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  1. Same here. Looks like RPM is trying to overwrite a file registered to RPM Core.
  2. Wouldn't work for me. Here's the link: http://imgur.com/a/1slMS
  3. I was trying to, but I'm not sure how to embed an Imgur album.
  4. The game currently supports 1-way mirror symmetry. I would like to see support added for 2-way and possibly 4-way mirror symmetry. I feel like this would greatly simplify building of both spaceplanes and rockets.
  5. Could you make it so that when parachutes are armed, they don't automatically deploy until it's safe?
  6. Very nice! I would like to see the textures be switchable between "not rusty," "somewhat rusty," and "very rusty" (current) so we can see what these were like when new or less rusty.
  7. Can you add four way mirror symmetry to this?
  8. I've tried installing this on two separate installs with CKAN and it hasn't worked on either. What's wrong?
  9. Actually, there's a really great mod called SmartStage that will reorder the stages for you, and works especially well on asparagus staging. I've also found a mod called AutoAsparagus, but I haven't tried it yet. It should be fully compatable with SmartStage though.
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