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  1. Version 1.1.2 is out, featuring" OnDemand textures, Smaller config size, Modified TimeWarpAltitudeLimits, and Minor description grammar fixes.
  2. Ah, don't worry. I'm sure Exo might be developing a remake in the near future. I'm already working on DDS and OnDemand loading, so that should be cool.
  3. A Golden Record item, for mid-game things once you first go interstellar. It wouldn't weigh much, but it could increase the possibility of contact by alien societies (if there are any). There could also be a later-game upgrade that would make it playable, with the ability to customize your soundtrack if you so wanted to do so. Maybe some off-brand versions of "Johnny B. Goode," Bach's Brandenburg Concerto, The Rite of Spring, Peruvian roncadoras, and other tracks found on the real-life Voyager record could be included as part of the stock set, though more could be added for customization. It should cost 25,600 Kredits too, as a reference to the actual cost of the records themselves.
  4. Admittedly, yes, it does have science definitions, but most of the time it resorts to a couple of defaults. I think I will need to try to write some custom science definitions. Those will likely come in version 1.2, hopefully.
  5. AFAIK, she never actually wrote any patches for DMagic Orbital Science. I will try to make sure all the science experiments are taken care of with DMagic, although there are a ton of them.
  6. Hello. This is the page where I will be developing my own form of the Minor Planets Expansion for Outer Planets Mod, whose development was abandoned by Exo's Lab as she went on to find other mods. The old thread can be found here. With her blessing, I will be adding a couple of new worlds to this roster with hand-painted textures, complete biomes, and even science definitions. Here's the list of worlds that can be visited. New worlds are italicized. Edas (like Eros) Vant (like Vesta) Zore (like Psyche) Quazen (like Pallas) Lint-Mikey (like 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko) Geito (like 1P/Halley) Crokslev (like Chariklo) Havous (like Haumea) Kal (ring moonlet) Ki'ki (contact binary a la Kleopatra) Mracksis (like Makemake and/or Quaoar) Flake (in lieu of MK2) Ervo (like Eris) Archae (like Dysnomia) Soden (like Sedna) Lon (like nothing) And here is a gallery of the bodies for your viewing pleasure. The mod can be downloaded here on SpaceDock, and can also be accessed via CKAN. Has MIT licensing. This is version 1.1.1 (1.1.0 had improperly-packed folders). Report any other bugs on GitHub. Like all other planet mods, this mod requires Kopernicus. OPM is recommended for best play experience; default science defs make reference to Sarnus, Urlum, and Neidon. Changelog for 1.1.0 from 1.0.5 Added Quazen Fixed Vant/Edas/Zore disappearing bug Smoothed out ScaledSpace/PQS transitions Fixed TimeWarpAltitudeLimits General grammar/formatting fixes For 1.1.2: OnDemand Texturing Config file size reduced Further TimeWarpAltitude fixes More grammar/formatting fixes To fix: Havous, Mracksis, Ervo, and Soden have slow time warp. To do: New bodies Didymos-Dimorphos/Apophis analog in the works Better science defs Mod compatibility DMagic Orbital Science PlanetShine ResearchBodies Other planet packs
  7. I will sometime, but for now I just want to announce that the updated mod exists.
  8. Ah, thanks! My bad, I'll just get that changed out really, really quickly. Edit: PATCHED. Thanks for alerting me!
  9. Congratulations, MPE 1.1.0 is officially released! Here's the changelog: NEW BODY: Quazen, Pallas analog. Fixed disappearing bodies glitches Smoothed out Scaled/PQS transitions Modified TimeWarp Altitudes Edited descriptions for grammar Here is the official SpaceDock download page for this mod: SpaceDock. I will be making sure this is actively developed and making sure to fix bugs as they come. I hope to ensure that memory usage is as low as possible in case of any bugs.
  10. When using the RemoteTech Antennas as a standalone mod, I notice that the Reflectron GX-128 starts extended, which makes fairing construction somewhat hard to handle for large interplanetary probes. Here's an example: NOTE: The GX-128 is marked as the "Tigger" because I have CommNet Extension installed.
  11. I will try to work on these planets more, but right now I'm more fixated on a different asteroid. I guess I could try working on those real quick sometime; I have them backed up and all.
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