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  1. So mine is that if you want to land a plane on a short runway, slam on the yaw and turn it around to retro thrust.
  2. Ksp need to fix the performance

    It doesnt run like crap, its just that it runs like crap on YOUR pc. I dont really know the source of the issue, but i get better performance on a gt 730 and a 4 year old i5.
  3. Ksp need to fix the performance

    sorry for saying this, but your drivers are crap. i run this game better on an i5 from 4 years ago better than that
  4. So I was kinda wondering if VTVL is the best method, or there are better ways to recover rockets/reduce prices
  5. Kerbin Infrastructure and Improvements

    oh. i wanted kind of a large monorail so we could actually build designs that use them
  6. Kerbin Infrastructure and Improvements

    railroad? hell yeah. trains in ksp
  7. Scott Kelly plays KSP

    well, if elon musk plays kerbal, then scott kelly might go on the forums
  8. I say do the voltage thing and max current but not much else as that may confuse ppl
  9. The Question of 1.4

    true, but here goes the game off of many people's computers. Nobody wants this game to become sid meiers civilization, but im afraid 2k will clamp down on the modding community to push DLC. Pretty much that is what they did with gta. considering 2k is in some cases worse than EA, I wouldnt hope for development continuing after 1.4
  10. Where is your junkyard?

    So I mean where you have a large amount of stages, old ships, debris etc. I operate one on minmus flats because I have kis. But even without KIS is this something you do?
  11. What's the craziest mission you've ever pulled off?

    I pulled a pod from orbit with a cross section larger than my rocket and it didn’t burn up and yeh kerbal was rescued
  12. KSP Age Groups?

    In my stem private hs, everyone plays this game
  13. Space station?

    I usually make modular stations, so I start small and build as needed. I actually often use my 300km station to do more contracts in one mission. I also operate my stations like ds9 as in no specific purpose, with lots of resources and such. Usually I have a permanent rocket docked there(also repairs are easy because of kis) used for rescue missions. I keep the rescued kerbals up there until I have another reason to send a rocket to there so I just transport them down. It saves a lot of time, fuel, money, and boredom.
  14. Flyby-only grand tour

    I would like to modify the rules as the game glitches the course a bit resulting in my path flailing all over the place. Allow us to make correction burns
  15. Basically title. Decisions that result in the stranding or killing of kerbals. Like the Martian type decisions.