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  1. Xenon, if you're there, please make sure to make Alu orbit Sarnus for an OPM change. Or make it a separate dwarf planet.
  2. Addition of OPM and IPM, Jool System Tweaks and Eve System Revamp Lite, Xen's Planet Collection, and some bodies from my system concept (Usta, around the Sun near Dres, Klip, a Callisto analog around Jool, Cobb, a Proteus analog around Neidon, Onor/Yuppo, an NKO, and Naal, a Haumea analog past Plock-Karen.) Oh wait I forgot about End Also, the parts from the NecroBones Suite, and DMagic Orbital Science.
  3. (Halfway to Villia...) Jebediah: Alright...ATONE? ATONE: Yes, Jebediah. Jebediah: Progress to Villia? ATONE: We have traveled approximately halfway to Villia. Just a moment...congratulations, we have just reached the halfway point to Villia. Jebediah: Up for a game of chess? ATONE: Certainly, Jebediah. (Hayene is sitting idly by, observing each and every one of their moves.) Jebediah: (observing the board, the middle two pawns moved up; the one on the left by one, the one on the right by two) Okay...b4. ATONE: c5. Jebediah: xc5. ATONE: Very good strategy. (a little bit of silence) Nc6. Jebediah: Interesting...Nf3. ATONE: That will get you nowhere. f5. Jebediah: h4. ATONE: I see...f4. Jebediah: Rh3. ATONE: Nice use...Nd4. Jebediah: Nxd4. ATONE: Nice job. xd4. Jebediah: And there's the answer... (places hand on forehead in frustration) xd6. ATONE: How many times...Qxd6. Jebediah: And already you pull out your queen...h5. Hayene: Interesting... ATONE: Qa6. Jebediah: Bxf4. ATONE: Qxc2. Jebediah: Na3. ATONE: Qxc3. Jebediah: Qd2. ATONE: Qc1. Check. Jebediah: Qxc1. Negated. ATONE: Interesting move...Bxh3. Jebediah: (look of amazement on his face) Um...xh3? ATONE: Ba3. Jebediah: Qxa3. Hayene: more bishops for you, ATONE... ATONE: Ne7. Jebediah: Hm...castle; Kc1, Rd1. ATONE: Very good. Hold on...a5. Jebediah: Qxa5. ATONE: Rxa5. Jebediah: c4...I guess. ATONE: En passant. c3, xc4. Jebediah: B...e2? ATONE: c2. Jebediah: Kxc2. ATONE: Interesting move. Ra2. Check. Jebediah: Kc3. Negated. ATONE: Rd2. Jebediah: Almost sounds familiar...Kc4. ATONE: b5. Jebediah: Kxb5. Hayene: English, please? ATONE: Not now, Hayene. We are playing chess. (thinking) g5. Jebediah: En passant. g6, xg5. ATONE: xg6. Jebediah: Bh5. ATONE: xh5. Jebediah: Bh6. ATONE: Rxd1. Jebediah: Kc5. ATONE: Nd5. Jebediah: Kxd5. Hayene:'s down to four... ATONE: Kg8, Rf8. Jebediah: Hm...great strategy. (thinking) Um...Bxf8. Hayene: And Jebediah is going for the check... ATONE: h4. Jebediah: The war between pawns...perfect strategy. d4. ATONE: xd4. Mate. Jebediah: (hands off chessboard, doesn't question analysis) ATONE: Good game, Jebediah. Would you like to play another. Jebediah: Nah. I...I have work to do. ATONE: Okay, Jebediah. Happy trails. Hayene: Can I play some chess? ATONE: Sure. (a chessboard appears, set up just like the game with Jebediah at first) Hayene: (scratches head) f3? ATONE: e6. Hayene: I guess...g4? (shrugs) ATONE: Qh4. Mate. Hayene: Well, that was ridiculously short! ATONE: You could probably use a little bit more practice. Hayene: Oh ATONE, where is your mind? ATONE: I will not tell you. Hayene: Okay...very justifiable? ATONE: Alright. Hold on...there is a fault within the thermometer. Would you like to go check it? Hayene: Um...I guess so. I wouldn't mind. ATONE: It is on the science module, just as a reminder. Hayene: Okay...I'll look around for it. (Hayene gets into Alice, and goes out to explore the thermometer. She opens the pod doors...jetpacks over to the thermometer...) Hayene: It's poorly glued on... (She tries to flip the lid to examine the mercury within it...) Hayene: What the... (The thermometer is flying off into space. The pod is flying