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  1. AWESOME!!! And, yes, please make IVAs for Making History DLC too!!!
  2. Hi! First I want to say that this is the best mod so far. Great idea to show the new surface features from BG DLC on map. The problem for me is that I cannot see the zoom map. Everything else is working fine but if I click the zoom map button (any one of them, either from the bar or from any other map) the zoom map does not appear on the screen... I had no problems with the previous versions Of SCANsat, this is only from the last update and I wanted to see the new surface features on the map... I have 1.7.2 with both DLCs installed, last SCANsat, MechJEB, and some visual mods. Tested with a rover with BTDT antenna and with a sat from orbit. Thanks.
  3. As I said I am trying on a stock fresh install of KSP... no mods... I'll try with lowered quality setting but my machine is powerful enough...
  4. Everithing installed, TexturaReplacer 3.7 and Kopernicus 1.7.0-1. I noticed that I have the same problem with other galaxy/planets mods too, so the problem is not from your mod. Could it be from Kopernicus? But I have the last version. Tried on a fresh stock install of ksp (1.7 of course)... same problem... game loading, music on, black screen...
  5. I'd like to try this mod but after installation (as per instructions) my game loads, music starts, and I have a blank screen with the rotating loading message in the bottom right corner... and that's it... listening to the beautiful KSP music and looking at a blank screen... Any ideas?
  6. Awesome mod! Always tried to make rovers that fit in the Mk3. Would be cool if the big modular wheels work in stowed position, to be able to load/unload the rover on the Mk3 ramp... Yeah I know there are the mini wheels but they look kind of... "mini". Anyway BIG THANKS for an AWESOME MOD!!!
  7. I have the one included in the - plugin only
  8. One of the best mods!!! The new wings look AWESOME!!! No more integrated docking ports on the big cockpits? Nevermind... PS: Wright click menu is not working on the fueled parts... so no fuel... I have KSP 1.1.2 x64 and OPT1.8testV4.01 (is this the last one?) Keep up the good work!!!
  9. Now the best mod (tweakscale) is bugging me...Tweakscale is making my resized wheels sink(a little) into the ground and not working. My rover is like stuck to the runaway and not able to move. No right click menu for the wheels and rover inoperable. I'm using KSP 1.1.2 X64 and Tweakscale v2.2.9... Hope it will be fixed... Thankyou for your work!
  10. Cool!!! THANKS! I want to make my own mod (some super-efficient engines that use fusion pellets) but I'm a nub at unity... Can I use the meshes from RetroFuture? If so, what should I write in the .cfg as credits (author...) ?
  11. That's niceV8jester. I like your rovers too. Please tell me, wich mod contains that rover cockpit?