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  1. I can attest that over in Commercial Communication classes at MGIMO we spent an inordinate amount of time practicing this exact kind of stipulations. Ironic. Korolyov was built as a non-classified replacement for the still-closed TsUP at Krasnoznamensk in time for the Apollo-Soyuz flight, so it was top of the line early 1970s stuff.
  2. After having dealt with a few copy-paste applicant tests too many, I'm weighting what the measured response should be.
  3. Now that's an interesting tidbit that helps along with my different problem (a hemisphere of Laythe being red when using SVE). Gonna look through the versions... as well as follow your procedure when testing with Hyperedit. Not at all surprised it causes issues... mostly surprised how it only causes these issues beyond the orbit of Jool. Thanks.
  4. Coworker: "...so here I was having to Snip every slide from the screenshare, paste it into Paint, and the save it manually." Me: "Why didn't you just PrtScr it?" Coworker: "Same difference - still have to paste it into Paint or Word and save it." Me: "Win+PrtScr saves directly into a folder in Images." Coworker: "... ... ...
  5. And yet there are problems with essentially every word in that statement. Quite often, the question is less "how much we are willing to do" and more "how much we are willing to sacrifice", in terms of short-term growth and personal conveniences. That the quasi-religious alarmists get an outright high demanding such sacrifices only helps spur a counter-reaction ("I will not love in a pod. I will not eat bugs." et cetera). And while people are willing to sacrifice, there is a very narrow limit of "each other". Your examples of societal transformation are generally examples of transformation as part of a struggle against someone, be it imperialism or lack of a colonial empire. So you're trying to leverage the instincts that actually drive partisanship and tribalism - those that either drive me to buy Gazprom shares (once the current brouhaha boils over) or those that drive people into ragging on "climate change deniers" without leaving any energy for positive action. And there probably isn't a good outcome or a better option, because much of human social self-identification hinges on what and who your group is opposed to. Few people are willing to sacrifice for complete strangers outside of their own tribe. Even fewer of these people are anyone of consequence.
  6. Dumb question on issues I actually ran across four years ago and never properly chased: are any of these known glitches? Or can they be caused by me using Hyperedit to planet-hop while checking out the new atmospheres? First four screenshots use nothing but OPM and the rest use Astronomer's pack, although similar effects were observed when installing Pood's+SVE combo. For some reason, Slate and even other airless bodies from OPM seem to be affected. Eeloo gets the same pudgy texture stick as Slate. Please note the wording of the question at the top - I'll be thankful for a pointer. If getting to the bottom of this requires digging into logs, I might just drop OPM entirely. OPM comes with its own terrain textures pack, so not only are the added planets unlikely to use the new shaders, but something might as well break. Full compatibility requires an actual patch on behalf of OPM authors or a third party.
  7. @Ozzy.R, ran across the Red Laythe issue as well. Also, thanks to you, I for the first time realized that SVE features OPM configs. The description in the OP is somewhat contradictory... but it would go a long way towards explaining why I've got major cloud problems when trying to combine SVE and Pood's clouds mod. Update: so I've been able to fix the Red Laythe issue by rolling back to 0.0772. However, the clouds elsewhere are getting messed up and nothing shows up on the OPM planets. By going back to the version the mod was compiled for - 0.054 - I ended up with transparent oceans. Which Scatterer version am I supposed to roll back to?
  8. Moscow's Polytechnical Museum are either penny-pinchers or very inventive, but they did give one tow truck driver the time of his life.
  9. *gives side-eye to six near-identical decouplers* Actually I just got pumped about mounting a drogue and two main chutes onto the same ring.
  10. You gotta put a warning sticker somewhere that the orange chute isn't a drogue. The different colors made me expect four different chute parts.
  11. Roscosmos claims the government has finally thrown some cash towards the Marathon (IoT, 264 sats) and Skif (consumer Internet, 12 sats) constellations. https://tass.ru/kosmos/13434877
  12. They can't possibly hope to patent laser-driven H-B fusion, can they?
  13. They have achieved such rare and tremendous enlightenment that they actually read the problem before attempting to come up with a solution.
  14. Shocked to learn that what I for years assumed to be the Mandarin duck is in fact the Brahminy duck.
  15. This is the standard line of thought - so standard that Eugene Messner, colonel of the Russian Imperial Army, was able to independently arrive at it in exile in the early 1960s (and MAD, and modern insurgency-centric warfare). However, the desire to smite petty enemies from afar keeps pushing people (mostly the USG, but I've heard rumblings from the Russian side) towards nothing less than conventionally-tipped ICBMs, of which the most advanced proposal was Conventional Trident. It seems to have instead morphed into the W76-2-tipped Trident ostensibly designed to deter Russian tactical nuclear blackmail ...with matching tactical nuclear blackmail. However, the people furthest down this road are actually the Chinese, who have a large number of "regionally strategic" missiles with an express dual (nuclear and conventional) mission.
  16. It seems that during my Wednesday expedition, the wind was so cold that I got a headache, so I took a day off. Today I got to the newfangled Museum of Cryptography, formerly the Marfino sharashka. Let's start far off. That sharashka - once it got Solzhenitsyn and the rest of its mostly-convict team to develop a serviceable secure telephone system for the Soviet leadership - became NII-2, which today is Avtomatika, one of the many parts of the sprawling RosTech holding. In order to commercialize its military/intelligence IT capabilities, Avtomatika and a network snooper manufacturer called Citadel have budded off a new enterprise that owned the Marfino site and built the museum as a sideshow for its HQ. The company that runs the museum is called... Kryptonite. It would appear the Russian para-defense industry is preparing for every eventuality.
  17. You forgot "arguing over taxonomies", "selling green certifications" and "trying to count all the $$$ they can earn by supporting transition but not really".
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