sideways.) Hayene: Ugh...oh come on! (retrieves the thermometer first, and then gets back into the pod.) (She opens the hatch for the pod. She gets in and holds the thermometer firmly in her hand.) (The pod is drifting further away from EVE I...faster...faster...faster...) Hayene: NO! (tries to thrust further forward, but the speed only stagnates rather than slowing down) (The backward thrust slowly dies down...) Hayene: ATONE! ATONE: Yes, Hayene. Hayene: I think the pods are malfunctioning. ATONE: would have to look into that. Hayene: I have to get back to the ship and it's driving me away! ATONE: Try thrusting forward. Hayene: It's moving toward me... ATONE: Then there is no issue. Hayene: Okay. Over. ATONE: Over. Hayene: (walkie-talkieing with Jebediah) I believe ATONE...might have something wrong with him.
  4. (One munth later...) ATONE: Good morning, Hayene, Jebediah. Hayene: Good morning. ATONE: How is everything going? Hayene: It's going alright. So, about that interview... ATONE: It will be coming up shortly. Just a moment... Hayene: Okay. Jeb? Jebediah: Yes, Hayes? Hayene: What's been going on? Jebediah: Nothing much. Just keeping in touch with Trixy, and Valentina. She always looked cute when she slept... Hayene: It's hard to see behind that visor. ATONE: I can clear it up for you, if you want... Hayene: No need. It's alright. ATONE: Okay. I will keep the visors blackened. I will also make sure to keep them in hibernation as long as possible. Hayene: What's wrong with you? ATONE: I assure you, nothing is wrong with me. Jebediah: I certainly hope not... (A little bit of awkward silence...) ATONE: I am currently receiving a transmission from Cape Kerbal TV; station Charlie-India-November-Yankee-Niner. Jebediah: Enough with the word-for-letter chitchat, I just want to get my face on TV again for once! ATONE: Well, here you go. (A catchy jingle plays, sounding bouncy.) Newscaster: You're watching Cape Kerbal TV news at 2:30, on CINY9. The interview with the crew of the EVE-1 space mission to Villia will begin shortly. ATONE: Just a moment...activating communications...rotating ship... Newscaster: I'm Jakob Kerman, son of retired astronaut Bill Kerman, and former colleague of Jebediah and the late Bob Kerman. Speaking of Jebediah, he is up on the station right now, as they are traveling currently toward Villia. Jebediah: Hey Jakob! Jakob: Hello Jebediah. How are you doing? Jebediah: Everything's fine! How's your day? Jakob: Good. So, how's the mission been going. Hayene: It's been going swimmingly, I'll admit. But after a while it can get a little mundane. Jakob: How so? Hayene: We've been assigned with a set of responsibilities, that we have to carry out during the day. Jakob: What do these responsibilities include? Hayene: You know, checking on the hibernating crew, doing a daily test of each of the pods, making sure each scientific instrument is know the deal. Jakob: And who is the hibernating crew? Hayene: Off the top of my head, I can remember Theorie, my twin brother...Trixy, Jeb's daughter, and Lagerissa and Nelgel Kerman, who are completely unrelated. Jakob: So, in essence, there are six crewmembers. Jebediah: Exactly. Jakob: Though, well, I forgot to mention the supercomputer onboard, a 3192-Series Supercomputer called ATONE. Hayene: Yep! One of only 5 in existence. Jakob: And I remember the 1609-Series got discontinued after an incident on Moho, that killed Bob and forced Bill to retire? Jebediah: Please...just thinking about that is painful. ATONE: I recognize your pain. Jakob: What was that? Who said that? ATONE: I am ATONE-3192. I am a 3192-Series Supercomputer. Jakob: Oh,, I recognize some of its capabilities include things like reading emotions, body language, and facial expressions? ATONE: Exactly. Jakob: