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  1. I was still on Since upgrading to latest all seems fine
  2. Am I doing something wrong because I cannot for the life of me get the Ouer Planets to appear. Fresh install on 1.11 with just OPM, Kopernicus BE for 1.11, MM, MFI & CTTP I get the warning that Kopernicus isn't compatible on load and no outer planets Ignore me I think I have found my problem
  3. In the formulas Does the variable "Part Tracker" have any effect if you aren't using Scrap Yard
  4. I used that very same version and it worked fine. Check there is only 1 magicore dll
  5. Ok I'll take a look. They are not showing up in the tech tree that's what confused me. In sandbox they are there in the parts list. I'll unlock miniaturisation and see.
  6. Seems the hitch parts are hidden behind "Coupling" tech is that correct?
  7. Hi @Angel-125 First absolutely fantastic mod, its just what I wanted coupled with some other mods can make a reasonably difficult (enough for me) play through. I am also a little confused with what I am seeing though. I didn't seem to be getting Flight experience on parts when I static tested them so set about an experiment to check. Could someone let me know if the following is to be expected? KSP 1.3.1 (64Bit) BARIS 1.4.9 (No Other Mods) BARIS settings are default apart from Flights needed to gain experience = 1 % Chance fail gives experience = 100
  8. Which ones are which? I get it with all the Foldatrons, Pivotatrons
  9. Hi Having an issue where nearly all the IR parts are missing there textures and showing up as black solid objects, any ideas?
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