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  1. Me last autumn when I'd gone from +30⁰C to a subzero snowstorm in less then 10 km... of which 1 km vertically. My current annual mountain outing hasn't been as exciting.
  2. They actually tried reducing GAU-8 to the quad-barrel GAU-13 and turn that into a gun pod as well, and then strap that to an F/A-16 (yes, there was such a designation). I hear the results were quite interesting... but at least it didn't eject the dashboard into the pilot's lap as the MiG-27 would do when firing its own 30 mm Gatling.
  3. "Not to worry, we're still flying half a quadcopter!"
  4. Soyuz-2.1v out of Baikonir with an Iranian remote sensing satellite. Third stage burn complete, Fregat separated. https://tass.ru/kosmos/15427073
  5. With regard to incendiaries, the Geneva conventions prohibit setting civilians on fire or using incendiaries in manner that can likely result in civilians getting set on fire. These are fairly redundant clauses given the overall restrictions on violence towards civilians found in said conventions. WPs are one of several weapon types where the words "forbidden by international law" get thrown around incessantly and incorrectly.
  6. So there's a military crisis every day now, huh? Some people are feeling left out.
  7. Today is International Traffic Light Day This has to be the most useless one in the world.
  8. I'm not entirely sure it's something they can do or if the problem is on their end. Granted I have never even seen the Caller ID system in action for calls - the only stuff we get out here are paid third-party phone number databases. And yeah, I've been getting very specific auto insurance spam recently. My father's deets must've been leaked.
  9. Even the number of words should clue you in as to the scope of changes being suggested. Emotionally it's simpler to just build a better powerplant. Building codes, it starts to get administratively and politically complicated. Once you get to the overhaul of all energy and transportation, you enter "sticker shock" territory. Ever wondered why snake oil is such an attractive remedy?
  10. I think writing also has decidedly mundane advantages. I hate to brag, but despite being somewhat tongue-twisted I seem to have an easier time putting my thoughts into writing than many people around me. As a slide-drawing cubicle rat, it helps.
  11. Before guns were mounted on planes, this led to the popularity of the "broomhandle" Mauser due to its air-to-air performance.
  12. And this is usually where the fundamental disagreement lies: positing some long-forgotten golden age when [your political system of choice] worked flawlessly. But then [these people] came along and ruined it. If only we [took punitive actions] against [these people]!
  13. That's how you ensure MBS dumps his Western assets - if not sets them on fire, literally- and moves what can be moved into Bank of China. The reason the Western financial system is awash with the money of foreign kleptocrats is because there is a risk of that money being taken away from them, either by rival cronies or by a bunch of loons waving red flags, whereas Western countries respect the sanctity of private property and not take people's stuff arbitrarily. * used to respect; you'd think people would have gotten the message back during the Cyprus deposits "haircut" back in 2014
  14. "Space torpedo" is a term of legitimate defense discussion https://www.livescience.com/every-country-wants-space-force.html
  15. Closing dostance to 75 km tomorrow
  16. Several years, basically. It takes quite a while to outfit the fabricated pressure hull.
  17. It's rather hard to tell, since you insist on treating solar as a spherical cow in a vacuum, while taking the absolute worst examples of nuclear energy mismanagement and declaring them to be daming for the concept as a whole. It's an approach about as scientific as posting a video of a burning wond turbine and delcaring that all renewables are over.
  18. Missed that bit on the first read. Challenge accepted. https://www.world-nuclear-news.org/Articles/Reprocessing-contract-signed-for-fast-reactor-comp
  19. So, after the bulk of fhe dirty work is already done, and all that's left is within the capabilities of a regular electrician. And that's another interesting bit. Places may report as having a purely "green" electrical grid, but there's the question of consumer and indistrial heating sources. Iceland doesn't have a problem there, but what about everyone else?
  20. Soyuz-2.1v, Plesetsk, Kosmos 2558 https://t.me/roscosmos_gk/6078 Possible third Nivelir with inspector subsatellite targeting USA 236 https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1554199679608492033.html
  21. So the problem isn't with nuclear as a technology, it's with the execution. Ah, yes, the vaunted industrial powerhouse of *checks Wiki* Albania. Are we? A demand for evidence is not an ad hominem.
  22. Evidently, not. It took cheap Chinese labor and advanced industey to make solar panels economically competitive, whereas your pretty strong claims for DYI solar powerplants remain groundless. While producing orders of magnitude more power, reliably. EDF's importing energy in order to meet Macron's lofty target of exlorted electricity. Purely moronic politics, combined with faulty welds. Don't dismiss the entire class of power sources thanks to a bad apple. Don't blaspheme against Atom, or be divided in His sight.
  23. I have. California as the early adopter is having a crisis where the 25-30 year panels, especially in residential installations, are being decommissioned en masse, and they have no capacity to even properly dispose of them. Also, 25-30 years is quite unimpressive by powerplant standards. If this happens to all of your nuclear powerplants, usually you have bigger problems to worry about than a nationwide power shortage...
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