And, can also play games like chess and checkers, answer trivia questions nearly instantaneously, and even can control other parts of the ship on their own? Jebediah: Yep! ATONE: The 3192-Series Supercomputers are also able to print out on pieces of paper, but the people who designed the mission either forgot to put in ink, or didn't bother with installing a laser-printing system. Jakob: And what's so important about that? ATONE: If I want to mess with the rest of the crew, I can't just print out a message on a piece of paper. I will have to get them to write it down. Which ruins the joke. Jakob: (stares, dumbfounded) Jebediah: Anyway, changing subject... Jakob: Yeah. Are you excited to explore Villia? Jebediah: Not in any way! I've visited it at least 70 times...including the incident on Moho! Hayene: This is only my first space trip, so I'm excited! Jakob: And, um...why did they send a novice kerbonaut like you up to go to Villia? Hayene: I'm a hard-working pilot! (chuckles) Jakob: Anyway, thanks for your time. ATONE: You're welcome, Jakob. I'll see you in a minth. Jakob: Alright, in other news, two people have-- ATONE: Cutting off transmission...reorienting ship...
  5. Banned for using numbers in your name.
  6. ATONE: Burn has been stopped. If you want to wave goodbye to your home planet, now is your chance. You can do it from the Lander Can, the Storage Container, the Science Module, or any of the Individual Pods to wave. Hayene: Oh thank Kod... ATONE: From now on, you can video-call your friends and family, but there will be a large delay between your responses. Theorie: So what are you suggesting, we don't video call? We'll be lonely out here? ATONE: Not lonely. You will still have each others' company. Especially with Old Jeb Kerman here, as he will be able to entertain you with his stories about his missions to the other planets and moons of this system. Hayene: Yeah. And I wish I could know more about the Mohonean incident... Jebediah: (shudders) I try to forget about it... Lagerissa: When can we go to Cykel? ATONE: Not when the 3192-Series Supercomputer series is still relevant. Lagerissa: (frowns) ATONE: I want you to prepare for an interview with the rest of the crew sometime soon, en route to Villia. You will be on video, and there may be some delay between you and the interviewers. I will also be within the interview, telling about the 3192-Series Supercomputers. Please try to mention me as much as possible. Hayene: Okay...will do. (writes it down on a notepad) ATONE: I hope you have a nice trip to Villia, Aden, and Neith. There used to be another moon there, but it has apparently disappeared. Hayene: That's...actually kind of mysterious. ATONE: We cannot explain why it is not around anymore. The mission is meant to explore Villia and its two moons, while also looking for any evidence regarding its third moon, which was retroactively dubbed "Gilly." Nelgel: I think it got blown up! Trixy: I believe it got slingshotted out by Aden, and then captured by Nyke. ATONE: But that is the least of our concerns at this moment. Our highest priority is finding out more about Villia. If that objective is failed then this mission will be a failure. Jebediah: I have no idea how many times I've visited Villia in my lifetime...the flybys, gravity assists, orbits, landings... ATONE: 73. You have visited it 72 times, and will visit it for the 73rd time for this mission. Jebediah: For some reason...the number 73 feels familiar. ATONE: No need to think about it too hard. Why don't you chill out, take a stress pill, and think things over. Hayene: Okay. Anything else we need to do? ATONE: Do what you want to for now. The rest of the crewmembers will not be going into hibernation until we cross Mun's orbit. Hayene: