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  1. Having the same issue here, modded 1.4.4. Wheels just rotate in place without any movement, tweaking the brake and motor settings makes no difference. Edit: Figured it out looking over the last few pages here. Wheels had the wrong orientation, same issue as stock wheels but less obvious. Hit S to orient!
  2. Glad I could help! I didn't make a note of the mods with this issue either unfortunately, but hopefully more folks will pick up on the new format or see this thread if they run into the problem in the future.
  3. Alright, I think I figured it out! I did a fresh install and only used two mods, Tantares and Bluedog Design Bureau. I noticed in game that the Tantares agency was showing up properly on the contracts menu but BDB's agencies were not, so I decided to check out the differences between the two agency CFG files. It seems that the Tantares agency CFG has one additional parameter that the Bluedog CFG did not. In the Tantares CFG, right above "description = " is a parameter called "title = " with the same text found after the "name = " parameter. Adding the "title = " parameter to the
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply, I haven't had much time to dedicate to KSP this week. Not sure if you fixed the issue for yourself yet, but I did a fresh install/started a new game without contract configurator and had the same problem with mod agency names not showing up in contracts. Because of this I don't think it is an issue with CC, but maybe another mod or something to do with the localization updates in 1.3. Could you post your mod list? Might be able to figure out what mods we have in common that might be causing the issue.
  5. Having the exact same issue myself using 1.3.0, I originally figured it was a contract configurator issue as I have not seen it crop up with CC uninstalled, but I wonder if another mod is affecting the way modded contracts display agents. Using contract configurator the agent shows up under the ‘all’ contracts tab, but once a contract shows up under the ‘available’ tab the agent is no longer displayed. This is the case not just for custom contract groups but also with agencies belonging to mods such as Bluedog Design Bureau.
  6. Nice summation of what's going on. Only thing I've noticed is that there's also still the issue with the flea booster that can reach 25km.
  7. I had this issue under very specific circumstances, and managed to resolve it. It affects a clean vanilla install as well as any modded installs. I own the steam version of KSP, and experienced no heating or visual reentry effects when attempting to run the Linux 64-bit version. The temperature gauges would not activate on reentry, and it seemed as if none of the parts on the craft were being heated at all. However, adding a shortcut to the 64-bit binary to my steam library seems to make reentry effects and heating work without issue. In fact, running the 64-bit linux version fro
  8. I am experiencing the same issues on the 1.0.4 Linux 64-bit build, what mods are you using? Happens with both saved and new games in career and sandbox mode.
  9. MaxMaps mentioned they were having a second developer called Flying Tiger work on the PS4 port.
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