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  1. @linuxgurugamer Heard of your ambitious plan to add more texture to B9PW maybe @jrodriguez can help you out
  2. More description plz, including how u install the mod. Have u installed module manager?
  3. some mods have seperate shader for different systems bundled, but i dont know how to write them either. B9 PWING uses a moded version of stock shader so...
  4. You can check the source code or try this version. It uses the same shader as @Crzyrndmversion
  5. Ohh that is kinda weird. I have no clue about it. Submit an issue to Jebman82 on GitHub.
  6. KSP runs on d3d11 as default now. Current built targets emm likely .net 3.5, maybe that cause some problem
  7. The answer is yes, you can modify the wing shape by dragging in some version of b9pw, and it was implemented in some other forks (already obsolete due to lack of maintainance), but the shape is limited to trapezium(at least 1 pair of parallel side). There will be too many parameters to define a wing if things other than trapezium is allowed. I am a native speaker of Mandarin, you can PM me if language is an issue.
  8. Switched to VCN for screen capture and it performs way better now. Anyway I'm going to add 1 more pair of RAM to alleviate the problem of depletion of memory. Imao The design is very altitude dependent. My solution is tuning the plane to be a lot more draggy at low AoA, but extremely efficient at high AoA.
  9. A quick turning performance demo of my potential candidate. severe FPS impact even recording using an i9 9900k why?
  10. Tried to build something... Twin Propeller Heavy Fighter Faster than Me262, really? Fly like a Bomber
  11. Remarked, will submit something before my midterm Very Curious on what G loads can a kerbal sustain?