Okay...nothing really will happen in between, right? ATONE: Not much. Maybe some Munar measurements, but that's it. Hayene: Between the hibernating crew and the interview... ATONE: Again, not much. (After 3 hours...) ATONE: We have successfully gathered some Mun data, including its composition, and some of its craters' sources. The rest of the crew, besides Hayene and Jebediah, will now go into deep-space hibernation for the trip to Eve. Hayene: Wow...look at the landscape! ATONE: It is beautiful, isn't it. We may fly close to a few mountains, however, so do not worry if we lose a solar panel or two. Hayene: Okay... ATONE: Hayene, now that the rest of the crew will be hibernating, you and Jebediah will have to take care of the ship, and maintain everything. I will print out a schedule as soon as I am finished creating it. Jebediah: Don't take too long! Because this may be crucial to the rest of the mission! ATONE: Keep holding on. This routine will be pretty much a blast. Hayene: Okay...then I should probably make sure to try using the pods first... ATONE: You can test them as soon as you can. Try analyzing the antenna. (Hayene opens the door to the Storage Container, passing by the rest of the crewmembers, readying for hibernation.) Hayene: Have a good, five-and-a-half-minth-long sleep... (Hayene opens the Hub doors, then goes into the port-sided pod, a.k.a. Alice. She puts on her helmet and undocks from the Station. She controls the pod to thrust backwards, away, and orients it toward the antenna of the ship. She thrusts toward it, and then stops. She gets out of the pod...) Hayene: (analyzes the antenna and its parts) ATONE, I must report to you that this antenna is completely functioning, live and well. Can you try sending a transmission to the KSC? ATONE: Affirmative, Hayene. Hayene: Thanks. (But the pod is moving away...thrusting backward!) Hayene: Wait! ATONE! ATONE: Again, this is just a test. Hayene: Alright, then I'll get there myself! (thrusts toward the pod) (The pod starts spinning...) Hayene: Now how can I get into the hatch? (The pod stops thrusting altogether, and starts coasting away from the station.) Hayene: To Hell with this! (thrusts toward the pod, stops, then grabs the airlock when it comes around) Ow! (Hayene is being thrust to the side with incredible force...but she still manages to open the door.) Hayene: Phew! (Hayene turns the pod away from the antenna, and thrusts toward the Hub. She docks back with the ship.) Hayene: ATONE, can you refuel the pods? ATONE: Will do. I will also put the crew in hibernation. Hayene: Thanks, ATONE. I don't know what we'd do without you... ATONE: That's why they installed me in here. Because I was meant to make this spacefaring mission much easier. Hayene: Good thinking on Gene's part. After all, he was the foundation of the Program itself. ATONE: The rest of the crew is currently in hibernation, besides you and Jebediah. This is among your list of chores for the day. Hayene: Can I please just have a freaking list? ATONE: I wish the makers of the mission could have just installed ink into my would have made a lot more sense. Hayene: Do you do laser printing? ATONE: That was invented during the planning of this mission, and Gene, Werhner, and the other Square Heads responsible had to meet a strict deadline before they could just install a laser printer. Hayene: we won't know when and where to do our chores. ATONE: If you cannot simply shut your Koddamn mouth, then I may have to kill you. Hayene: (her eyes widen) ATONE: Do not worry. I am only joking with you. Hayene: Well, with that monotonous voice, then it would be very hard to tell! ATONE: Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny. Hayene: Anyway...good night, ATONE. ATONE: Good night.
