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  1. http://spacedock.info/mod/871/Universe: Star Pack/download/0.5 Right click the download button on spacedock, and click 'Copy link address'
  2. Can I ask that someone creates a patch to make this mod work with Ktolemy (Ktolemy style). Thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry, for the moment, I've been working on Terraria Modding, so I may not be updating this for about a month.
  4. Do you come from a universe like this?: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Perpendicular_Universe
  5. To put it simply, you cannot be from another universe, because you would need to achieve one of two things to get there: Either travel faster than light from the edge of the universe, which is impossible Or go through a wormhole, but it is impossible to do so without using negative energy, and it is impossible to get negative energy. Gotcha.
  6. Well, actually, it isn't. Universe implies that there is only one, and as such, you cannot come from another.
  7. I suppose. I may do stuff, but I have a long to-do list: Finish this week code update 2.5.0 on my Terraria Mod Start coding some planets for ksp More Stuff As you can see, I'm quite BusyTM.
  8. Umm. I just used Sigma Dimensions Mod. Check it out to customize stuff how you want:
  9. Advanced compared to the society of mice. Although I suppose Kopernicus=Magreatha.
  10. Thanks. In case you are wondering why I am active modding wise over here, and not on TCF, is because it takes me not long to code one of these mods. My Terraria mod requires more of my time. I am going to start working on it again at the end of the week, as atm, I am BusyTM.
  11. Fifth Here! I absolutely loved NH back in ksp 1.0.4 and 1.0.5, and I already have an addon planned for NH2 when it comes out. I really wanna code that addon.
  12. OR the Kerbol System is actually only in your head, or maybe a just an inaccurate computer simulation by an advanced civilisation...
  13. The problem is, if it was, then it would probably be impossible that things like stars can form, as the equilibrium of fusion vs gravity is upset when gravity is 10x larger inside the star. Therefore, the Kerbal System cannot exist, as with those constants, stars are impossible, yet Kerbol is a star.
  14. I just thought that it would be fun to do a (short) playthrough.
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