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  1. DDE's post in Fairings and Tank Butts Disappear was marked as the answer   
    Known bug. Posting to close thread.
  2. DDE's post in Solar power missing was marked as the answer   
    Issue resolved. Turns out CKAN is really crippled.
    [Log]: [Kopernicus]: StarLightSwitcher: Set active star => Sun [Log]: [ModularFlightIntegrator] CalculateSunBodyFlux already has an override [Error]: [SurfaceObject]: Cannot return to original parent, it no longer exists This has led me to dig around the Kopernicus page; CKAN failed to load the new version with a separate Modular Flight Integrator. Once I properly updated, I got power. Props to Steam user Toasty Buns for suggesting to dig in the debug, and a heads-up to @Thomas P. and @pjf; I've had a similar screw-up with Module Manager today, and a few other mods promptly kicked out updates via AVC.
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