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  1. The mod says that it is compatible with 1.9x. Does this mean that Kopernicus was forked for that version already?
  2. This challenge actually has two parts. Part one consists of making and posting a design of a plane that is very difficult to fly. The second part is flying a plane that another user created. The rules are rather simple. For part 1. The plane has to actually be a plane, and possess the ability to potentially fly. It does not have to(and shouldn't) fly well, but it should be able to. Stick to stock parts Maybe explain in your comment why the plane may be difficult to fly For part 2. Provide proof Explain what you did during the flight\ That's really it. Post designs and flights below
  3. Imo squad should focus on stuff that mods cannot adequately provide. Clouds look great on EVE
  4. Tbh their only use is in clusters
  5. Guys extrapolate from missing data. Seriously. We've been asking since 0.7.3, we were always promised, it was never made. It wont happen. I was part of the people who were campaigning for this on the forums back in '16. Squad doesnt want to do it, it wont happen. resistance is futile
  6. So Uber/lyft for spaceships. cool. but what if someone is a douchebag and crashes the ship somewhere
  7. Title. I wanted to spice things up a little bit on my KSP install to make it look better. What mods are good? which ones do you use?
  8. I play both versions because all my stuff is in 1.3.1 but i checked out 1.4. It loads faster not because it loads faster, but because everyone(including me) deleted their mods. which I have around 50 of.
  9. The more I hear about this DLC the less i regret not buying it
  10. I cant find any of mine, but i was wondering, what was the best explosion that you ever had to witness?
  11. No, please stop with the DLC. I dont think that we want this game to turn into GTA or Civilization, where DLC's are the only form of new content.
  12. Nope. as i said, GTFO Take2 with your microtransactions and mod bans
  13. In this dystopian story with pictures, I will make the most shameless comparisons. It should turn out a good story, that is also funny. Say in the comments what you think of it Chapter 0: The prelude
  14. If you are inspired, then aim directly for the sun, and eventually your wings will be fried, and you will crash down into the ocean. My plane named icarus did this
  15. Yeah no f this. Not updating to 1.4 ever. Gtfo 2K with your microtransactions and mod bans.
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