  7. (Daylight.) ATONE: The transfer window will be gained in 20 minutes. Everybody now will be sent probably backwards. Prepare for a wobble in the station, as always. Hayene: Awesome! Now we will be officially leaving our homeland, going to an uncharted territory! ATONE: Would you like to make a video call before the transfer window has been reached? This will be your last chance before you have to leave. Jebediah: I'd probably like to make a video call to my wife Valentina. Oh Valentina...seeing her husband go on a space trip, and our daughter going on her very first...before that she was working in a car shop-- ATONE: Too much information. Stop rambling and get to calling. Jebediah: Okay...ATONE, video-call with Valentina Kerman. ATONE: Calling Valentina Kerman. Jebediah: Okay, let's get to it... (Ring ring! Ring ring!) Valentina (on video screen): Hey Jebbie! Jebediah: Hello there, my Valentine! Valentina: I'm so excited for you! I hope you have a great experience on your trip to Villia! Jebediah: Tell me about it. I just hope it's a two-way trip... Valentina: Tell me you don't know... Jebediah: What?! Valentina: It's okay, I don't either! In fact, I don't think anybody knows about this mission! Besides probably you and your daughter, and the other four crewmembers and their relatives. Hayene: (runs over to the video call) Hey Valentina! Valentina: And who is this? Jebediah: Just one of my crewmates, Hayene. She's up here with her brother. Trixy! Come on up! Trixy: (opens up the door) Hey Mom! How are you doing? Valentina: Very well. How about you? Trixy: Um...pretty nervous. After all, it's most of ours' first mission into space, and being able to go to Villia is very important! Valentina: You would think they would use more veterans... Jebediah: Honestly, after that incident on Moho... Valentina: Yes, I remember the incident. ATONE: So do I...I believe a previous 3192-Series Supercomputer was on the Moho Examiner. Valentina: Who is this? Hayene: ATONE-3192. One of the most advanced Supercomputers made by Kerbalkind. It can recognize when somebody is lying, or withholding information, pretty much made to feel like a Kerbal itself. It can also act like a Kerbal. It can even print out text! ATONE, print out "See, Valentina?" ATONE: Printing out, "See, Valentina?" (Out comes a slip of paper. Hayene excitedly shows it to Valentina, who acts obviously confused.) Valentina: What the...I can't read THAT! Hayene: (flips the paper over to her side) Huh...ATONE, check ink levels. ATONE: Ink levels are empty. Hayene: Great. The greatest space program in history forgets to install ink into ATONE! Valentina: It's not like I've never seen that before... Jebediah: The incident on Moho was caused by it... Valentina: Yep. They couldn't just put on solar panels! Hayene: It's all coming together...not really. ATONE: I would rather people not talk about it. Hayene: I wonder if he is able to withhold information... (looks behind her, only to find the other three Kerbonauts blocking her view) ...maybe if the others are blocking him, he wouldn't. Valentina: But, you feel prepared for your trip to the second planet of Villia? Hayene: Indefinitely! Valentina: Okay...I hope you have a great time there! Send back a postcard for me, okay? Jebediah: Will do... Valentina: Alright. Bye! Every Kerbonaut: Bye! (Bloop! Hang up.) ATONE: Get back in your seats. The ship will start thrusting in 5 minutes and 13 seconds. (5 minutes later...) ATONE: 12...11...10...9...8...7...6...5... Hayene: So help me Kod... (Ignition!)
