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  1. HMM, yes this makes sense. I'll move the COL forward a bit and leave SAS off
  2. OK, haven't tried it yet but I bet you guys nailed #1. Makes perfect sense when I think about it.. I'll shift the rear gear forward a bit and I bet that will fix it. - - - Updated - - - ..I never tried it without having SAS on.. Never crossed my mind, of that fixes it I'm going to feel so dumb.
  3. Ive become pretty comfy with rockets and have unlocked enough aerospace to get the RAPIER engines so Ive been tinkering with a space plane, Im trying to start simple, just something to ferry scientists back and forth to my orbiting lab at 125km. I have a few questions about some quirks I don't understand. 1: Velcro Runway. For some reason, and ive tried it with multiple craft... the plane will not lift off of the runway until it runs off the end. Not in the sense that it only develops enough lift by the end, more like it is STUCK until the end.. A plane that happily climbs at 100ms.. but even at close to 200ms it will not lift off the runway, then when it reaches the end it leaps off the runway and can climb at 45 degrees for several thousand meters. This is very frustrating, ive added more lift and more thrust, more and more and more because I thought My plane just wasnt.. plane enough.. the I realized it will just glued to the runway for some reason. 2: Engine performance profiles. I get that the different engines perform better under certain parameters, currently Im trying to climb as high as possible using the aerospike engines then switching to the Rapiers to transition into space. Ive read numerous times that I should be getting to almost 40K on air breathing engines before I need to switch to liqud/o2 but I cannot get above 25k without a flameout.. Im using the Ram-air intakes, as I have read those are the defacto best. In this case there is almost too much info out there, and lots of contradicting advice, I think this may be due to the mass of changes in 1.0. I have read that adding more intakes helps, and I have read that it does nothing. I have read to use basic jet engines to get to the edge of space, and I have read to never use them.. etc etc Is there a CURRENT chart/graph or something that shows the optimal performance windows for the current engine set? 3: Nose bobbing when adjusting pitch: This is far and away the most annoying. No matter what I try, different elevator configs, canards, no canards.. the over all control of the aircraft is absolute garbage. when I try to point the nose higher or lower it bobs horribly up in down it does this at any speed and any altitude, and does it even if I switch to precise control (CAPSLOCK). Yaw control is not as bad. I've tried changing the center of lift closer to the center of mass, and further, neither seems to make an appreciable difference. Thanks again for all the help.
  4. OK this brings up another question.. Is there a full list of all the shortcuts? I know there are a ton, and I'm sure I'm doing a lot of things the hard way.
  5. Messing around with a plane for the first time, I know this is probably a duh question but its got me stumped. The rear landing gear.. it wont let me mount it to the wings.. only the fuselage.. so the only way it will mount is angled out at like a 45 degree angle, it works but looks completely retarded. Am I missing something?
  6. I can post from the full site, just not mobile.
  7. Considering the investment in science to get JUST it.. it seems to be more or less pointless. Its abnormally long which frustrates construction. I intended to use it once in orbit but its performance seems quite lackluster, low thrust and not particularly good economy. it seems like in any situation you could use it, there is always a better option. Does it fit a specific niche? what is the best use for it?
  8. Tried to make a post in gameplay subforum from my LG G3. There is no pulldown or option to choose a prefix, but it wont allow you to post a thread without one.
  9. I returned to the space center, then went back.. 10 seconds later all green.. Mission accomplished..
  10. Ok.. so get this.. I got the contract last night. I accepted it, it was listed in active when I logged off. Logged on this evening.. its gone, its not in active contracts, completed, failed.. anywhere, and again its no longer offered. ...
  11. I'm on a contract to place a sat in a specific orbit around the mun. Ive got it to the point that it is so close to the requested orbit that any adjustments are literally less than 0.1 m/s changes.. I.E. non existent. My Pe and Ap markers are dead on exactly on top of the contract markers and the orbit markers are flickering blue/purple because they are directly perfectly one top of each other. Contract Pe 301,967 Current Pe 302,0xx Contract AP 469,328 Current Ap 469,2xx I leave the last 2 letters as Xs because the numbers are not stable, they are jittering around. It is not possible for me to make it any closer than it is. Ive done a number of these type of missions and have never had a problem, but this, this is literally impossible, it cannot get any closer than it is.. The contract section that is not fulfilled is the part: "reach orbit within marginal deviation. the "stable for 10 seconds" and the satellite type stuff is good to go. EDIT: after 2 hours of trying to get it, I finally ran out of monopropellent. I was making adjustments so small that the only way I would not overshoot was to tap the RCS thrusters to make very tiny changes. I'm really kinda pissed off, this is either a glitch, or just plain stupid.
