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  1. Release Version bump · tetraflon/B9-PWings-Modified (github.com) would you help me to test it?
  2. IF you installed FAR, normally there will be no blue arrows on the CoL mark if there is no stock lifting parts. Have you tried to fly the plane and test if there are any lift?
  3. Plugins can be used across different versions of KSP given that the version of game engine doesn't change and there is no modification on the part the plugin is working on.
  4. last time i checked for the situation for which width and thickness to be 0 will create some rendering bugs, thus I add a minimum cap to it.
  5. You asked in the right place, down below
  6. Yes if you mean "relative lifting area" for "lift" Will add actuator speed in next update. B9Pwings performs as good as stock delta wings in terms of lifting area to weight ratio.
  7. I haven't tested it myself. 2 mass slider.. must be something related to FAR @PART[B9_Aero_Wing_Procedural_TypeA]:NEEDS[ferramGraph] { !MODULE[ModuleLiftingSurface] {} MODULE { name = FARWingAerodynamicModel MAC = 4 MidChordSweep = 0 b_2 = 4 TaperRatio = 1 } } You may need to change B9_Aero_Wing_Procedural_Type* to your new part names.
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