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  1. last time i checked for the situation for which width and thickness to be 0 will create some rendering bugs, thus I add a minimum cap to it.
  2. You asked in the right place, down below
  3. Yes if you mean "relative lifting area" for "lift" Will add actuator speed in next update. B9Pwings performs as good as stock delta wings in terms of lifting area to weight ratio.
  4. I haven't tested it myself. 2 mass slider.. must be something related to FAR @PART[B9_Aero_Wing_Procedural_TypeA]:NEEDS[ferramGraph] { !MODULE[ModuleLiftingSurface] {} MODULE { name = FARWingAerodynamicModel MAC = 4 MidChordSweep = 0 b_2 = 4 TaperRatio = 1 } } You may need to change B9_Aero_Wing_Procedural_Type* to your new part names.
  5. Good method, never thought about that. You can actually do it by yourself, by copying the config and modify the part name a little bit. I would include a patch in the new release when i have time. There is no API for procedural wings to know whether or not Texture Unlimited chose the legacy texture. The two texture will stick together and create glitch if both activated at the same time. Thus the author of TURD chose to include a default colour B9PW for switching without the colouring mask. I thought TU can serve as a replacement of the default colouring thus I disabled the def
  6. Yes https://github.com/tetraflon/B9-PWings-Modified/releases/tag/0.41b Never encountered that problem, a few screenshot of this issue would be appreciated. Note that the coloring of TU and B9PW cannot coexist, thus the coloring of B9PW is automatically disabled if a TU config is detected.
  7. https://github.com/tetraflon/B9-PWings-Modified/releases/tag/0.41a have it a try and report any bug you encountered
  8. Hello where do you install the mod from? Could you plz provide me the link of download for me to test?
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