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  1. By "cargo module" you mean to ferry supplies, propellant, etc up to the station, or to ferry ore around? Thus far, I have been wishing the ore carriers could be changed to carry fuel as well
  2. That is also true, of course. We will see those (mis)adventures soon
  3. Time for more station building, and including some of the larger 3.75 meter parts, like that awesome 8-sided Cupola module. I apologize for the low quality. I will try to export at 720p next time, as opposed to the current 480p. I just hope I can navigate the settings without breaking something, LOL
  4. Back at it again for part IV. The primary inclusion this time is from the Stockalike Station Parts expansion, though I think that still applies under the broad scope of Nertea's awesome mods. Also upgraded the Command Module with parts from the Kerbal Reusability Expansion, which gives us some Dragon-style parts. Can't wait to try landing this thing Also, a side note, the low quality of these vids has been pointed out. I will try to boost it up to 720p for part 5, if I can navigate my way through settings without breaking something.
  5. Afraid I missed your post before I got to the next part. I am having a difficult enough time getting my Adobe Premiere (only version CS3) to play nice as it is (it keeps making files over 10 gigs), so bear with me for a while. I will try to go through the settings and change this for part 5,... but I sometimes have a Reverse-Midas Touch when it comes to settings,... everything I touch turns to crap, lol. But, I will do my best. Until then, here is the next update, for those who are interested. I apologize again for the low quality, this is a work in progress.
  6. Building a large space station, one piece at a time
  7. Probably cheating a little, but I will go one step further, instead of posting pictures, I'll post video :3 This station building process includes two very special mod groups, all authored by Nertea: Near Future Technologies and Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Me and my buddy RaiderMan plan to build this station as large (and functional) as we can until Kerbal decides to execute Attack Pattern Suicide
  8. Been posting these over on Nertea's "Near Future Technologies" page, but since now we're including Stockalike Station Parts in our station, i felt I should post it here too. Me and RaiderMan want to see just how big of a (functional) station we could build before the game executes Attack Pattern Suicide
  9. Time to start building a Space Station in orbit. The new modules also include parts from Nertea's Stockalike Station Parts Expansion https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/155480-130-stockalike-station-parts-expansion-june-26/ and this was a fun-ass mod to play with, just like the Near Future mods
  10. The one on the left immediately makes me think of the Zarya FGB on ISS <3
  11. Aren't there supposed to be 2 shuttle orbiters on that last stack? After all, gotta have symmetry, right?
  12. About half a tank full, I may shorten the second stage a bit in our next run (which is probably 2 vids away at this point) to compensate
  13. With both engine mounts. The one with the three large ports may look cooler, but my gods, clustering 25 medium engines under the skirt gives us more lifting power than we will ever dream of needing. I love it
  14. Since it was apparently well received the first time, I'll go ahead and post part two of my station-building process. Here we start to have fun with the Near Future Construction parts, which are the heart of any Space Station complex
  15. I was only asking. It will in no way impact my feelings about what we already have. It was worth a shot, that's all. After all, one never knows until they try, right?