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  1. many thank. Thank mr skeltal
  2. Lol. I took myself off the front and moved myself to the back. I'll be back around friday so I want to go sometime that weekend
  3. can you skip me lol I'm not ready, and I'm busy, and ill be back in a week's time
  4. eh. IDK how that works. I might just leave it for now.
  5. @53miner53 Someone must have used a previous save file cause this one didn't have my SS-2 Mission, and doesn't have my polar station core I sent up.
  6. Looking in the save I don't see my SS-2 saved vehicle in there... That was the launch to the pole with the polar station core. Don't delete people's vehicles folks. Doesn't matter, transferred it over from my old save.
  7. I gave you a damn
  8. yay you are done finnaly!
  9. 400 parts like 40-60 fps here ayy lmao
  10. Whats the status of the station currently
  11. Ya 5 dollars per module
  12. @Joseph Kerman No. Stop. And I'm not a girl REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  13. The NSK is the North States of Kerbin in my series. Sadly my series is kind of dead cause I'm a lazy ass and have been slowly working on Episode 3 of Season 4 for like 4 months. NSK is now non-existent tho and was only present in seasons 1-2? I don't even remember all of my own lore lmao