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  1. 1.5 recompile works for 1.6.1
  2. It is possible to edit those values in carft files but can be quite painful as you need to reload the craft frequently. Install FAR
  3. In most case, it will work. But I cannot provide any support to you. Full credit goes to the original authors of this fork. 01010101lzy bac9 and Crzyrndm.
  4. Patch to 1.6.1 and can still run on 1.4.1? like t2 has done sth to the game.
  5. Me1_base

    KSP WW2 Dogfight Competition [1.6.x] just modified my Korean war jet to a propeller version. Created by a group of fighter mafia, it is very agile fast and heavily armed.
  6. It is feasible to use my recompiled version of b9pwm in KSP 1.6 but I cannot guarantee a fix when kraken comes.
  7. Me1_base

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Will you consider holding duels between each tournament season, like i can challenge the champion while not affecting the result of the season. Just to have some entertainment in such a long period.
  8. Me1_base

    KSP WW2 Dogfight Competition [1.6.x]

    Command seats allowed?
  9. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing procedural solar panel wings, still pending for integrating some convenient functions such as scale root to match wing tip, define wings by root and leading edge/ and trailing edge sweep angle from previous forks.
  10. If you are not sure about something, just make an attempt.
  11. Github link to the files created by 01010101lzy, sadly my recompiled codes are flushed to recycle bin by mistake, I just asked him for help yesterday. He also stated that he is quite busy right now and unable to debug and update the code, but if you want some texture improvement he would like to try.
  12. Just recompiled and update B9 Procedural Parts Modified to get it works for 1.5.1 for my own use. Feel free to download and try Download . I am not an experienced coder and hope Jebman82 can merge all those functions to the current fork. Link to original source codes is available in the original post.
  13. I have tried to recompile far to 1.5.1 too. May I ask What's the problem of reference and how do you fix it? As I just update a few lines of codes and purple lines dun happen in my poorly made version.
  14. Me1_base

    [WIP] Ground Effect

    Do you have FAR working for 1.5.1 for test?