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  1. The Saturn Atmospheric Entry Probe would be the primary mission, with Haumea as a potential extension. This is how I was planning, based on budgetary constraints and stuff.
  2. Anyway... how will we handle the Jupiter flyby? Saturn? Haumea? Anyone? I believe maybe Jupiter could me used as a calibration test for the instruments... maybe also as a guide-star for operations? (no wait... how about Sirius?) Saturn would provide nice science opportunities. How big of an antenna would it be to receive data rather quickly from astronomical distances?
  3. ¡¡¡¡Incorrecto!!!!! @max_creative ????
  4. Yes. At most, to keep atmospheric data a priority, it could take, maybe... a rather low-resolution picture? And only one? Just to take it? Hopefully in color... So... yeah. That sound like a good compromise?
  5. Revised trajectory HERE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GF_xSTJa7mQ37aFmDcRsh06SYOPoPD0e
  6. Zeus-Omphalos sounds good. It's a shame, though, that 'Oumuamua is taken... That was kind of the point. The trajectory supplied on the Google Drive photo (made by me) suggests it can take anywhere between 16-22 years, depending on launch date and chosen trajectory. I made an estimate of the trajectory based on SpaceEngine photographs, though, so forgive me if not everything is completely correct. Also, given that it is a flyby probe, it doesn't really need much of a huge rocket. I was thinking, lowest-case scenario, Ariane V. However, an Atlas, Delta, Falcon, or even SLS coul
  7. This has evolved into less a discussion about exploring space and more into what can be flung into it. It's still interesting, but... Any concepts for names, maybe, for the probe? Or the atmospheric probe? Modifications we could make to the trajectory to make it less fuel- or time-consuming? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm opening discussion about what mementos to send to aliens, but what about the primary mission?
  8. Maybe a super-microscopic etching of certain human images? Or maybe it could come with a large USB drive, with a plug embedded within it? Who knows what to bring along? (maybe if Mike Brown dies before the launch, his ashes could be transported? just saying)
  9. ...how did I not get that... (well, it could be used to power the craft, but still...)
  10. Heh... good idea. Certainly helps. EDIT: A NUKE WOULD NOT HELP A MISSION AT ALL.
  11. I have been studying concepts for missions, and I think I might have one. It is basically an expansion upon the idea of a Saturn atmospheric probe whose relay will escape the Solar System. As of yet, it is nameless, but I have some ideas for what it will be. The carrier-relay probe will have a wide-angle camera with color capabilities, and a narrow-angle camera with only B&W. This is similar to the Ralph-Lorri dichotomy on New Horizons. It may also have some other instruments from the Voyager probes, such as a magnetometer, radio receiver, UV spectrometer, etc. Finally, it will carry
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