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  1. Maybe I could build one before begin of fall semester. 30mm are murder cannons. Didn't use it because I thought I would fight something flies really fast and 30mm have a low muzzle velocity, but that is not the case.
  2. Done some tweaks and here is the result, to be implemented on my future tournament entry. AS mentioned by @SuicidalInsanity Just need a little bit speed up to make it more competitive. Fights are held in lower altitude.
  3. Would the result be different if idle speed was changed to 250m/s ? Curious to know
  4. I use decal stickers mod. because it use variant to config the textures, i can easily add textures by MM patches. She has a top speed of 280m/s top speed during manual flights, 240ish at first pass during battle tests start distance of (8km), something strange happened.
  5. Agra-vain Custom Paint Scheme: Maybe we can allow contestants to implement custom paint scheme via MM patches
  6. Al18 have a much larger wing area than Agravein, so she susutain a higher angular velocity. especially above 2000m SL. Agravein is not intended to fight such crafts because she lacks energy retention ability. Also don't know why Agravein likes to turn 180degree before engaging in a turn fight. Maybe I should take al18's Ai tweaking approach
  7. These tournaments become really weird, when the profession of the kerbals sitting inside the cockpit is not pilot(just kidding)
  8. With some sort of modern high lift device For your reference, Agravein has a maximum structural g limit of 50-55g during a level turn, but that number diminished for combination of roll and pitch. It was designed to achieve this at 270m/s SL, but I moved the CoM a little bit backward to make it turn faster For zephyrion, I limited its speed at 200m/s to see if any fighter will overshoot it and be instantly killed. The structural limit is also 50g class but never reached due to severe stall at high speed. My crafts are here, check it out Archive
  9. different parts of a wing stall at different AoA. stall at high speed means BOOM In KSP structural load are less likely to rip the wings apart than aerodynamic stress.
  10. AL-18 Swift has reached expected turning performance, but the use of all moving wings, and no Droop for damper, cause some jitter.
  11. Although Al21 is less maneuverable than expected, shots are really accurate.