to make an AH-1Z replica, although I was NOT happy. I am disappointed there is no way to edit the configs to increase lifting capacity. thanks anyways o7.
  20. so how come in sandbox, the Falcon 9 FCSs have Full SAS controls, but in Career even with everything unlocked and all, there is NO SAS control.