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  1. so I got this mission on a reentry course with 3 units of fuel left. just wanted to share
  2. So I was thinking about this the other day, and realized one simple thing: for crewed craft that intend to return to kerbin, there is no point to maintaining a commnet(or kerbnet if u call it that) link to the KSC. So I was thinking about a perfect option for that, which is to limit the visibility in map mode without a link. I would say that one will not be able to see beyond their current soi that they are in or beyond 1m meters, whichever is closer(this is so people could not see everything when they are in kerbol orbit). Another thing for this limited map is that the orbits will only show the same amount as the lvl 1 tracking station aka no patched conics or encounters. If this is implemented, then players will be more enticed to build a relay network, making the game more fun. Also, if there is a mod for this that works in 1.3 that you know of please point to it. thank you, 322997am
  3. Somewhere in my save I have a dirt cheap plane with 2 or 3 mk1 passenger cabins. It has only 120km of range so I'll have to modify it
  4. Я по русски плохо печатаю. I dunno if I heff time for moderation, although I could bring stuff to the mods attention.
  5. So I'm making a mod, and I was wondering how to apply the texture to the model. Now I've read the files for different mods, so I'm kind of confused, as the cfg said nothing about where the different pieces of the dds need to be placed in the mu model. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. I'm level 6, as I'm finally trying to make a mod. It's harder than it looks.
  7. I was flying my f 35 replica and I did a stunt that I call doing a loop around the vab.
  8. On my desktop, this is true, on my laptop, both that Radeon 6750 and the 2.2 ghz i3 are screaming for halp.
  9. I could use them, but since I'm away from my desktop, and on my laptop the GPU in it probably couldn't handle it.
  10. so i wanted to make a martian style series of comic like stuff, so here is the introduction chapter, or the set up https://imgur.com/a/bXOt9
  11. Nice mod, will check out.
  12. His kerbal features are making rockets that don't explode so you can heff good funding and reputation, he accepts contracts and does them for money and rep. Basically space x is KSP career mode in real life
  13. On that note... I have this game installed on an ssd. It loads for about 10 minutes because my install is enourmous(b9, b9hx, And USI take up a lot of space)
  14. Jokes aside, Elon musk does have some kerbal traits