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  1. @allista Firstly, thanks for this awesome mod. It makes my shuttle flights so much easier than when I had to manually babysit the thrust limiter. I do have one relatively minor quibble: is it possible to change the status colors of the various buttons/toggles? The default yellow off/green on that many of them use is very difficult for me (and I suspect other people who are red/green colorblind) to distinguish between. It's particularly annoying not being able to tell at a glance what T-SAS is set to, which has led to a few rapid unplanned disassemblies... Thanks for your feedback!
  2. This is Earthshine Station: It's primarily a science station, but I'm stockpiling Material Kits from recycled space junk there and it may eventually turn into an EPL shipyard. It has a full-time crew of seven (5 scientists and 2 engineers), and can go almost a year without a resupply. It has a small amount of fuel storage as well and can act as a refueling stop for ships in LKO. It's composed of nine modules at present, with at least two more planned for the near future (another storage module and a zoology bay). Here's a shot of Shuttle YYZ delivering the first storage module: Here you can also see the leftover engines and fuel tanks from the initial module launches before they were disassembled into Material Kits.
  3. Welcome to Nonspecific Impulse Rocketry & Drycleaning Services! We strive to bring you the highest-quality most budget-conscious spacecraft for today's cash-strapped space agencies. Our motto is "Utility. Economy. Safety. (in that order)" Mods used in our craft: Mk2 Expansion Pack Kerbal Engineer MechJeb Mods that go well with our craft: Stage Recovery Kerbal Construction Time Shuttle 2112 Shuttle YYZ Pre-Comm Satellite K-Comm Satellite MagSat Coming soon: aircraft!
  4. Really glad to see this mod get a new home, thanks for keeping it going @icedown!
  5. Haven't looked at the code, but could you try adding criteria to the pod selection? Something like "ElectricCharge > 0" and/or "Monopropellant > 0" might help cut out parts like the inflatables.
  6. Been working on this: That's a Class E in the center, with a Class D, three Class C's and a Class B. You can see a miner grappled onto the Class D on the right. I'm hoping to try out RoverDude's Asteroid Recycling Technologies mod to turn this beast into a fuel station.
  7. I'm was seeing this with my shuttle as well. I have a suspicion that the game is misreading the position and/or rotation of the flaps relative to the CoM of the entire craft. You could try installing FAR, that fixed it for me.
  8. I would cut the legs and chutes off the lander and put a chute or two on the rover. Decouple the rover and deploy chutes about 1km above the surface. It would save a bit of weight and I think it's easier on the rover.
  9. The best is when you get an orbital station contract and a surface outpost contract for the same planet/moon. Park your base in orbit, get paid; land it on the surface, get paid more!
  10. It's a nice stage...but can it make orbit???
  11. What about some procedural tourist contracts that mimic the already-existing visual survey contracts? Haven't looked at the code, but seems like it wouldn't be too hard. Fly a tourist through a cluster of waypoints above or below a certain altitude so they can take some sweet aerial photos.
  12. To get around the offset cockpit, you can bury a probe core (I like the OKTO2) aligned along the axis of the plane and "Control From Here". I got tired of crashing my angled-cockpit shuttle because I forgot about the 20 degree offset.
  13. Now that's what I call a Rocket Man!