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  1. If you wanna get anywhere, you might have to steal some momentum from these planets for your own good. Armstrong's certainly not got the SOI that Earth does being so close to Pyri. I've tried Lucylike trajectories to get out to the Zhanaral region.
  2. I think some of it does, actually; I found this out recently, but there's a horizontal scroll bar on the bottom. If you look, I think it visualizes the planetary flybys.
  3. Excited to have been such a part of this mod, kudos to everyone for their contributions!
  4. I have released update 0.2.2, which features a rotation fix for Thatmo, and another directory change.
  5. Update 0.2.1 has been released, with a new texture for Neidon and a subtle revamp to Chymere. I changed the folder path, but if need be I can change it back. Thanks!
  6. I believe it should be, but I haven't tested it with Principia because my computer isn't good enough to run it.
  7. Hello, I am looking to find out why I have a sort of time warp issue when orbiting solid bodies from planet packs in KSP. Whenever I am in the sphere of influence, I tend to have a massive lag issue, especially when the body has a moon or .png textures. I have been noticing it since I started planet-modding, especially with MPE and my own pack, but I just want to know what might be the issue; others have suggested that perhaps it's an issue with the configs themselves. Could I get some help? KSP: 1.12.3, Windows 10, 64-bit. Problem: Time warp starts and stops again around solid bodies, especially with moons. Mods Installed: Reproduction steps: Download MPE, Janet's Planets, or OPM--Hyper-Edit (or F12) into orbit around Plock, Doppler, Euribanne, Havous, Ervo, or other bodies without moons. Enter into on-rails time warp. KSP log Player log Kopernicus log
  8. That was a known bug, and while I haven't encountered it I am trying to fix it for the next alpha build. Feel free to give your feedback for when you play.
  9. Hello everyone. You may or may not be wondering what that other project was that I was working on on my other thread, but here's what it was. NEIDON PLUS. Adds rings to Neidon, as well as three moons; Nito, Tito, and Chymere. Currently in development, just in case people want to playtest. Image of bodies down below. Requirements: Kopernicus ModuleManager Outer Planets Mod Niako's MitchellNetravali maps (bundled) To do: Science defs Biomes Extra maps Fix lag bug Scatterer configs? Mod compatibility If you are interested in testing, you can download it on SpaceDock; Github coming soon. Licensed under MIT.
  10. Now that I think about it, I'm going to be putting development on hold. I've got other projects in the works, including another sort of planet expansion pack, and I'm probably just going to have this somewhat more... on the backburner, before I do everything.
  11. Bennu's already taken care of with Doppler, and like I said, I don't want to overdo it with these planets. I mean... if you wanna make your own planets, you can definitely try it out some yourself. It's pretty good to, actually, and this was basically just a test pack. Asteroids are pretty darn easy.
  12. Just some random notes--after some discussion with a friend, I have decided that perhaps it may also be interesting to try and expand Janet's Planets beyond the original planned ten bodies. So now, a minor announcement: Janet's Minor Planets 1.4 will feature 5 brand-new bodies.
  13. I appreciate the enthusiasm, Talls, but for now I'm just going to stick to the planned 10 bodies, if that's alright. Thanks.
  14. As much as I would want to go gung-ho with minor planets, I would at least try to go quality-over-quantity right now, so for now there's only gonna be ten bodies with this next update (though that may change if I get more motivation). Euribanne and Palloocus were planets from Exo's old notes, which I'm going to try and revamp slightly, considering that I've been getting somewhat better at art and planet texturing, even if it's still not great.
  15. Huh... we got ourselves a dead-ish thread. My bad; been kind of busy with... way too much, might need to get on this a bit more when I have spare time.
  16. As the creator of Janet's Planets (and the temporary helmer of MPE), possibly yes, but likely would be unstable if you played with Principia or something; Vant is pretty close to Mios, and Richell to Quazen.
  17. Okay, wow. It is genuinely hard to believe that this mod has been around for six months. I hope to be able to get an update out soon now that college is all finished... but first I need to see about overhauling many of the bodies.
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