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  1. Actually, NVM the Vesta/Chiron analog idea...GregoxMun is considering writing a config for Revamped Stock Kerbol System that makes it a moon of Revamped Eeloo if used in conjunction with OPM. Also, 64K is upscaling every body by 6.4x.
  2. Forget my older post. I'd implement OPM, RevSS' new bodies, the Moons Of Eeloo, Duna, and Eve mods, and several of the bodies from my planned pack (Kros/Error, Naal/Hammy, Pike, Dike, Klip, Usta, and Cobb).
  3. If I were to have any, I'd probably do a naming scheme like... 1.25: Mun-series 2.5: Duna-series 3.75: Jool-series 5: Sarnus-series 7.5: Neidon-series
  4. You could also do a "Voyager 1-A", which should fly by Plock-Karen. Also, the Voyager probes did have fuel; a monopropellant tank, and used its attitude control thrusters for trajectory correction maneuvers as well.
  5. ...I've come up with the name of Error: ...I actually haven't. Maybe give me some suggestions?
  6. Hey, I'm kinda a trajectory geek...if you wanted to, would it be possible to use a gravity assist (from Eve, Kerbin, or Duna)? If you don't want to, it's also fine.
  7. ...kinda. :| Though really, thanks to Augustus, most of the objects are gone because some are purposeless... Though really, I came up with the names of Usta and Qlass by removing the second letter of, respectively, Vesta and Pallas' names, and shifting their first letters forward one letter; Just like Dres. Though now Hammy's going to be renamed Naal and Error to something else.
  8. Yes, I think that Hammy/Naal would be a good addition to the system, as usual. Also, maybe a hybrid analog wouldn't be a bad idea at all. At first I thought this mod would be a rival of OPM, but it's fine if it is meant to work with it (if OPM is not installed with the mod, Cobb will be a moon of Eeloo and/or Jool). Maybe I'll also add RevSS, IPM, and XenonClave Planet Pack compatibility? Oh, and I like the idea of Error being like Apophis! I was going for an Eros analog, but still, Apophis and 1950 DA are cool! Hm...maybe Z could be like Coruscant...I wouldn't deny it! How can I make them less cringe-y?
  9. ...oh wow! I didn't even notice the new posts in this!
  10. Do you have plans to add compatibility to other planet packs like Xen's Planet Collection, Kerbol Plus/Origins, and Sentar Expansion? Or IPM?
  11. Would you want to add new bodies to the Inner Kerbol System?
  12. You realize you forgot engines and it only makes a flyby. I try to impact Moho with a probe.
  13. The tanks overheat and explode. I send an orbiter to either Mun or Minmus.
  14. It explodes even though you made nothing. I send a mission to Voon.
  15. Well, isn't it obvious what happens? I create nothing.