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  1. Hey dude! How's it going?

    I hope your mod turns out to be cucumber-grade cool... I've sent you some texture maps for the moons.

  2. Got it. So far, I've created the textures for Bunt and Fluff. When I'm finished with Squash's, I'll upload it to MEGA and PM the link to you.
  3. Good. Also, if you want a Saturn-like appearance, can you expand the outer edge of the rings or add more of them?
  4. So, what should we do, LongUsername? Should we collaborate? And if we do, can we please not share our emails (rather, upload preliminary development files to Mediafire, MEGA, or Dropbox and share it through PMs)? - - - Updated - - - They're my creation, thank you very much, although I made a new version for LongUsername.
  5. That would be cucumber-grade cool. Also, can you expand the rings?
  6. It's cool that you're (nearly done) with the planet! And that's a nice little amount of G's. If you want a ring texture, I've got one here; You may want to rename it, though. Maybe... Meander_ring or something.
  7. Hello, amarius. Remember me, the guy on reddit with the disappearing Titan analogue (the moon was named Terry)? I'd like to make a suggestion; you could add some Kentaurs (orbiting outside the asteroid belt, but orbiting within Keelon's orbit) and Trans-Keelonean objects to your planet pack. I know it might make RAM explode with the force of dynamite, but I think it would be cool. I was also wondering if you could also add a comet trail to Minmus, tenuous ring systems to Jool and Keelon, a Callisto analogue orbiting Jool (Bop and Pol would be very far satellites from Jool, the latter orbiting retrograde), and possibly some cherry-related phrase to the Red Minmus-looking thingy. If I'm coming off as too demanding, I'm sorry.