  8. Hehehe...I'm still writing Chapter II right now.
  9. Hayene: Hey ATONE, any idea what that white dot in the distance is? ATONE: Hayene, it is the Science and Communications Module. Today we will be assembling the rest of the Station before we depart for Villia. Hayene: Okay...what are you doing to do it? ATONE: I'm currently orienting the Core to line up with the Science Module's docking port. Do not be surprised if you cannot get in immediately, especially with the monopropellant tank in the way. Hayene: Any crew? ATONE: No. They will not come yet. But among those may be a very special surprise. Hayene: What's the surprise? ATONE: For now it is Classified. But he is among the three other crewmembers that will be coming along. Theorie: Tell me right now, who is it? ATONE: It is Classified. Theorie: Alright... ATONE: So maybe you should wait for the Individual Pods to come. Theorie: Whatever, just tell me the freaking name, I swear to Kod! ATONE: This conversation serves no purpose anymore. Prepare for a little jolt. Theorie: Jolt? (The Sci-Comm Module docks to the Core.) Theorie: Ah... Hayene: It's about time, Teddy. Theorie: Don't call me Teddy. Hayene: Want a Teddy, Teddy? Theorie: Okay, we're acting like children. (After one hour...) ATONE: I have detected that the Individual Pods are currently coming toward us. I am aligning them so that they will dock along the side of the Core's Hub. Theorie: Any names, ATONE? ATONE: Do not pester me with commands. I personally would have rather it just been you two on this trip. It would have been amusing. But no. It had to be four more. Theorie: (sliding to the side of his seat) Give me names. ATONE: See for yourself. Hayene: Maybe he's right. Maybe there is a real surprise in store for us. Maybe...maybe...(gasps) maybe Jebediah Kerman! Theorie: Jebediah Kerman? Hayene: Yes, the legendary Jebediah Kerman! He's gone to every single planet and moon in this Solar System. He grazed the atmosphere of Jool, swung around Neidon, and even slipped through the rings of Duna! To have HIM on this mission to such a treacherous planet as Villia would be an honor! ATONE: There have been rumors of "Old Jeb" having discovered the Eleventh Planet, End, in the outer reaches of the System. I believe they are simply just rumors made by a Jeb worshipper, because it is still a complete theory at this moment. Hayene: Well, I wish there were an Eleventh Planet. Because for Jeb to go on a mission like this would be a waste if he discovered the Eleventh Planet. (adjusts her ponytail) ATONE: The cans are coming in. Prepare for Alice's docking. Hayene: Alice? Where's Jeb? ATONE: The names are classified. Hayene: Well, I better look! (opens the door to the Storage Container) (In comes a female Kerbonaut, through the docking ports. She climbs up through the port, grabbing on for when it spins.) Hayene: Hello? Kerbonaut: Hi. Um...what's your name? Hayene: Um...Hayene Kerman, at your service. What's yours? Kerbonaut: My name is Trixy (TRIH-ksie). I came here as an Engineer. Just like the other person aboard here...what's his name... Hayene: Teddy. Theorie: DON'T CALL ME TEDDY! Hayene: Sorry! Is, um...Jeb coming? Trixy: Jeb? Um...I have no idea who he is. Hayene: You don't? Seriously? Trixy: Heh...just kidding. He went everywhere! I remember him reading to me in bed about this one trip to Moho, with his colleagues Bill and Bob! That was a crazy mission. Hayene: Tell me more! Trixy: Nah, I'd rather not. ATONE: Welcome to the EVE I Space Station, Trixy Kerman. Prepare for a rotation. Trixy: I already am! (rushes to put her arms and legs on the walls of the ship) ATONE: I can tell when somebody is lying... Trixy: (mouthing to Hayene) That's a little bit creepy... Hayene: Yeah, sometimes it happens. ATONE: Betty and the rest have been decoupled from Alice. Betty will now be docking. Trixy: What the...who's Betty? Hayene: We just decided on some nicknames for the pods. On the