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  1. I don't...but I will certainly do it now. Ran into a similar issue when not resizing any parts. Seemed to be related to re-rooting parts. Especially when merging. The issue might be somewhere else, but I will install Recall for sure.
  2. Haha...thanks, that made me chuckle I knew that was coming, just wanted to know if it was something that was previously observed and if there was a quick "Remove this addon, it's known to cause problems". I will have to get this log the next time I run into the issue. Until then, I will give a summarized list of mods, in case you notice one that's obvious. I run the Global Construction from allista, Interplanetary mods, Pretty much all RoverDude's stuff, USI and all that jazz. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. A few others that I don't think would cause issues, but maybe. But I will try to get that KSP.log the next time I'm gonna run into it.
  3. I been thumbing through this for a bit, but I haven't seen anything directly related to my issue. There's a LOT of pages. But, I noticed about a year ago (or so) when I played last, that there were some issues during assembly. I would get the game freezing when moving parts, loading vessels, things like that. Took me a while to realize that after I took out parts I resized that things cleared up. Fast forward to yesterday, making a craft where I resized a couple of parts, I got the familiar game freeze again. I took out the parts and had no more issues. Is there something I've missed in my browsing of the forums?
  4. I could, but with how I want to run things, I was hoping to do it without the need to jump a guy out to repaint. Plus...being able to mine more than one resource at a time. I'm just adding a storage tank for each resource on the miner, all in one. Yep, they got borked. KAS changed the way the system worked with the connecting tubes, apparently the flex-o-tubes were basically a re-skin of them. I ended up going to DMagic flexible docking ports. Not exactly the same thing and I needed to make some big changes to my setup, but it will do alright.
  5. Thanks! Awesome... Basically, I'm just trying to design a miner that uses two strip miners, each bay configured to each of the resources. From there, have storage for each resource, so I can have just one mining craft file, be able to build it and it mine any resource without needing a change in setup. Looks like I will need to bring out the calculator to get an efficient setup.
  6. Ok, I think I understand... it would go through 6 hours worth of mining, basically, then dump half of the contents of the storage (If it was full). With the most efficient process having 12 hours worth of storage so none is wasted. Too big of a storage and it will take too many 6 hour chunks to fill it up. Too small of storage and you're wasting resources.
  7. So then it's best to have a large amount of storage or you will need to go back sooner to let it empty?
  8. Got question in relation to the Planetary Warehouse and the 'catch-up' algorithm. I know that if a USI container gets full, it will push half it's inventory to the planetary warehouse and then continue on, repeating this over and over. My question is, if I have a remote miner with storage (for example) 100 units. Once it gets full, it should push 50 units to the planetary warehouse. But, what if I left that guy alone for a year then came back to it? The way I figure, it's going to go one of two ways. For example if it mined 1000 units over that year. 1. The catchup will perform, filling the container up to 100, then dump half to the planetary warehouse. Anything mined past that point would be lost. Storage would only be at 50 units. 2. The catchup will perform, calculating how much would have been mined over that year and dump it all to the planetary warehouse minus 50 units (half the volume of the storage). Storage would be at 950 units. Just wondering which way this would go, I'm thinking #2, but I want to make sure before I build my fleet of miners.
  9. Hmm, not sure about that, but I remember seeing an odd bug when playing Space Engineers where some machines (like mine) would get affected by a voxel bug. We never did figure out what caused it. Could be differences in things like Intel/AMD, nVidia/ATI, Direct3D/OpenGL, video driver versions, physics engines, clock speed, ram availability and speed... Since it's waiting just 2 frames, it might be a clock/timing issue.
  10. Kind of, yes. When Global Construction finishes and removes the crate and pops the vessel into the world. It might do some funky stuff with joints or connectors. The shuttle I had docked to it will rip off, the other unused connectors will also pop off. I noticed solar panels flying, but that could be from other parts hitting them. As soon as it popped in I saw it kind of bending before it stabilized. The parts twisting as if they were trying to align properly. Then it became stable and rigid, except for the parts floating away. Presumably, they couldn't handle the stress. Without KJRn the ship still popped in and did the same bending, twisting, except it didn't stabilize...but no parts broke free. Turning on autostruts stabilized it. I think this instability is the result of the construction, a few more struts seemed to stop that instability. I will have to test it again though. In the meantime, I can easily turn on unbreakable joints when I finish construction then turn it back off.
