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  1. Im having a rather odd issue. (Windows 10 install) Ive had RSS installed a while and have not had any crashing issues at all to speak of. Well I finally got enough science (career mode) to get beyond orbit. And now Im running into a problem. Any time I get into orbit of another planet or the moon, the game frequently, every 5 minutes or less, freezes. It doesn't crash, there is no crash log it just stops and I have to force close it. Has happened with a probe near mercury, and now with a capsule near the moon, Jeb is stuck in some sort of orbital purgatory. Everything has been stable o
  2. There is no smokescreen.cfg file in my smokescreen dir, nor was there one in the zip file I installed it from, or the CKAN version. Is the CFG file something additional that has to be downloaded? I need to adjust the amount of smoke, im getting 3fps on liftoff if I have multiple boosters.
  3. This is odd. There is no smokescreen.cfg file in the smokescreen dir, which is why its not showing up in the toolbar.. There is no smokescreen.cfg in the install/zip file either. can somebody host or post the file?
  4. The issue I'm having is the smoke particles are absolutely killing my machine, I have Blizzy78's Toolbar mod. installed, but there are no buttons in it that in any way relate to adjusting the smoke.. Is there another way I can change it?
  5. Wow.. Ok did a fresh install of KSP, installed CKAN, installed Realism Overhaul VIA CKAN, installed the required and suggested mods.. Get a ton of incompatible warnings on loading saying many of the mods are only 1.02 compatible, game crashes on startup. - - - Updated - - - This is legitimately, government papers, retarded. deleted all content again, installed CKAN, installed ONLY the required mods. Game now launches, but whatever ungodly POS engine smoke mod this thing is running is absolute GARBAGE. I've got a pretty top end system, and my FR drops from 120 to... 5 FIVE!!! ju
  6. So where is the CKAN version exactly?? Under: Pre-Packaged installation via CKAN! " We have prepared a set of installation packages for the mods in Realism Overhaul" Great but.. I dont see any links to them... only links to the CKAN forum and CKAN.exe....
  7. Tried that, attached one wing only, attached wing tip to that wing, made adjustment, clicked wing, selected 2-way, switched to mirror mode. Attached the wing again.. Original wing is as I built it, the mirrored wing has the tip pointing the wrong direction, same as before. EDIT: THAT worked, but ONLY if you do it in the SPH, it wont work in the VAB
  8. Installed full version from OP No change. removed the wing tips, switch from radial to mirror, the instant the tips touch the wing it switches back to radial, and cannot be changed. Attached wing tips, switched to mirror, then selected the rotate tool. Same problem as before.
  9. """It seems the game forces radial symmetry mode for the children from the cloned part in this scenario, even if they were placed with mirror symmetry initially""' That is exactly what is going on. That thread rambles and wanders for days, do you know the specific mod that fixes this issue?
  10. Ive tried this 1: When the rotate tool is selected, you cannot change symmetry mode. 2: ive removed the entire wings. I snap the winds on, they rotate as expected.. I add the wing tips to them, they move in opposite directions. Have tried this in the SPH and the VAB
  11. Messing with a splace plane in the SPH.. I added winglets to the end that I want to turn UP.. Problem is when I select one side and select the rotate tool.. if I turn one wingtip UP the one on the opposite wingtip turns DOWN.. Ive done this before, and have not had this problem, until now.
  12. Build survey probe 4 puff engines attached to 2.5m RCS tank Test on launch pad, pop protective fairing, all 4 engines can be activated, no problem. revert to launch, launch EXACT SAME VESSEL WITH NO CHANGES WHATSOEVER. reach orbit, pop protective fairing, 2 of the 4 engines wont fire "engine cannot activate while stowed" This has messed up 5 times in a row, even after i try moving the engines around, redoing the fairing.. everything.. this is really starting to upset me.
  13. It was the protective nose cone, removed it and reinstalled it.. launched fine. Go figure.
  14. This is a weird issue I am running into all the sudden. I build a ship, all stock parts. Hit launch.. about 2 seconds after going to the launch platform the screen shakes for about 2 seconds.. Nothing is damage, the ship is still just sitting there, but nothing works. cant stage the engines, cant do anything, cant right click and start anything.. nothing, its a paper weight. I have never had this issue until now. Have tried restarting the game, have tried changing the ship around etc etc.. no change.
  15. Cant get into either vessle to even try using the bracket keys.. Have literally no idea what or where the "Game logs" are What exactly am I looking for here? EDIT I am also unable to recruit any more kerbals, I have 12 slots available and plenty of funds but It wont let me add any more
  16. Plane works great... But. I flew the shuttle up to the station, then switched back to the tracking station so I could jump to the science station and retract the solar panels. I can't select or go to the station, or the shuttle or anything else that's in orbit.. What the hell?
  17. I have 6 total kerbals in orbit, 2 in my space plane, 4 in my science station. I flew the shuttle up to the station, then switched back to the tracking station so I could jump to the science station and retract the solar panels. I can't select or go to the station, or the shuttle or anything else that's in orbit.. What the hell? I've restarted the game, no difference.. NOTE: still cannot post in Gameplay section on mobile due to prefix option missing.
  18. Ah, well the issue is the engine I am using isnt liquid fuel only, its rocket engine technically, the one that comes with the OPT Spaceplane V1.7 pack to fit their fuselage parts.
  19. So I built a (for me) pretty solid space plane, it looks promising in terms of fuel usage to get to orbit etc etc.. but Im having an issue. Fresh off the runway it handles like a dream, better than any other plane I have built. The problem is I have 3 fuselage fuel tanks in a line. the one upfront is being drained first, then the center then the rear.. Due to the order the tanks are being drained the COM is shifting far aft and the plane stalls out.. I was thinking of running fuel lines as such as the center tank drains first, so Then the front then the rear, by the time the COM gets out o
  20. I installed the that mod specifically to make better use of fuel tanks when using the nuke engine. However I cannot seem to make any use of it in that regard. there is no "liquid fuel" option for any of the tank configs.. There is "Oxygen" " carbon dioxide" etc etc but no "liquid fuel" is there one that will actually work with that engine or do I need to try something else? EDIT: Tried them all, none of them work at all with that engine. What is a mod that will allow me to add JUST liquid fuel to tanks?
  21. Well I just spent several hours trying a million different things, starting over from scratch numerous times, long story short, it would have been more productive to go find a hobo and let him .... in my mouth.
  22. ... You ever want to strangle somebody and buy them a beer at the same time?
  23. Ok, problem #1 is fixed, I still cant get anywhere close to space, let alone orbit, its an absolute joke how bad it is. I tried the really stupid sounding idea of putting shock cone intakes on the backs of the rapiers because "its bad to have an open node" that resulted in a plane that would not move. The controls are such garbage that no matter what I do the nose bobbing is present, furthermore, despite the plane flying perfectly straigh with no signs of issues at 20K @1000ms, turning OFF SAS sends it into an uncontrollable spin instantly, it cannot be flown without at high alt and speed.
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