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  1. As much as I would want to go gung-ho with minor planets, I would at least try to go quality-over-quantity right now, so for now there's only gonna be ten bodies with this next update (though that may change if I get more motivation). Euribanne and Palloocus were planets from Exo's old notes, which I'm going to try and revamp slightly, considering that I've been getting somewhat better at art and planet texturing, even if it's still not great.
  2. Huh... we got ourselves a dead-ish thread. My bad; been kind of busy with... way too much, might need to get on this a bit more when I have spare time.
  3. As the creator of Janet's Planets (and the temporary helmer of MPE), possibly yes, but likely would be unstable if you played with Principia or something; Vant is pretty close to Mios, and Richell to Quazen.
  4. Okay, wow. It is genuinely hard to believe that this mod has been around for six months. I hope to be able to get an update out soon now that college is all finished... but first I need to see about overhauling many of the bodies.
  5. Doppler and Dyva are part of Janet's Minor Planets, not this mod, so you can crosspost the Dyva issue on that thread.
  6. Admittedly, on my end this only tends to affect bodies with moons, and it is often fixed by either leaving and reentering the SOI or going into the Tracking Station in the moon's SOI and departing from there.
  7. So yeah, 1.3.4 is out, if you wanna check that sometime. * Revamped certain bodies (i.e. Dyva, Eurbon, Palloocus, Doppler, Quazen) * Fixed staggered time-warp * Removed Lemus.cfg and Hizie.cfg (caused infini-load error)
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