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    SpaceFund Reality Rating

    Apparently they don't factor in the support from parent companies. Wouldn't you agree that a direct subsidiary of LockMart and Boeing (or, in this case, a fairly successful airline) is inherently "realer" than a venture firm?
  2. Wait, Max Q happens before Mach 1? I did not know that.
  3. You could say she's chill.
  4. BTW, the promoters of The Hobbit almost made this real. Yes, please. It was the worst variant of all the runner-ups.
  5. DDE

    Will StratoLaunch Fly?

    Extremely. This shows there’s little to no continuity in leadership, that it was one guy’s pet project.
  6. DDE

    SpaceFund Reality Rating

    As someone who worked in corporate credit ratings, this irks me off immediately. Our methodologies were public. ...because we heavily relied on inside information shared by the clients as a source of our ratings’ added value. But it’s obvious that a non-public methodology is open to abuse and bias, because you’re taking the people familiar with it at their word. With a “reality” rating you can’t even attempt an independent validation because “reality” is a subjective measure you can’t explain with a publicly known formula, unlike, say, 1-year probability of default. What’s their business model? Oh, look, it’s a crypto investment fund, and this rating is their sideshow.
  7. You don’t need to go northwards by much. For example, the Soviets were so optimistic they made an API round for the 7.62 mm pistol cartridge used in the Tokarev pistol and various submachine guns, with the explicit purpose of gas tank explosions (again, perhaps optimistic). Hell, even the current 9x21 mm that’s being aggressively marketed this month has an AP-tracer variant. Amd them you have the FSB reportedly embracing Wh40k cosplay with a 12.7x55 mm:
  8. The matter of the case compltely aside - since he was a diplomat from neither of the four, those passports won’t exactly help him - and keeping in mind that these were not secondary identities, the Irish diplomats visited him yesterday and they too know him as Paul Wheelan, here’s an abstract question I have: Why would anyone grab every citizenship you can file for like a magpie in a jewelry store? I get having a double citizenship when your “primary” isn’t a Western country - which is why I make an effort to keep my ‘Murrican tourist visa valid - but all of his are in the Anglosphere.
  9. DDE

    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    We'll solve the other problems when we get to them (tm) Because this is how the brains of laymen work with regards to space colonization. Since the proponents wanna go laces, evidently it's easier to live there. Worse yet, since it's borderline "cli-fi" (that's apparently a thing), the ability to survive the ecological collapse on Earth gets in the way of the basic premise: anthropogenic degradation of the entire biosphere being an unrevivable doomsday scenario.
  10. Thing is, there are options beyond 9 mm most of these tests used. As there are options beyond ordinary kinetic FMJs.
  11. Kinetic deformation (or, in at least one model produced by Denel, it would appear that the armour is purposefully detonated at range) is much easier than relying on electromagnetic forces and basically wrapping your tank in capacitors. Problem is, things smaller than tanks have a problem not imploding from ordinary ERA, and nearby infantry gets shredded by Arena-style 'flying claymores', which encourages the search for these sorts of exotic systems.
  12.  Nothing new (as is fairly common for an Eric Berger article), but the situation is emphatically real. Roscosmos has basically became complacent, more reliant on NASA than in the late lean years of Mir. That dependency would have been over sooner or later since it was a product of very specific - and very odd - circumstances, mostly revolving around the Shuttle. It has utterly failed to chart a path where it would have been as crucial a partner in the future - like, manage to replace Commercial Crew with Kliper or Federatsya Oh, great, look at this zombie at my doorstep! https://www.rt.com/news/449146-apophis-asteroid-impact-risk-earth/ Now you’re going to tell me someone’s running around with the “DNA fragments from GMO foods” canard again. https://yandex.ru/?sidebar=news&sidebar_href=https%3A%2F%2Fm.news.yandex.ru%2Fstory%2FFragmenty_DNK_iz_GMO-pishhi_popadayut_v_kletki_cheloveka--92547a37e4a71730985d2f1506984dd4%3Flang%3Dru%26from%3Drub_portal%26stid%3DLbgaRcHk%26t%3D1547833081%26lr%3D213%26msid%3D1547833821.5352.139643.3699%26mlid%3D1547833081.th_science.92547a37 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF...
  13. Well... what is Kosmos-2523?
  14. Let’s revisit the old “shoot gas tank for car explosion” trope. Justs how impossible is it? And what happens if we use an actual gas (propane)?
  15. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Oh, absolutely. I’ve been skimming over the 400-page minutae for the Korolev Readings, and I’ve encountered something absolutely on-topic for this thread - and I was hoping they did the English translation for me. Anyway, key highlights of the stream of consciousness: “Defence from threats is not only local but global. Countering these threats (which!? - ed.) requires a multimodal complex for rapid and long-range delivery of various systems, and their physical protection.” It namedrops the Keldysh nuclear-electric space tuv Some sort of an “heat memory” aerospace vehicle capable of executing tactical missions in space This aerospace vehicle absolutely must be launched from an ekranoplan using a methalox booster Another bulletpoint refers to a 1980 MAI design for a nuclear ekranoplan. Since it’s also using a helium-xenon primary reactor coolant, a connection with the Keldysh tug becomes apparent. The last bulletpoint jumps to... gas pipelines (what about them?) The “results of research” are, apparently, an acoustic leak detector that can be used with the aforementioned reactor or be strapped to a drone to patrol pipelines (OK...) and a “bimetallic electron(ic) cell”, some sort of an elementary particle repository that is implied to rival fission power in storage density. I shall investigate these nuts further; RIP weekend.
  16. DDE