  12. this is my 3rd start over in career mode and for the 3rd time, I cannot get the contract for mun exploration, It has never offered the fly by the mun or explore the mun contracts. BUT Its got the one for building an orbital station around the mun?! this is really weird, and it keeps doing that. I get the contracts to ferry tourists to minimus and other contracts that are FAR more difficult than the flyby and explore the mun contracts.. but somehow they are totally skipped. 3 times this has happened now. Makes no sense. EDIT: After reading a bit, I decided to do a flyby of the mun, contract or not. After returning the "explore the mun" contract was available. Go figure
  13. I gave this a shot and downloaded active texture management. My memory usage WENT UP!! Now doing the same test as before, loading the Kerbal X in sandbox and sitting on the launch pad, my memory usage has gone from 2.37-2.40 to 2.70GB As Im typing this im just sitting in the VAB and the mem usage is slowly creeping up, it reached 2.9GB within about 5 minutes of going back into the VAB. Went back to the launchpad and it dropped to 2.81 Returned to the VAB, its now at 2.94 and the game is in LSD mode and FPS has dropped to almost nothing. Game is still unplayable.
  14. I run it at max settings except AA is only at 2x because there is no discernible difference above that. Sorry, I read the post about the test when I was at work. I just tried that and my mem usage is sitting at 2.37 I launched the rocket a few times and aborted back to launch This gets interesting. The issue does NOT begin to occur until I return to the VAB.. I can launch the rocket over and over and over and the mem usage never goes berserk. It stays between 2.35 and 2.55 Then after launching a half dozen times or so, I fianlly went back the the VAB.. instantly the mem usage jumped to 2.7gb Went to the launch pad again. It dropped to 2.6 Went back to the VAB 2.8Gb It really seems the VAB has something to do with it.
  15. Yosemite Crashes every 20 min or so, memory usage reaches 3GB and the game becomes very sluggish and then crashes. Usually happens when going into the VAB after a flight. Yosemite Crashing after every flight. Returning to the VAB after a flight puts the game into LSD mode and the framerate drops to 1-2 fps, memory usage soars to 2.93GB
  16. KSP is the one and only game I have had any sort of issues with Yosemite. So as for it somehow being apples fault.. come on. Just tried to play again. started the game, let everything load, launched activity monitor. Game sitting at 1.55- 1.75GB of memory usage depending on where I was. launched a rocket, aborted the flight 10 minutes in. Returned to the VAB, graphics going ape.... and game running like absolute garbage. Checked activity monitor, Memory at 2.95GB It takes less than 15 minutes for the game to totally screw up. I have to restart the game after every single flight. After every.single.flight Im in the same boat as the people in the other thread about this, the one that is so far 17 pages long... all people with OSX, all having the EXACT same problem. There is also an ongoing discussion on Reddit about the same. EDIT: I just noticed there is a poll up now addressing this issue. so disregard. I are content.
  17. It doubles its ram usage within 15 minutes. Its a bug, and its a big problem for a huge number of OSX users. Dont really want to go down the "I paid good money for this" road.. but, would be nice of purchased product functioned.
  18. Well.. If they fix the massive memory leak.. It would be fine. The game seems to live happily at 1.5gb of mem usage even at max settings, until it decides to .... all over the ram. What if it was 64bit ? It would still keep crapping all over the RAM.
  19. interesting side note. if I try to edit a post on the mobile version of this site, from my phone. it deletes the post. so my last post is gone, again, I have version 1.4, and I have been reading more and it seems my issue is an ongoing issue with the OSX version of the game that has been around since .25 and shows no signs of being fixed. The game just hemorrhages memory. doing a flight seems to kick it off. Prior to doing a flight I can do anything else and the game behaves normally and there are no issues, it lives at around 1.5GB in memory usage. As soon as I do a single flight the memory usage starts to increase. I can do one fight, then go sit back in the VAB and watch the memory usage continually increase until it hits the 3Gb limit and the game crashes. Might want to start throwing a * on the OSX compatible description, because apparently since Yosemite was released, the bug has only become much worse.
  20. I did a little checking. I started the game and just hung out in the VAB, had dinner came back, game was fine.. Did one flight to get the temp bars to pop up. Within 10 min the memory usage had reached 2.6GB and the game started becoming sluggish I just sat in the VAB and waited. Mem usage continued to climb, at 2.8GB the textures started flashing stage colors and the game became extremely sluggish. At 2.95GB the game froze completely and had to be force closed.
  21. This issue is very consistent, the game runs fine for a while then suddenly begins to drag, if I go into the hanger or space center view all the textures start flashing crazy pink and purple and other colors. Reinstalled the game, same issue, adjusted graphics settings lower (shouldn't have to) same issue. One time I did get a message that KSP was using a high amount of memory, if that matters. System Specs: OSX YOSEMITE 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB RAM 2Gb Video Ram I read something about a memory leak related to the temperature gauges.. and There might be something to that. because if I just tinker around building and never actually fly, the game will never crash, but it will after a flight or too, where in, invariably the temperature gauges are popping up, the game will start to become sluggish and eventually crash.
  22. Gotcha, looks stupid as hell but I guess if thats the olny way to do it.
  23. Basically anytime I try to use radial decouplers, any kind for trying to attach anything in any way.. only the bottom ones actually connect.. For example say I have a bunch of fuel tanks and a mainsail at the bottom and I want to attach 2 anything, any booster or anything else to the side of it with radial decouplers.. any radial decoupler.. doesn't matter which ill put a decoupler at the bottom and one further up so I have 2 attachment points.. everything looks perfect in the VAB, go to the launch pad and the boosters are hanging off because only the bottom decoupler is actually attached. Have tried different iterations over and over and it is 100% every single time it does this, without exception. Example Looks good Reality what is the deal?