  11. Ok, some updates on what I've done so far. I was moving forward with my plan using Global Construction, everything seemed to be just fine there, until I actually launched the new vessel. This is a fairly big and complex ship (same as posted before). It launched and immediately some of the parts broke free, tossing themselves to the coldness of space. I uninstalled JKRn and tried again, it didn't cause the parts to immediately break free, but within 10 seconds, the ship started wiggling and eventually blew itself apart. I enabled Autostruts and linked the Toroidal SAS to the heaviest part and that seemed to stabilize it, for the most part. I went back and reinstalled KJRn, this time temporarily turned on Unbreakable joints for the deployment. It deployed fine. KJRn managed to keep that ship from wiggling itself apart.
  12. I think that's the thing right there. The workshop doesn't tag the consumer for that resource. I can transfer manually using the GUI, so it's not that big of a deal, just means a few more button clicks.
  13. Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm looking for a way to attach base modules. A while ago (couple years back) I was using the cables to attach my modules together, but...that system is now obsolete with the ports becoming legacy and gone. I see the hose/cable/pipe setup, but none offer the same function. MKS/USI had the FlexOTube, but apparently those are broken right now, so that's not going to work. So, I'm looking for an interim solution.
  14. Question: Does Global Construction work with USI's Local Logistic system? I've been trying to get this running, but can't seem to have it work. I've made a lander with an inline workshop and the assembly plant in a kit. The point is to drop the assembly plant on the surface, then slide the lander off it, deploy the crate and start building the assembly plant. To keep the craft light, I don't have any materialkits on board, but I do have a small stowaway pack for materialkits with the USI local logistics enabled on it. I have a logistics consumer, cupola module, staffed and turned on. Just off to the side I landed a crate (USI local logistics enabled) full of materialkits. Technically I meet all the requirements (I think) for the local logistics (scavenging) to be able to pull from the crate and put into the stowaway pack to construct. I am under the impression that I don't require all the materialkits at once to start building, it should pull them in slowly and start building...but maybe I'm either doing something wrong, or Global construction doesn't call for the logistics to run. Ok, with the local logistics menu I can transfer it manually, which does the trick. Was hoping it would be able to do it automatically though.
  15. I just tried a few launches to see how it handled, seems to do very well. Even on one of my more...complicated launches. It behaved pretty close to how it did before. Unless anybody else has issues, I'd say you've nailed it.
  16. Ok, test results show a massive improvement. On the one vessel with the toroidal SAS unsupported, it didn't move at all, not like before where it was shaking pretty violently. The next vessel that was slowly rolling back and forth, it still did, but it bled off the torque much much faster. Definitely workable. I checked one of my other rockets that are floating around, it wobbled a bit when the SAS is turned on, but only for a half second before stabilizing and everything is good. I haven't checked anything else out yet, but so far, that update really helped me. I haven't checked out staging yet.
  17. I will check it out when I get home later. Unlike you, I don't get to play KSP at work Though I could probably get away with it...
  18. I don't know how it all affects one another, like I said, I don't know code. But, it's basically an invisible part that gets added, has no physics. Where does it get added? Does it get added to the snap points? Maybe a non-physic part has no joint strength. I really have no clue, I'm just tossing out ideas.
  19. Bug swatting, fix one problem and create two more Modding things like this can be rough because you're restricted on what you can do. Trying to develop something inside a set of rules. I'm still designing my fleet, so I'm not really progressing anyways. I can most certainly help get this solved in the meantime.
  20. I think what's happening (After watching it closely) is that it's twisting slightly and the outside nacelles are slightly swaying, and it takes a while for it to finally bleed off the torque. Using more struts would help secure it better. There could be joints that aren't quite holding tight and twisting slightly.
  21. Just sitting idle. SAS slowly rolls the entire vessel side to side like it's overcompensating. Some adjustments to the Wheel Authority help smooth it out.
  22. Strapping it down (what you're supposed to do anyways) made a world of difference. It still has an odd oscillating on the entire craft, needs to perform a constant roll correction, but that's got nothing to do with KJR. Still, nice to see my beast finally working right. Excellent work, and prompt too. Thumbs up!
  23. I just tossed in the 4.0.5 Dev version to test. Runs smooth, no stuttering. Vessel switching is good, no more kraken swallowing your ships, no error message. Still works with Global Construction, crates expand properly. The only thing I noticed, and I can rectify with design work, is that the joints on some things don't seem to be as rigid. For example, the 5m Toroidal SAS for the starlifter really oscillates. I can fix that by strapping it down. Another satellite tended to wobble more before finally smoothing out. Not severe, just noticeable. But, I can work around those...the rest, awesome. Working nice.
  24. That I've noticed, but Global Construction doesn't use that processing, according to allista.
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