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  1. Hi all, It's been a long time since I booted up KSP. Currently playing it again since the KSP 2 announcements. I love the DLC's, but is there any way to get rid of the on-screen message spam (during timewarp) as well as the message box filling up? Does it do this in stock KSP? I must admit my game is heavily modded. See image if my explanation isn't clear enough. Thanks
  2. I used DX11 way back when the x64 version was notoriously unstable due to Unity Engine issues, to save on memory. Mod it until it crashes, after all. Haven't used it since the x64 version became more stable. The glitches were annoying, though.
  3. @MaltYebisu https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/147463-145-151-161-end-your-parts-list-nightmare-introducing-the-janitors-closet/
  4. I would tend to agree, but not everyone will get the DLC and it might get lost in the clutter?
  5. See title. I was thinking it would be handy to have a subforum specifically for sharing missions, akin to the Spacecraft Exchange. Thoughts?
  6. Yes. And delete every file in the gamedata folder with ModuleManager in it's name that isn't the new .dll Don't worry. The new .dll will rebuild the cache the first time the game loads again.
  7. Don't worry about it. I too had crashes during loading 1.3 with 1.2.2. mods. I just wiped them all and wiped my save for good measure. New game with new mods I've never played with. Pretty sweet, too. I advice patience. 1.2.2. is pretty good. 1.3.1 is around the corner and will be mostly additional bugfixes (I think?). By then, most of the mods should be up to date for 1.3.
  8. I used Ortho4XP to amp up X Plane 11's basic textures. I have no idea whether this could work/is feasible with KSP or even if the textures etc. are compatible. I did this for the area where I live (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg, bit of France, too.) and it took almost two days (that's 48 hours or real time working by my not too shabby PC) for that relative small area of land. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/29120-ortho4xp/
  9. I seriously doubt it. Canadarm for example, isn't up to date. And are you using blizzy's original toolbar (1.2) or Toolbar Continued by linuxgurugamer (1.3)? Scatterer is another one that jumps out that hasn't been updated for 1.3 I would do a clean install and add the mods you want piecemeal AFTER checking the required KSP version. Dont' forget to delete ModuleManager's cache files (delete everything with ModuleManager in the filename except the .dll) And PLEASE get your logs out off your post and add them as a Dropbox link or something. This is murdering
  10. 1. Art pass and clouds. Maybe wind/rain? 2. More interesting things to do on EVA 3. More and more interesting planets/moons
  11. Nice work Really 17.1 km for the Mun and 15.7 for Minmus for a safe orbit? I just go with 10 km each time. Gives for some clenching moments. And looking at your terrain altitudes, I could probably shave something off of that 10. I think I'll try a 7.2 km polar orbit of the Mun this evening.
  12. Eyy, Jeb. It's me! Your cousin Kirrim! Want to go bowling on Eve? Edit: I've been away for two weeks and come back to this? I missed all the fun... Edit 2: 'gratz to Squad. Don't know how I personally feel about this, but it seems like a business-savvy move to me.
  13. Ah, I think I see your problem: you're trying to convey a joke... in German... so yeah... You know the two shortest entries in the Encyclopedia Britannica are German humor and British food, right?
  14. This caught me out so hard! It was brilliant Love your work, btw. Keep it up
  15. Hey pal. Thanks for the enormous amount of work you're doing. Anyway, you probably know this already but if you fold the folding wing in mid-air, the plane just keeps fyling straight onwards. Ditto if you fold them both. And the landing gear + solar panels attached to it kept flying in formation next to it (probably not a lot one could do about that...)
  16. BTW, did you have any other mods installed?
  17. It wasn't working. I just forgot to uninstall it from my basic Steam KSP install after I noticed the parts did nothing. It's a bit of a blow but I'm managing. I'll wait for the official 1.2 release Here's the thread: Here's the Imgur of the situation: http://imgur.com/a/L4fO7
  18. Just a heads up, @cybutek Something in the last version of KER for 1.1.x makes the HG-5 relay in 1.2 not relay signals properly. I did some testing and tracked it down to this mod. Have no clue what it might be. Cheers.
  19. I did some tests. It only happens with the HG-5 for me. The other relays work fine. The HG-5 doesn't seem to relay properly within Kerbin SOI. BUT After I removed the few mods I forgot I had installed, everything worked properly... Among those mods was Kerbal Engineer, which hasn't been updated for 1.2 yet. I think we found the culprit.
  20. I wouldn't mind if SQUAD took the Paradox route, in order to sustain KSP longer. See CKII and EUIV. But with the new optimizations, there's free runtime for new stuff like planets, clouds, shaders,... My money's on Squad implementing these things in the not too distant future.
  21. Yeah. Now I see. (sorry. It's been a long day). Hmmm. I'll test this when I get home from work. I'll let you know. Might have to do a bug report.
  22. Probably because there's a direct connection to one of the ground stations. There's no need to use a relay then. I'm beginning to wonder what the point would be of a sat network around Kerbin itself, other than to compensate for the Mun occlusion when interplanetary. And even then that could be compensated by a network around the Mun Well, I suppose you could play with the extra ground stations off. That would make relays necessary.
  23. Hmm, didn't work for me on Monday. There's a new build out. I'll try it tonight. Or maybe I just did something wrong.
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