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  1. Well I was making a space shuttle one day when my symmetry mode locked. At that point I could no longer (left) click any parts (whether on my ship or in the shop list) . I also could not move/rotate with the widgets. I can still launch spacecraft but to fix the game I have to restart it. It happens on all saves, not just one; though I haven't checked if it happens on a save made after the 1.1 update. I have also noticed that I can go into another ksp save (without restarting) and I can still use everything in the vab/sph but when I come back to my original save the problem is still there. I'm also not the only one, can anybody help me? Does anyone know the things I'm supposed to post here with this for people to help?
  2. Do you need scaterer? It really lags my pc out, id hope it doesn't require that.
  3. I really want this mod, but maybe my computer isn't cut out for it. When I loaded up the initial screen the loading planets kept orbiting and I lost patience. I tried twice, I guess it's the pc.
  4. So, there is a dl and I want to try this out. This ready yet?
  5. I'm pretty sure other people have this and know how to fix it. Just a quick question. How do you make the navball smaller? I'm sure since the update it got bigger, so did the portraits. Just wondering if anybody knows how to make it smaller.
  6. I'd totally download, when you upgrade the textures since New Horizons visited this July. Please make Pluto look more... Pluto and turn one of the moons more into a Charon look alike. Keep the names though.
  7. This mod never works for me. I try it every few months. The DERP Module comes on but usually I cant get in it or inflate it. Also the floaties and airbags never show up. I really would love this mod but for some reason it wont work with my computer.
  8. legoclone09, Your Wernher von Braun quote isn't accurate. You should probably get the quote right if you are gonna put quotation marks around it.
  9. For us people with the terrible pc's, can you guys please make sarnus like gas giant 2, where there is a download with only and only sarnus and its moons.
  10. Yeah! I'm actually doing it right now! - - - Updated - - - Yeah, I saw your quote, with this one you can use as many ships as you want, but no docking. You could easily just put a probe core and call it a day.
  11. Mods: Kerbal Engineer, KWRocketry , SpaceY Lifters, OPM, Arkhas Planet, Pluron/Khato from Sigma. GOAL: Get to land an unmanned probe on every terrestrial body on the Solar System. Orbit every Gas Giant Planet. You do not need to land/orbit on the moons. HOW TO WIN- Take a picture of the probes on the launch pad, take a picture of the transfer orbit, take a picture on the surface/orbit of the Planet. HullCam VDS can be used. I will also be doing this challenge and will record the whole thing and provide the youtube link once I have finished it. NO DOCKING! MERIT- You have bragging rights! SUPER SECRET AWESOME COOL CHALLENGE- Get a Kerbal and recover the kerbal from every landing and orbiting of every celestial body. Including moons. Take a picture of your flag and transfer orbits wherever you go! GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY LANDINGS! Also MechJeb cannot be used, as you must manually land/orbit on the planet. If you don't know how to land manually then... LEARN! It's fun! You may not use hyperdrive/lightspeed mods or editing mods that would otherwise put you in an unfair advantage of not calculating delta v needs. You must not and repeat must not use cryogenic engine mods!
  12. I hope Matt Damon can be as non-shilont "is that how you spell it" when it comes to everything. His constant humor cracks, even at the end of the book were what really kept everything together.
  13. The picture is of M42 or the Great Orion Nebula, located near Orion's belt. The nebula is only visible during the winter. - - - Updated - - - Next Year I'm getting an 8inch Orion Astrograph. (Astrograph is fun way of saying "I'm using this for astrophotography") Orion is the company that makes it, has nothing to do with the nebula. But I'm gonna get the whole shebang, hopefully I can upload some of my pics to you guys later on
  14. Whenever I download this to my game everything works but the airbags and the floaties. Plz tell me why! I never even get them in my ksp parts tab!