    Space Nuclear Power

    The UDMH makes literally no difference
  17. *skips over thirty pages of RVSN guys talking about the heating in their “special buildings”* An approach to evaluating the effectiveness of geostationary orbit inspector satellites when conducting trajectory planning I need to get this to Bart Hendrickx, legit. It’s going to be a talk about how three sats with 1 km/s dV apiece can inspect every object in GEO in a year, and an algorithmic system to plot routes dynamically while accounting for remaining dV reserves of deployed vehicles and the current battlegroup count. Also, a Nastya Kudryavtseva argues that Fobos-Grunt and AngoSat were taken out by Russia constantly jumping between using and not using daylight saving time.
  18. On the other hand, Igritsky, also from Baumann, argues for a greater efficiency of VABs for larger rockets. The same Igritsky - apparently very concerned with logistics - also argues for using the planned hydroelectric powerplant basin to secure waterway access to Vostochnyi.
  19. Yusufova, Odinokov, how did you manage to slip a lecture on blockchain into the Korolev Readings!? LOL, Levchenko from MAI tries to rouse everyone up by mentioning Korona as the ultimate answer to SpaceX. Oh dear, this has to be seen to be believed! I feel lucky I never went into professional science.
  20. Oh, look, a Keldysh report evaluating the interaction of multiple turboelectric generators onboard spacecraft. And another one, evaluating oscillations in an electric rocket’s cooling loop. And a Baltic Technical University report on increasing emissiivity of said turbine’s blades. That tug is at least not a deck of slides.
  21. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    If someone can fish out the following reference, I promise you it’s a treat. I’ve encountered it in the 2019 Korolev readings, in Russian, but apparently unchanged over six years. Kurkin I.I., Merkov A. Competing evolution of engines, power installations and mobile starting complexes under scenarios of atmospheric and space prospects // 63rd International Astronautical Congress. Naples, Italy, 2012.
  22. Probably coincidence. Remember my previous post about asteroid defence? It slightly predates Making SDI Great Again. Another Baumann presentation concerns electric ignition in small gaseous methane-gaseous lOx thrusters. SpaceX fans detected.
  23. Oh dear... a few pages down there’s a lecture by the “Planetary Defense Centre” and their Space Patrol/Citadel-1 asteroid buster complex, trying to literally ride on the impending R-36 retirement resulting (with one “minor” hitch) in hundreds of Dnepr rockets. Followed by lifting bodies for Venus EDL and - oh, the irony - an analysis of Soyuz emergencies. Also making an appearance are electrodynamic tethers and a solar thermal rocket. Whoa, Baumann guys are still trying to get ramjets with boron fuel slurries to work...
  24. (Editing accidental duplicate post) Reading into the source minutes: http://www.korolevspace.ru/sites/default/files/uploads/Abstr_2019_v1.pdf The Energomash guy has just directly contradicted Sutton, saying that Energomash, at 18 thousand engines produced, is the most prodigious in the business. They seem to not know of the 50k Bullpup missiles, and may have been outdone by Lavochkin’s in-house RD-0200 alone.