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  1. More pics: CSM and LM in orbit around the Mun. LM during its final descent burn after undocking from the LM. Picking a landing spot. Touchdown! Deploying the rover. Driving over to the Twin Craters to do science! I managed to flip my rover after driving less than a kilometer. In doing so, I managed to destroy not only the only transmitter I had onboard, but also my only means of keeping my rover's batteries charged for the duration of the trip. Stealing a solar panel from the LM. Attaching aforementioned solar panel to rover. Almost as good as new! Rover hooked up to charging module. Heading back to the LM after a pleasant night-drive. Four days later and I've lost both front wheels and a battery pack. Liftoff! Circularizing orbit in preparation for rendezvous with CSM. Ascent stage docked with CSM. CSM undocking from ascent stage. The ascent stage will be deliberately destroyed with a brick of C4 five minutes after the CSM departs.
  2. My attempt at miniaturizing the J-Class LM: Earlier version with charging module and rover still attached:
  3. Experimented with towing gliders at transonic speeds.