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  1. Oh hey, somebody else posted. And they forgot that this thread died yesterday.
  2. Okay, this thread will be officially dead. There would be no objects added in this mod that others wouldn't add. So bye bye.
  3. If Moons of Eeloo is installed in conjunction with RevSS and OPM, what will happen to Alu; will it be removed or become a moon of the gas giants/become a centaur? And also, if you haven't yet, please check the PlanPakX forum page.
  4. What will happen with Alu if RevSS and OPM are installed? Will it be moved to orbit around Urlum, like RevSS Eeloo? This is only when RevSS 1.0 comes out...
  5. You forgot the fuel tank. I send a mission to Sarnus to explore it and its moons Hale, Ovok, Mimoine, Encethies, Derite, Slate, Tekto, and Gobe, using a Jool gravity assist and with outfitted with an atmospheric probe and Tekto lander.
  6. If OPM and PPX are installed, what will happen to Gobe? Will it be Sarnus' or Odo's moon?
  7. No mission, no way to destroy. I send a probe to Urlum using an EKKJGA, with an atmospheric probe and a Wal lander.
  8. ...which sends it to a gravity assist trajectory to Moho, impacting it. I use Moho to send it back to Eve, and then back to Kerbin.
  9. The capsule explodes out of nowhere, just standing still. I send a circumnavigating rover to Gilly.
  10. Being that it's so hard to plan an encounter, it never comes close to it. Then I guess we'll return to Kerbin...
  11. It instead soft-lands on Duna. I try a Jool-9 challenge (Kev, Ameli, Volkin, Vall, Tylo, Klip, Bop, Gobe, Pol).
  12. You know what? I'm just adding only a couple of the bodies, and it will be compatible with Xen's Planet Collection, RevSS, and IPM/OPM. For starters, Onor and Yuppo, a binary NKO in a little more than a resonance with Kerbin, kinda unstable even. Principia's installation will have its orbit slowly change until it makes a close Kerbin encounter. Onor would be slightly smaller than Hale and Yuppo will be a tenth of Onor's size, and a hundredth of its mass. Thus, you will be able to easily land on Yuppo and Onor using an EVA pack, or simply even RCS. Pike and Dike will be moons of Duna, semi-analogous to Phobos and Deimos, respectively. Pike will orbit within Ike's orbit, and if XPC is installed, will be in a location just outside the rings. Dike will orbit beyond Ike, often subject to transits. Pike will be one of the brightest moons in the game, while Dike would be one of the darkest. Pike's size would be a bit larger than Hale and Dike's a little smaller. Usta would be a hybrid Vesta-Pallas analog; a highly-inclined asteroid that will require Jool's gravity to get to because of the tilt. It will be an interesting asteroid with craters up to wazoo, including a giant crater that practically covers half the planet. It would be 1/2 the size of Dres but 2/3 the mass, and have a bluish color scheme. Klip would be the largest moon of Jool, between the sizes of Duna and revamped Tylo. However, it still wouldn't be the most massive, only being a little more massive than Vall. It looks similar to the starfield in the game, thus explaining why its discovery was so late; they thought it was a hole in Jool and only was discovered as a moon after it made a rare eclipse of Tylo. Pocc is going to be the innermost moon of Neidon, a Proteus analog; it would possibly be the most common destination of Neidon's moons considering that it's like a break from the hardness of Thatmo and Nissee. Its size would be larger than that of Nissee, but no larger than Bop. Naal orbits in a 7:12 resonance with Neidon, and was in fact an early name for the planet before it was officially named. It looks like an upsized, more extreme Ovok, and rotates with a period of 12 minutes, the fastest of any body in the game, stretching it into a triaxial ellipsoid. It has relatively few craters considering its huge rotation speed, and the ones that actually did impact it are smeared across the body. Its smallest radius would be that of Bop, mean of Khato, and largest of Mun.
  13. Of course, they're traveling so fast that what little fuel they have is quickly depleted. I send an orbiter to Duna which will explore Pike, Ike, Nyke, and Dike as its moons.
  14. Ootopia: A world where everybody just says "Oooooooooooooo" all the time, 24/7.