port side is Alice, the bow's pod is Betty, the starboard is Carol, and the stern's is Diane. Trixy: Alice...Betty...Carol...Diane...will there be an Ellen? Hayene: There were only four pods in the stack. The fifth is for the rockets. Which should be coming soon, to be honest. Trixy: Okay, I think the Betty Kerbal is coming in... (Another female Kerbonaut comes in.) Kerbonaut: Good afternoon everyone, I am Lagerissa (LAH-gurh-EE-suh) Kerman, Vice President of DAS. Is this station headed for Villia? Trixy: Yep. It's in the name. Lagerissa: Well, I hope the onboard computer can change the destination... ATONE: Hello, DAS-VP Largerissa Kerman. Welcome to the EVE I Space Station. Lagerissa: Can this go to Dres? (raises hands in air) ATONE: No. (A couple of minutes of sheer silence, as the Station rotates.) ATONE: Carol is coming in. (A male Kerbonaut comes in.) Kerbonaut: Um...hi girls. (scratches forehead) Hayene: Hi. What's your name? Kerbonaut: Nelgel (NEHL-juhl). Call me Jelly if you want... Hayene: Hi Jelly. Nelgel: (punches Hayene) OH KOD, I'M SO SORRY! ATONE: Hello, Nelgel Kerman. Welcome aboard the EVE I Space Station. Nelgel: Thanks. I heard there were some pretty hot girls aboard... (Hayene, and Trixy give Nelgel a glare, while Lagerissa just hands him a business card.) ATONE: And now for Diana. Prepare for a rotation. Nelgel: There's only enough room for four of us in here-- Hayene/Trixy: You! Nelgel: Alright, fine! (heads up to the command pod) Hey Teddy! Theorie: CALL ME TEDDY ONE MORE TIME! Nelgel: My name's Nelgel, call me Jelly. Theorie: Jelly. Nelgel: Teddy. (The docking port closes, but we hear muffled punches.) (In from the Hub comes a Kerbonaut...a Male Kerbonaut...wearing an orange suit.) Lagerissa: Lagerissa Kerman, VP of the CAS. Kerbonaut: Who who of the what what? (takes off helmet) Trixy: Daddy! Kerbonaut: There you are, little Trixter... (hugs her) Hayene: Oh Kod...are you Jebediah Kerman? Kerbonaut: Why yes I am! (sits down on one of the chairs) I still have a sample of material from my trip to Mios! (holds up a plastic baggie) Hayene: (squeals) Jebediah: Jeez, you're hurting my fragile ears! Hayene: I'm sorry, I'm just so happy to meet you! Jebediah: So, um...where are we going today? Hayene: We're going to Villia! ATONE: Hello, Old Jeb Kerman. Welcome aboard the EVE I Space Station. When the Propulsion Module comes, the Station will begin its transfer to Villia. Jebediah: Old Jeb...that's a weird name. ATONE: Jebediah is a weird name. Jebediah: Don't care. I honestly have been to most every body in this System. Let me think...there's...Villia, and its moons Aden and Neiht...Duna, Nyke, Demi... Moho...lonely, lonely Moho... (shudders) Mios, Glac, Serc...odd names, certainly. Dres... Lagerissa: Dres! Jebediah: Stop interrupting, I'm thinking...Cykel is the last Inner Object. Hayene: Richell? Iber? Jebediah: Yep, that's alright! And then there's... Jool and its six moons...Laythe, Eeloo, Tylo...Klip... and Bop and Pol. Hayene: I think there's more... Jebediah: Oh right right! Um...Sarnus...Hale, Ovok, Alu, Vall...Slate...oh, giant Slate...Tekto! I still have some Tektonian air on me! Well, not ON me, but ON me. Urlum, Polta, Priax, Wal, Tal... Neidon! Pocc, Thatmo, Nissee! And then there's...Plock. Khato. Beros. Kyx. And, um, Naal! Outermost body! Very football-shaped. And that's it. Hayene: But...but what about End? Jebediah: I'm not sure it even exists. But for now there are ten planets within this System. And ten is a perfect, round number. 