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  1. very nice, get the maritime boat pack for steam engines. also check out this train i made (150,000 tons) [URL][/URL]:cool:
  2. show me your hypersonic aircraft, ill start this is the hsp VII, my most successful high speed aircraft so far and im not sure if i can top it!
  3. huh, that makes sense, thanks! keep an eye out for my hypersonic showcase thread in the spacecraft exchange, ill post it later.
  4. why do they? is it for stability or something? if you dont know then look at these examples.
  5. for some reason my games audio decided to stop working when i used my joystick for the first time, then it would just fade the screen when i tried to bind the joystick again after it reset. I then uninstalled every single mod i had, and nothing changed. i dont remember my steam password so i cant uninstall and reinstall. please help me..........
  6. this is my prized aircraft, the HSP-VII. It got up to mach 7.30 at 25,000 alt 25000 Javascript is disabled. View full album' alt='script>'>
  7. this mod keeps making my game crash!!! it doesn't even give me an "oops" window, it just shuts off! please help me.....
  8. hey i was actually wrong on the mod for the air intakes, they're in b9. whoopsidoodles.
  9. hey thanks you guys your all awsome, i never expected so much support;to be honest i didn't think anyone would reply. also my reply to everyone with the links didnt show up at all when i posted it. thats why i kinda ignored the thread. eh whatever im happy.
  10. thanks you guys. also ill put the url for the mods it will use (scramjets) (for the main body and linear aerospike) (the wings as there are no wings that small and swept) (landing gear) and (airbags) (the vtol stuff) (the thin atmo propeller, its the electric helicopter propeller) (balloon) (the giant solar panels, its the second to the left in the pic) (the intakes for the turboramjets) (pulse detonation engines, it was hard to find so give the guy who made it some support) (solar sail)!%29 (for the black color) i suggest you all check them out they're amazing
  11. hi this is my first post and im gonna try and embed an imgur album so i could use some help. here are the images of my space plane design that i drew in mspaint and they suck so dont be too harsh. did it work? i think it did. i dont even have ksp yet but i know alot about it, ive been learning everything about it. it uses turboramjets that tilt so they can be used for vtol and regular flight. once flying nominally it activates the 4 pulse detonation engines to get up to hypersonic speeds. when flying supersonic it activates the 4 scramjets. since its an ssto, it has engines for space, 1 linear aerospike and 2 ion engines, as well as a deployable solar sail. for thiner atmosperes such as duna's, a small bay containing a single electric collapsable propeller, is activated. it is also prepared for any emergency, like what if you need to make an emergency landing and there is no runway? that is why it is a vtol. but that same situation happens but all engines have failed? it has an inflatable balloon it can use for landing. what about plumiting through the atmospere and the parachutes fail? it has emergency airbags like the ones curiosity used to land on mars. what if there is no land? the airbags double as a float. it can be used in any situation. all things mentioned are from existing mods.