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  1. Okay, wow. It is genuinely hard to believe that this mod has been around for six months. I hope to be able to get an update out soon now that college is all finished... but first I need to see about overhauling many of the bodies.
  2. Doppler and Dyva are part of Janet's Minor Planets, not this mod, so you can crosspost the Dyva issue on that thread.
  3. Admittedly, on my end this only tends to affect bodies with moons, and it is often fixed by either leaving and reentering the SOI or going into the Tracking Station in the moon's SOI and departing from there.
  4. So yeah, 1.3.4 is out, if you wanna check that sometime. * Revamped certain bodies (i.e. Dyva, Eurbon, Palloocus, Doppler, Quazen) * Fixed staggered time-warp * Removed Lemus.cfg and Hizie.cfg (caused infini-load error)
  5. I think the issue might be the presence of the Lemus.cfg and Hizie.cfg bodies, but nothing of the sort that actually is used for them. I must have accidentally put them in in the last update. At this rate it's best to simply remove those two configs (and the cache files, if they were made) and proceed from there.
  6. Hey, I'm surprised you haven't added magnetometer or atmosphere scan definitions yet. I understand if it's not really something necessary from my contributions, but they could still be useful in a way.
  7. Hi everybody. Just wanted to remind you that MPE is no longer under my development. Fortunately, it is under the hands of Exo again, just as they were always intended to be. Some of my improvements, such as the OnDemand architecture, the .dds textures, and some of the mod patches, will be included in this second generation. I'm glad I have been able to revive interest in the mod, but unfortunately I may have bitten off more than I could chew. My new bodies are now in their own, separate planet pack (link in sig) to ensure that those who still want them can still use them. So thank you, Exo. I can't wait to see your version of MPE 1.1.
  8. I am thinking ahead to when Exo releases her redux. This may be sometime this week depending on how busy she is. I've fixed a lot of things for her, so all she really needs to do at this point may be to fold my changes into hers. I barely touched any of her planets anyway during the development of the mod, so the rehanding is for the better. /gen
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