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  1. Less .....ing, more recommendations please. who am I kidding, this is funny.
  2. So I had a capsule splashed down at eve, and a contract to put a flag on eve, so I thought I'd swim to shore and take advantage of the fact that he's there. So for the last hour he's been swimming towards land at 4 x speed and he's a third of the way there. I'm determined to see this thru, so my W key is firmly jammed and I'm watching some TV. What's your "it seemed like a good idea at the time senario"? The more pointless or avoidable the better!
  3. i like to achieve something with out mechjeb, first orbit, first interplanetary transfer whatever. I did it. i learnt how to do it. i write a program to teach my on board computers what i did. mechjeb now in use. mech jeb doesnt always do what you want. switch off your auto pilot, revert to manual. thats how it works in the real world, thats how it works for me here. not cheating, just using an aid sometimes.
  4. fallout 5? i know im a heavy sleeper but how long have i been under?
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