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  1. No luck, the lack of CKAN support really sucks,  the error message is not telling me which dependancy is missing, its just saying the mod is incompatible.


    Real Heat is a dependency and is not listed as being compatible on CKAN, so I installed the outdated version and now its on the list of incompatible mods along with RS


    I have all of the dependencies installed, despite half of them not being oficially compatible with 1.3.1






  2. AH hah, thats what it is then.   and CKAN isnt helping me out at all because it shows it as AD, so I need to manually install all the dependencies.

    Kopernicus was unable to install the planitary system due to an excepting..


    grr ill keep messing with it.



    On 4/29/2017 at 12:19 AM, Voodoo8648 said:

    I figured it out, I had to edit the mod's .cfg file in order to get the MJ windows all activated. :wink:


    I had been doing this as well but now it suddenly no longer works.   Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the mod and have re-edited the CFG, still no go.


    I think Module Manager updated right before this happened but Im not 100% sure.

  4. I ended up here when looking for an updated version of Camera Tools


    The camera tools thread says that it has been rolled into this mod  

    " this mod now continues and updates in BDArmory thread"

    I don't see any reference to it except in the titles, and I installed BDArmory continued and camera tools  doesn't seem to be in there.

    Im a bit lost


  5. 17 hours ago, Drew Kerman said:

    it's rated for 1.1.3 as stated by the thread title, so if it's not working I would suspect an install issue (unless you're trying it on v1.2, in which case all bets are off). Take it over to the CKAN folks. At the very least if you want the mod author to look into it you need to post a log file

    I removed the CKAN version and reinstalled manually,  same issue  its installed correctly but just doesn't show up.

    The game isnt crashing and there are no error messages so I don't have a log file.   Thats why I was wondering if it was no longer supported.



  6. A few questions

    1:  I cant get Nav to work.  if I bring up the Nav screen and hit GPS or HSI I get a black screeen with a message that something is missing at the top..

    2: Because I cant get NAV to work I tried just clicking the locations on the map, and selecting activate navigation.   That way the locations are marked on the nav ball.   However as soon as I do that, I lose the nav ball in cockpit view,  its just a black screen, no error message, just black.  I go back and disable navigation and I get the nav ball back.

    I'm kind stuck, with neither working I have no means of navigation from the cockpit.  I have to use external view, which kinda kills the immersion. 

    Thanks for any help, and i LOVE this mod,  I have Track IR and a Hotas and KSP is actually one of my favorite flying games now, whod a thunk it.

  7. Problem SOLVED!

    It was FAR causing it, removed it and now Realchutes and regular work fine.

    Cant get EVE to work yet though, still messing with it.

    Aside from that the game plays --PERFECT--  zero crashes, much higher FPS,  for the first time I can run Real Solar with the highest res textures with no crash, and on top of that I maxxed out all the game settings and its still smooth as glass, it would be a slide show followed by a crash in 32bit

  8. This is working PERFECT for me with MUCH better performance with many mods.


    except for one MAJOR problem.

    Parachutes don't work.. at all,  cannot arm or deploy them and they do not show up in the staging tree when I add them to a ship..

    Aside from this one issue, everything works.

    EDIT:  I have tried it with both realchutes and stock, same result, neither works. 

  9. When is the last time an astronaut manually flew a rocket from pad into orbit?   and with a keyboard?

    MechJeb is more realistic than stock.  Granted its good to know how to do everything manually, but in terms of anything resembling real life...  


    Manual flight is more cheaty than mechjeb, because you can manipulate the rocket on ascent in ways no astronaut could from a perspective literally nobody has ever had. 

  10. That pretty much sums it UP.

    When sitting on the launch pad, with any rocket of any kind, including those that worked perfectly before.

    Instead of the compass showing me pointing straight up, it shows me canted off 30 degrees east,  this error of course translates into all aspects of launch/flight making the game unplayable.

    I played the game a week ago, no issues,  go to play it now and there is this. 

    Updated all mods with CKAN, no change.

    Any ideas?  other than the typical "reinstall the entire game for the 50th time"

  11. Need to see your log file. Either output_log.txt or KSP.log (the latter if mac or Linux)

    (yes, I understand it didn't crash. Those files do exist and will help troubleshoot)

    The output_log file is so huge if I try to copy/paste it here it crashes the browser.. trying

    Here ya go, let me know if ya cant get the file

    And thank you for the help!