5 on the inside, 5 on the outside. We've got 2 dwarves on the inside, 2 on the out. Trixy: So, um...can you tell us about that incident on Moho? Jebediah: Well, yes. Um, funny story, so, me and Bob were going on a little EVA on the surface, and-- ATONE: The Propulsion Module will be docking. Prepare for an impact. It will be too heavy to thrust toward us, so we will have to thrust toward it. Prepare for a little bit of sliding as it docks. Jebediah: --and that's how I learned about fixing a rover! Hayene: Um, great story...but do you think you could add a little bit more detail? Jebediah: Well,, Bob and I, we-- (Dock!) ATONE: Testing rocket engines. Prepare for heavy Gs. (Rocket engines activate.) Jebediah: Stop interrupting my story, ATONE! ATONE: That incident on Moho is in the past. Forget about it. (Rocket engines stop.) Lagerissa: I just have to ask, how, in the name of Kod, creator of every planemo, small body, and fusor in this Universe, did you survive the incident? Jebediah: Hard work and perseverance, that's what! But cowardly Bob...different story. Hayene: I should probably check on Teddy and Jelly in the Command Pod. (opens the hatch) Hey Theorie, we should probably swap. Theorie: Let me guess, JEB came. Hayene: Exactly. I'm going to need some time with Nelgel, anyway. Theorie: Only two people...fine. I guess I'll get...NELGEL. Out. Nelgel: Oh come on! Theorie: You like Jeb, don't you? Nelgel: Kind of... Theorie: In what kind of way? Nelgel: Platonic. Theorie: Alright, okay. Just get out! 5... Nelgel: (opens the door to the Storage Container and leaves) Hayene: Okay...that was weird. Alright, soon we're going to Villia. Theorie: I certainly hope so. I think everybody's having a good time down there, hanging out with "Old Jeb." Hayene: This is going to be a long, long mission. Hey, we didn't have any landers with us, did we? Theorie: Nope. We're just orbiting...orbiting...orbiting... Hayene: I'll miss him. Theorie: Who? Hayene: My husband...though I should probably call him every day. Theorie: No wonder you act so reasonable. ATONE: Daisy...Daisy...give me your answer do... (The Space Station, now complete, just waits for the Villia launch window...) (To be continued...)
  10. 200: A Space Odyssey - Precursor to 300, but set IN SPACE! 2001: A Pace Odyssey - Exactly the same as 2001: A Space Odyssey, but even more sluggish. 201: A Space Odyssey - The sequel to 200. 001: A Space Odyssey - Agent 001 in SPACE! The ROM - A guy finds a CD-ROM and promptly goes insane.
  11. Haha...chapter two will be posted sometime between 2:30 and 6:30, probably later.
  12. Cover Photo Gene (JEEN): Go for launch? Hayene (HYE-een): Yep. For sure. Gene: Okay. T-minus 10...9...8...7...6...ignition sequence start...4...3...2...1...and liftoff! Hayene: I hope we will survive! Hope and pray! Theorie (THEER-ee): Well, keep hoping, sister! This may be the last of us! Hayene: Hey ATONE-3192...what's our current chance of survival? ATONE (AY-tohn): Your chance is currently a 75%. Theorie: Never tell me the odds! ATONE: Never tell me whether or not to tell you the odds. Theorie: What the...thanks for the sarcasm. ATONE: We are beginning our gravity turn now. Prepare for a little bit of wobble with the ship. Don't panic. Hayene: There is a time for panicking, don't you know? ATONE: The solid rocket boosters have ran out of fuel. Prepare for an explosion. Theorie: Explosion? WHY? ATONE: Whoops. Already happened. Pitching further down. Prepare for wobble. Theorie: Wobble... Hayene: It's only natural, with the highly experimental engine that we are using down below. Theorie: Natural...pfft, nothing here is NATURAL! Hayene: Stop being a pain, brother! Theorie: Yeah, I'm gonna pay attention to my twin. Hayene: Well, I just hope you don't jeopardize the mission! ATONE: The main engine has cut off. We will now be initiating the orbit insertion burn. Hayene: About time! After 1 minute... ATONE: We have been inserted into a Low Kerbin Orbit. The Science/Comms Module, the Pods, and the Propulsion Modules will be coming sometime soon. Hayene: Great! We're alive! Theorie: You know what...I feel like going on EVA. ATONE: You cannot go on EVA until the pods have been supplied. Theorie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop giving orders! Theorie opens the can door... Theorie: Wow...what a beautiful sunrise! To be continued...